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Ink or Toner, which is more suited to you?

Ink or Toner- Choose the right printer which is more suited to you ?When it comes to choosing a new printer, many people are unsure whether to purchase an inkjet or laser toner printer. The main difference between ink and toner printers is the volume and type of printing that is to be produced by either printer. For example if you are producing reports in an office have very little use for colour in your printing then it is likely that a mono or black ink toner printer will suit your needs better than a printer that uses colour cartridges. Laser printers are available that will print only in black and the toner ink for them can be bought at a reasonable price if you consider using compatible toner ink.

Toner cartridges in Ireland are widely available on-line at greatly reduced prices and can result in businesses saving themselves quite a lot of money on an annual basis. Of course there are colour laser printers too that will print full colour and the toner ink for these will come in four cartridges black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The colour laser printer is for the heavy user who needs to print out colour documents and again these printers will produce high volume output at speeds much faster than inkjet printers. The cost of these laser printers and the toner ink they use will far outweigh the cost of a simple inkjet printer but will be more economical in the long run.

The inkjet printer is more suited to the home user who produces lower volumes of printing. This may be for a family with children attending school who need to print out documents on an ad-hoc basis. These printers are low cost initially to buy and again can be cheap enough to run if you concentrate on using good quality compatible ink cartridges. Likewise for the toner ink, using good quality compatible laser toner cartridges will save up to 40% off the cost of an original brand cartridge. An inkjet printer will typically produce 250 -300 pages at approximately 5% coverage per set of ink cartridges.

A laser printer will print thousands of pages depending on the model and of course this will be reflected in the cost. There seems to be a throwaway society now for most consumable items and unfortunately the inkjet printer seems to be falling into that category. It’s no longer viable to have an inkjet printer repaired, as the cost of replacing it will certainly be less than buying a replacement printer. In the case of a laser printer, the cost of the repair is likely to be less than the cost of replacing the printer.

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