Is there any way I can reduce the cost of printing the menus in my restaurant?

Printing menus in a busy restaurant can be expensive especially if you have daily specials that change every week. Many restaurants change their menus daily depending on the season or as a way to increase traffic through the door. Printing up to 100 A4 menus daily can be hard on the printer – more so if it is an inkjet printer as opposed to a laser printer. An inkjet printer will use up ink depending on the content of the menu being printed. If it’s possible to print in black and white that will reduce the amount of printer ink used and if at all possible refrain from printing large colour images.

Get Smart and Easy Ways to Reduce the Cost of Printing Restaurant Menus Using Ink CartridgesThe majority of the cost involved printing the menu comes from two sources; paper and ink cartridges. Ideally the paper can be a 90gm standard bond everyday paper and can be bought in bulk at bargain prices either locally or online. These can then be laminated if required or not if they are throw away on a daily basis. The printer and its ink cartridges are a very important factor in attributing to the cost. Original brand ink cartridges are expensive and will send the cost per sheet printed through the roof. Compatible inkjet cartridges are the biggest factor to take into consideration when trying to save money when printing menus. A typical Epson compatible cartridge can cost a much as 70% less than an original brand ink cartridge.

The compatible ink cartridges for all popular models are available online in bulk and with low delivery costs. Using these cartridges will allow any number of menus to be printed without being overly concerned about the cost. If it’s necessary to print colour images or a logo on the menu the compatible cartridges will allow you to do all this and more while still keeping the cost to a minimum. Some printer will print Duplex (double sided) and while this will not make a difference to the ink consumed by the paper it will mean you only use one sheet of paper instead of two.

A large number of printers will accept compatible or ‘remanufactured’ ink cartridges without any problems. For those rare instances that there is an issue with them – it may be a faulty ‘chip’ on the cartridge and this can be the case with original brand cartridges too – your supplier will simply issue you a replacement after first asking you to carry out a few tests to confirm this.

Switching to compatible ink cartridges will save money and give you the freedom to print a menu for every day without keeping one eye on the cost.

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