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Brother DCP 195C Ink Cartridges

Brother DCP 195C Ink Cartridges

Brother DCP 195C Ink Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Brother LC980 Ink - 20 Pack

    Compatible Brother LC980 Ink - 20 Pack

    Pack of 20 Premium Compatible Brother LC980 Ink Cartridge Multipack.
    LC980-1100 Black x 5,
    LC980-1100 Cyan x 5,
    LC980-1100 Magenta x 5,
    LC980-1100 Yellow x 5.(LC980 Multipack)

    If you prefer, you can list your own combination of colours..
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    Exc. VAT: €22.99 Inc. VAT: €28.28
    Colour: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
    Ink Volume: 13ml each (20 Cartridges)
  2. Compatible Brother LC980 Ink - 12 Pack

    Compatible Brother LC980 Ink - 12 Pack

    Pack of 12 Premium Compatible Brother LC980 Ink Cartridge Multipack.
    LC980-1100 Black x 3,
    LC980-1100 Cyan x 3,
    LC980-1100 Magenta x 3,
    LC980-1100 Yellow x 3.

    If you prefer, you can list your own combination of colours..
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    Exc. VAT: €14.99 Inc. VAT: €18.44
    Colour: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
    Ink Volume: 13ml each
  3. Compatible Brother LC980 ink - 8 Pack

    Compatible Brother LC980 ink - 8 Pack

    Pack of 8 Premium Compatible Brother LC980 Ink Cartridge Multipack.
    LC980-1100 Black x 2,
    LC980-1100 Cyan x 2,
    LC980-1100 Magenta x 2,
    LC980-1100 Yellow x 2

    If you prefer, you can list your own combination of colours..
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    Exc. VAT: €12.99 Inc. VAT: €15.98
    Colour: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
    Ink Volume: 13ml each
  4. Compatible Brother  LC980 ink - 4 Pack

    Compatible Brother LC980 ink - 4 Pack

    Pack of 4 Premium Compatible Brother LC980 Ink Cartridge Multipack.
    LC980-1100 Black x 1,
    LC980-1100 Cyan x 1,
    LC980-1100 Magenta x 1,
    LC980-1100 Yellow x 1.

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    Exc. VAT: €9.99 Inc. VAT: €12.29
    Colour: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
    Ink Volume: 13ml each
  5. Compatible Brother LC980BK / LC1100BK Ink

    Compatible Brother LC980BK / LC1100BK Ink

    Premium Compatible Brother LC980BK / LC1100BK Black Ink Cartridge
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    Exc. VAT: €2.32 Inc. VAT: €2.85
    Colour: Black
    Ink Volume: 350 Pages @ 5% Coverage
  6. Compatible Brother LC980C / LC1100C Ink

    Compatible Brother LC980C / LC1100C Ink

    Premium Compatible Brother LC980C / LC1100C Cyan Ink Cartridge
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    Exc. VAT: €2.32 Inc. VAT: €2.85
    Colour: Cyan
    Ink Volume: 350 Pages @ 5% Coverage
  7. Compatible Brother LC980M / LC1100M Ink

    Compatible Brother LC980M / LC1100M Ink

    Premium Compatible Brother LC980M / LC1100M Magenta Ink Cartridge
    Learn More
    Exc. VAT: €2.32 Inc. VAT: €2.85
    Colour: Magenta
    Ink Volume: 350 Pages @ 5% Coverage
  8. Compatible Brother LC980Y / LC1100Y Ink

    Compatible Brother LC980Y / LC1100Y Ink

    Premium Compatible Brother Ink Cartridge LC980Y / LC1100Y
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    Exc. VAT: €2.32 Inc. VAT: €2.85
    Colour: Yellow
    Ink Volume: 350 Pages @ 5% Coverage

8 Item(s)

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Brother DCP 195C Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Brother DCP 195C is a multifunction printer (MFP) that offers you high-speed printing, copying and scanning features. The printer is PictBridge compatible and allows direct printing from USB, memory cards, and/or digital camera. It is a good printer for office usage and offers high-quality prints.

The Brother DCP 195C ink printer lacks a few essential features that other competitor all-in-one printers offer. The printer doesn’t have advanced features like fax and wireless connectivity. Being multifunctional in the 3 core areas does have its benefits but it also means the printer speciality in printing is reduced. The print speed is notoriously slow and the quality has been highlighted. Although customers who required their printer to photocopy and scan realise each function will be less in the budget printers. The printer does have all the high-performance features in printing, photocopying and scanning, just the efficiency is questioned.

Brother DCP 195C weighs approximately 15.6 pounds. It features two paper trays with good storage capacity (input tray can hold up to 100 sheets and output tray can hold up to 50 sheets). It has a neat and easy to use control panel on top.

  • High quality prints
  • Direct printing from USB, memory cards and digital cameras
  • Good printing speed for both, mono and coloured printouts
  • BROTHER DCP 195C ink is low cost when purchased as a compatible replacement ink
  • No fax
  • No wireless connectivity
  • Does not offer direct prints from phone or tablets
  • Windows 7 PCs requires additional drivers to install it
  • Small LCD display with no backlight

Brother DCP 195C is a multifunction printer that offers high performance for office usage. It has a good speed that does not compromise with the quality of both, mono and colour prints. However, the printer does not offer any advance feature like Wi-Fi connectivity or direct printing from mobile devices.

Cartridge Requirements:

Replacement cartridges for BROTHER DCP 195C ink:

  • Brother LC980/LC1100 black
  • Brother LC980/LC1100 cyan
  • Brother LC980/LC1100 magenta
  • Brother LC980/LC1100 yellow

Resolve printing related issues of your printer

The Brother DCP-195C printer is an all-in-one printer that offers some really good features. The printer is not very expensive and uses Brother DCP-195C ink cartridges as consumables. But while using this compact printer, you might experience printing related issues.

At times, the prints might be broken, unclear or faded. This might be caused due to clogged nozzles or improper installation of the ink cartridges. To solve the printing issues you will have to check if they ink cartridges are properly installed. If not then reinstall the cartridges. It is recommended that you use the original Brother DCP-195C ink cartridges only for this machine. If the printing problem persists then clean the print head by following these steps:

Step One:

1. Take a test print by selecting the Print Quality Check Sheet option.

2. On the control panel of the printer, you will find a button that says Ink Management. Press this key.

3. You can alternatively click the Menu button on the control panel. A list will appear on the LCD screen. Scroll through and select Ink or Ink Management option from the list.

4. This will take you to another list. From this list select Test Print and press OK.

5. Now click on Print Quality and press OK.

6. Now press the Color Start button on your printer.

Step Two:

1. Check the test print you took earlier closely. The print will consist of 4 slanted boxes in the 4 colours of the Brother DCP-195C ink cartridges that the printer consumes. The sequence of the colours on the print left to right is black, yellow, cyan and magenta.

2. The printer will display a message on the screen asking if the test print is fine. Select NO.

3. The printer will ask for your confirmation to start the cleaning cycle. Select YES. The printer will begin the print head cleaning.

4. Once the process is over, select Color Start. This will give a command for another test print.

5. You will have to repeat this cycle once more.

6. Compare the test prints to see if the print quality has improved.

7. If the 4 colour blocks have clearly printed then the nozzles have been cleaned.

8. Press Exit to end the process.

Most Common FAQs for Brother DCP 195C:

Q. Will compatible BROTHER DCP-195C ink cartridges work perfectly with my Brother DCP 197C printer? I have a surplus of these ink cartridges that I wish to utilise before they run dry and I’m already using it with my BROTHER DCP-195C printer.
Yes, BROTHER DCP-195C ink cartridges work perfectly with Brother DCP 197C printer even though the model numbers are different. You can look forward to the same quality output and yield with both together.

Q. Does paper type recommended for printing make a difference to the output of printouts?
Yes, using the prescribed paper type for printing does make a difference; if it is mentioned specifically, please settle on it.

Q. Is there a certainty that compatible cartridges do not cause any harm to printers and fit in smoothly? Are they like, brand new and recommendable for long-term use?
Yes, you can be sure that compatible cartridges, be it toner or ink, do not cause any harm to the printer. Compatible cartridges are actually original cartridges that are basically refashioned by third-party manufacturers. The compatibles cartridges don’t have any connection as such with the original manufacturers but are rightly compatible for use with printers, which is reflected in the fact that they are increasingly being used by more and more people. Also, compatible cartridges are regarded as brand new cartridges and can be used on a long-term basis.

Q. If I cannot use BROTHER DCP-195C ink cartridges for a year after purchasing them for some reason, will they turn unfit for use?
No, if you store the cartridges properly, they can be used for more than a year. To store them properly, make sure you keep them in a cool, dry place away from dust and sunlight. Also, the cartridges should be stored in the vertical position. If they are in an unopened pack, they are likely to last longer.

Q. What is the maximum printing resolution can be expected from Brother DCP-195C printer?
The maximum resolution is up to 6000 x 1200 dpi for mono and up to 6000 x 1200 dpi colour.

Q. Can I use Brother DCP-195C printer to print directly using my mobile device or tablet?
The printer does not support wireless connectivity so does not offer direct printing facility from phone or tablets. But it is PictBridge compatible and supports direct connectivity from USB, memory cards and digital cameras.

Q. What can be done if we got a print quality error ”No Printout”?
When you got this type of error, it means one or more Brother DCP-195C ink cartridges have reached the end of their life. Check for replacing the cartridges with the cost-effective compatible ink cartridges that are low in cost but promise same high-quality printouts.

Q. What is the cost for ordering single pack cartridges for the Brother DCP-195C printer?
The cost for ordering single pack cartridges is €4.95 Inc. VAT.

Q. What is the print speed offered by this printer?
The speed of this printer for printing Black and White documents is 33 ppm and that for printing coloured documents is 27 ppm.

Q. I need to buy the Brother DCP-195C ink cartridges urgently. Can you deliver the product on Sunday?
Sorry, but we deliver the ink cartridges or any other product only from 9 am to 5 pm between Monday and Friday. If you place the order on a weekend we will deliver the product by Monday morning. For more details, you can contact our customer care service or visit https://printerinkcartridges.ie/delivery for more information.

Q. Are the multipack Brother DCP-195C ink cartridges available on your website cost less than the single packs?
Yes, the multipack of ink cartridges will save you a lot more than a single pack. Not just in terms of the price but also in terms of the page yield. We are available with 4, 8, 12, and 20 multipack cartridge options.

Q. I just upgraded my Windows PC to Windows 10 but now I am not able to print, scan or fax. What should I do?
When you upgrade your system OS, it might happen that you have not communicated with your device or use some features of the installed drivers and software. Try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and the software to resolve such type of issues.

  • Uninstall the brother drivers and software. You can also refer to the user manual in order to see how to uninstall its drivers and other softwares
  • Download the "Full Driver & Software Package" from the "Downloads" section and install the Drivers and Software. You can see the installation instructions from the download page

Q. What can be done in case you receive an error message of B&W Print Only?
When such message appears on the LCD screen, it means that one or more of the colour BROTHER DCP-195C ink cartridges will be no longer in use and cannot continue with the printing. If you click on Grayscale in the advanced tab of the printer driver you could probably use the machine as a monochrome printer for approximately four weeks depending on the number of pages you print. If the paper type is set to other glossy or transparency, the machine will stop all the print operations. If you unplug the machine or take out the BROTHER DCP-195C ink cartridges, you cannot use the machine until you replace them with the new ink cartridge.

Q. Can I use AirPrint with my Brother machine?
No, your Brother machine does not support the AirPrint function.

Q. What to do when BROTHER DCP-195C printer produces blank paper outputs?
The blank printout problem can be caused by, either because of dried out BROTHER DCP-195C ink cartridges or because of clogged printheads. Try cleaning up the printheads to unblock the nozzles. If the issue is still not resolved, try replacing the ink cartridges and then printing again. Make sure you replace the cartridges without turning the device off. Otherwise, the printer would not be able to read the new cartridges and display an error message.

Q. Are the Brother DCP195 and DCP195c ink cartridge any different! Should I be matching the exact code when searching for my printer?
This does happen quite a lot with model names. Printers may have the same model number but the letter digits differentiate at the end. 99% of cases the toners and cartridges required will be the same despite the varying letters but it is always a good idea to check your specific model code.

Q. The Brother DCP195C ink cartridges, some websites list the Brother LC980 and other websites list Brother LC1100. I am confused?
Both cartridges will work in your printer. Although different model names, they are essentially the same cartridges. Physically the same dimensions with similar ink volumes working with the same printer models. Just order either and they will work fine. In fact, we have listed them as the exact same cartridge.

Q. I bought this printer but there is no USB cable to connect it to the port. Any advice on what to do?
After researching this printer we have found that there is no USB cable provided with the printer, however a USB suitable for connecting the printer to a device can be easily purchased online - just search for a 'USB to USB cable'.

Q. I own a company and am interested in buying this printer. would this be suitable?
Yes, this printer is perfect for use in an office space, as it can connect to multiple printers and also boasts several USB ports. For more information on specifications visit the Brother website and simply search DCP 195C.

Q. *This is not a question on the printer* I am just wanting to purchase the ORIGINAL BROTHER LC980 MULTIPACK INK and having problems paying by card? thankyou
No problem, we have had no difficulties receiving card payments at present, this may be due to the details entered in the required fields in the checkout area. Please call us on 0044 28 3083 3221 and we can help. We can also accept card payments via telephone.

Q. If I buy the compatible Brother DCP 195C ink will it work in my printer OK?
The compatible ink will work perfectly in your printer. We offer a money-back guarantee on all our products. If you do have any issues with your ink please do not hesitate to contact us on 0044 28 3083 3221.

Q. My office has Brother DCP-195C printer. We print abundant text documents daily and our black cartridge exhausts really fast. I wanted to order a multipack of the compatible cartridges but I wish to alter the number of black cartridges in the pack. Is there any facility for the same?
We are very flexible in letting our customers alter the number of cartridges they want. We would recommend you to buy the multipack which has 20 compatible BROTHER DCP-195C ink cartridges. You can alter the count of the colours according to your needs from the following link: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/multi-saver-pack-lc980-1100-16-4-free-black. All you need to take care is of the count of all cartridges sum up to 20. Buying a multipack is more economical than buying single 20 cartridges.

Q. How many copies does a single BROTHER DCP-195C ink cartridge yield?
The number of copies a cartridge yield depends upon the quantity of ink delivered in a single copy. On moderate use of the ink, the black cartridges yield 450 pages while the other colours (cyan, magenta and yellow) yield 325 pages each.

Q. I have heard that the compatible cartridges from your site are equally good as the originals but I am uncertain about buying the same.
The compatible cartridges are re-filled or remanufactured cartridges. Since they are not made from the scratch they are more economical. The efficiency and the quality of the cartridges are at par with the original cartridges. The compatible cartridges are value for money and great deal to avail.

Q. I am planning to buy Brother DCP-195C printer and wanted to know how many cartridges does the printer require?
The printer requires 4 cartridges i.e black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

Q. My Brother DCP-195C ink cartridges ran out of ink and I wanted to refill them. Do you sell refill kits?
No, we don't sell refill kits but we definitely have the compatible version of Brother DCP-195C ink cartridges which are refilled cartridges. You can have a look on the compatible cartridge packs on- https://printerinkcartridges.ie/brother-inkjet-cartridges/brother-dcp-series/dcp-195c .

Q. I use LC980 brother DCP-195C ink cartridge for my printer. Is it compatible with other brother printers?
Our compatible cartridges are often compatible with more than one printer. The Brother LC980 ink cartridge is compatible with :

Brother DCP 145C Brother DCP 163C Brother DCP 165C Brother DCP 167C
Brother DCP 185C Brother DCP 195C Brother DCP 197C Brother DCP 385C
Brother DCP 387C Brother MFC 290C Brother MFC 297C Brother DCP 365CN
Brother DCP 373CW Brother DCP 375CW Brother DCP 377CW Brother DCP 395CN
Brother DCP 585CW Brother DCP J715W Brother DCP 6690CW Brother MFC 250C
Brother MFC 6490 Brother MFC 255CW Brother MFC 295CN Brother MFC 490CW
Brother MFC 790CW Brother MFC 795CW Brother MFC 990CW Brother MFC J615W
Brother MFC 990CW Brother MFC 5490CN Brother MFC 5890CN Brother MFC 5895CW
Brother MFC 6490CW Brother MFC 6690CW Brother MFC 6890CDW Brother DCP 383C

Q. How to install the ink cartridges in the printer?
The cartridges are easy to install. Place the cartridge in the respective slot as marked inside the printer. Printer needs to be switched on while you replace the cartridges. Select the command for cartridge replacement on the connected PC or on the printer screen.

Q. Is it advisable to use Brother DCP-195C printer for printing photos?
Yes, the Brother DCP-195C is an all in one printer with many features supporting photo printing. It has PictBridge port for direct printing from the camera and can also print from memory card. The printer supports printing on the photo and glossy paper. The ink of Brother DCP-195C ink cartridge do not fade and stays on the glossy paper for vivid and long-lasting prints.