My Brother or HP printer says my ink cartridges are ‘old generation’ and need to be replaced with ’new generation cartridges’

Recently both Brother and HP have made changes to their software in the latest range of printers that will not allow earlier versions of ink cartridge to work in the printer. It’s not common knowledge that many printer brands have more than one printer that uses the same printer cartridge. A good example of this would be the HP364 cartridge. This cartridge works in almost 50 HP printers so is in big demand as a compatible ink cartridge.

Replace Brother and HP Old Generation Ink Cartridges with New Generation

Brother and HP have recently released new printer models that work with ink cartridges that work with past models. However, they have updated these new printers with software that will not permit the earlier version of the cartridges to be used. This is a problem for the user of the new model if they buy locally or online and are given the earlier version of the cartridge. Many suppliers of the cartridge will not exchange the ink cartridges, as the buyer did not stipulate that the printer requires the newer version of the cartridge. This applies to either original brand cartridges or the compatible version.

Why have Brother and HP decided to introduce new ink cartridges to run with their new printers therefore rendering the previous cartridges unusable is a bit of a mystery to ink stockists. One theory is that they are trying to prevent the compatible version of their earlier cartridges being used in the new printers. This seems like a logical theory, as it will take the compatible manufacturers some time to develop the technology in the cartridge ‘chip’ to enable the compatible version of the cartridge to work in the new printers.

If you are unlucky enough to have a stock of the early version cartridges then unless your supplier will take them back, which is unlikely, then the only course of action left open to you is to dump them and replace them with the new version of the cartridge. Also, online firmware downloads from the manufacturers such as HP or Brother have been reported to have been preventing the use of compatible and remanufactured cartridges or at least causing difficulties for those people who had previously used them with no problem. It’s a matter of personal choice whether to accept a firm update from a manufacturer but if you use compatible ink cartridges it may be wise to give it a miss.

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