Top 10 Tips on Buying Ink Cartridges in Cork Online

  1. It’s quite probable that the price of original brand ink cartridges in Cork has now become more expensive than buying the Chanel No. 5 perfume a recent survey in the UK has suggested! Original brand cartridges manufactured by HP, Epson, Lexmark, Brother and Lexmark etc are working out to be more expensive than a fine bottle of champagne. For example, 100ml of ink is more expensive than the equivalent amount of perfume or fine champagne!
  2. The choice and variety of ink cartridges and multipacks along with special offers and giveaways make shopping online more fun and better value.

  3. Finding a good ink shop in Cork is not a problem as there are many of them about, the prices we pay for the ink cartridges is of more concern to the consumer. Just how many of us are actually shopping around to get the best deals that we can. Do we become complacent with our shopping for ink cartridges in Cork? Reliability of the ink cartridge is certainly secondary only to the price of the cartridge for most us but are we doing ourselves justice by checking out what is available every time we need to order ink?
  4. Most of us leave ordering our ink until the last minute which usually means we have all but run out of ink. The first thought may be to visit our local ink shop in Cork where we regularly shop for ink but it may be worthwhile doing a quick search in Google to find a deal we’ve not previously had.
  5. There are many good Irish online suppliers of ink cartridges in Cork many who will be only too happy to provide you with next day delivery. There is usually some form of reward for shopping online and this may come in the form of FREE ink cartridges or a FREE gift as a thank you for shopping with them.
  6. Cartridge refills from an ink shop in Cork is an eco friendly way to buy ink but you would need to weigh up the difference in the cost of the ink plus the trip to the town centre to drop off the cartridge and the return journey to collect it – this would certainly affect your carbon footprint.
  7. High street ink shops in Cork can only hold stock of the popular ink cartridges, if you printer is less well known then the best option is to look online.
  8. The reality these days is that many top brand compatible ink cartridges are available online in Ireland with delivery to Cork the next working day.
  9. The search term you use online can determine what you find first on Google. For example, if you search for ink cartridges in Cork then you are likely to find all the local ink shops plus the online suppliers who can deliver to Cork the next working day.
  10. A good tip is to use an Irish supplier as the delivery will be faster and the carriage charge minimal.
  11. Saving time and money are certainly two big advantages of searching for your ink cartridges in Cork online. The choice and variety of ink cartridges and multipacks along with special offers and giveaways make shopping online more fun and better value.

Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston is a Partner and co-founder of
Paul had vast experience gained in the graphic design and print industry for 15 years prior to his venture into on-line retailing in 2010 with ink and toner replacement cartridges. Paul enjoys writing blogs, social media for small businesses, internet marketing and above all sharing the latest information he deems helpful to fellow bloggers.