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Brother DCP J4120DW Ink Cartridges

Brother DCP J4120DW Ink Cartridges

Non-genuine high quality Brother cartridges for Brother DCP J4120DW

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  1. Compatible Brother LC225XL Magenta Ink Cartridge

    Compatible Brother LC225XL Magenta Ink Cartridge

    Premium compatible Brother LC225XL ink cartridges:
    LC225XL (1200 Pages)
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    Inc. VAT: €11.99 Exc. VAT: €9.75
  2. Compatible Brother LC225XL Yellow Ink Cartridge

    Compatible Brother LC225XL Yellow Ink Cartridge

    Premium compatible Brother LC225XL ink cartridge:
    LC225XL (1200 Pages)
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    Inc. VAT: €11.99 Exc. VAT: €9.75

Items 11 to 12 of 12 total

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Brother DCP J4120DW Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Brother DCP J4120DW is a small printer capable of offering A4 as well as A3 printing. The low-cost device is a perfect for home and home office users. As it boasts various attractive features including, duplex print, ADF, touchscreen control and A3 printing. It also offers a quick and convenient connectivity to versatile media handling.

It has a surprisingly small footprint weighing approx 8 kg. It has a flatbed scanner and paper feed trays. The front paper input tray takes the A4 sheets in landscape mode and there is another paper feed at the back of the printer for A3 paper feeds. The printer also has PictBridge port, memory card, reader, and a USB host.

The printer Piezo inkjet technology to produce high-quality image prints with Brother DCP J4120DW ink cartridges.

  • Versatile media handling
  • Small footprint
  • Landscape mode printing
  • ADF and duplexer
  • A3 printing
  • PictBridge port, memory card, reader, and a USB host
  • Direct printing and AirPrint support
  • Wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Low paper storage capacity
  • Comparatively low-quality prints
  • Noisy while feeding paper

The Brother DCP J4120DW is a smart looking feature rich all-in-one printer for home and home office users. The low cost device boasts as much advanced features as any other high-end home printer would offer. It also offers A3 printing which is uncommon at this price range. Its ability to connect both ways (wired and wireless) and its PC-less printing features makes it a great choice for all home, home office, and small office users.

Cartridge Requirements:

The replacement cartridges for BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink are:

  • Brother LC223 black
  • Brother LC223 cyan
  • Brother LC223 magenta
  • Brother LC223 yellow

You can also pick BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink multipack (BROTHER LC223 multipack) to save more on your printing expenses.

How to install Brother DCP J4120DW ink cartridges?

Printing issues like broken prints, faded printing or no prints are often experienced when the Brother DCP J4120DW ink cartridges have been consumed completely and need a replacement. The printer shows a warning message on the LCD screen when the ink cartridges run out. You can replace them by following these steps:

Keep in mind that you need to follow the steps in the sequence they are given, else you will face technical problems with the machine.

Step One: Removing the used cartridge

Open the cartridge cover at the back of the printer. Based on the consumption of ink cartridges, the printer will display messages saying B&W 1-sided Print Only, B&W Print Only or Cannot Print. This happens when one or more ink cartridges finish up. Now press the lock of the indicated colour to release the ink cartridge. Remove it from the printer.

Step Two: Preparing the new cartridge

Take out the new cartridge from the package. The cartridge comes with a protective packing. To remove this, turn the green lever counterclockwise until you hear a click to release a vacuum seal. Slowly pull away the orange protective packing. The ink cartridge is now ready to be put into the printer. Make sure you do not touch the top portion of the ink cartridge. Doing so might damage the sensor on the cartridge and prevent the printer from detecting the cartridge.

Step Three: Putting the cartridge in the printer

Each cartridge of with different colour has its own position of placement. There will be an arrow on the label based on which you should insert the cartridge into the printer. Gently push the cartridge into the socket until it clicks. It is now fixed in position. Close the ink cartridge cover.

Step Four: Re-installing the cartridge

Based on the information on the LCD display, verify the colour of ink cartridge you have replaced. The printer will reset the ink dot counter automatically. You should strictly use the Brother DCP J4120DW ink cartridges only for a better print quality and performance of the machine.

Most Common FAQs for Brother DCP J4120DW :

Q. Why is it advisable that not to use the expired BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges until I get the new ink cartridges for my small office work purpose?
You must avoid using expired or dried ink cartridges. Using expired ink cartridges will surely affect the print quality and producing faded prints. If your BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges are expired, you need to replace them as soon as possible to avoid poor quality prints. You can think of replacing your expired BROTHER ink cartridges with the compatible ones. The compatible ink cartridges also produce better quality prints even at low cost. To get more details about these compatible ink cartridges, visit this page of our site : https://printerinkcartridges.ie/brother-inkjet-cartridges/brother-dcp-series/dcp-j4120dw.

Q. While uploading photos, what does “online storage limit” message means?
This message means that you need to ensure that the total size of photos you are uploading is less than 50 MB.

Q. Is it possible for me to use other functions when an 'out of ink’ error message is displayed on the LCD screen?
To perform any other function, it is necessary for you to first clear the error message by pressing or holding the machine’s [Resume/Cancel] button for minimum 5 seconds. Depending on your model number, this setting may vary, so please refer to your product user manual for detailed and correct instructions. Once the error message gets cleared, other functions like scanning can be performed. Please be aware that if printing of a document is attempted after clearing the error, the quality of prints cannot be guaranteed. Having cleared the error message, the remaining ink level will be unknown and damage may occur within the printhead if the ink runs dry. We recommend for replacing the BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges as soon as possible to avoid this type of issue.

Q. I have used glossy paper for printing. But the ink is still wet after printing. And after the ink dries up, smudge appears on the document. Does the problem related to the Brother DCP J4120DW ink cartridges? How can I resolve this?
This issue is related to media or the paper type setting. To resolve this type of problem, make sure the type of paper being used for printing matches the Media Type setting in the printer driver or the Paper Type setting in the printer’s menu.

Q. My printer is showing the message “No Ink Cartridge” even I have the Brother DCP J4120DW ink cartridges installed in my Brother printer. What can be the reason for this and how can I resolve it?
The error message "No Ink Cartridge" or "No Cartridge" is displayed when an ink cartridge is not properly installed in your printer. In such case, take out the new Brother DCP J4120DW ink cartridge from the printer. And reinstall it again slowly until it clicks. Please refer the user guide for more details.

Q. I want to know if the Brother DCP J4120DW printer supports automatic double-sided printing?
Yes. The Brother DCP J4120DW printer has automatic duplexer to support double-sided printing. So this printer allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper in order to reduce paper wastage.

Q. Does the Brother DCP J4120DW printer also print on A3 paper?
Yes, the Brother DCP J4120DW printer supports A3 printing.

Q. Is the Brother DCP J4120DW printer compatible with windows 10?
Yes, the Brother DCP J4120DW printer is fully compatible with Windows 10.

Q. Do I want to know what speed does the Brother DCP J4120DW printer offer with the compatible Brother DCP J4120DW ink cartridges?
The Brother DCP J4120DW printer is able to deliver fast speed printing. The printer offers print speed up to 35ppm for monochrome and 27ppm for colour prints.

Q. Should I turn the Brother DCP J4120DW printer off and remove the plug from the power source once the printing is over?
A. No, you should avoid unplugging and replugging the printer often. Firstly, the Brother printers are designed to run the print head cleaning process overtime the printer is plugged on. It helps to keep the print head nozzles clean. But if this process happens now and then, the BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges will run out even though you have not used the printer often. Secondly, The printer come with a 24 hour memory backup. If you keep the printer unplugged for more than a specific time then the memory will be lost and the printer will reset. So as soon as you plug the printer on, the internal clock will reset and a print head cleaning process will begin which will consume the BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges. It is best to turn it On/Off from the power button given on the printer itself. This way the power consumption by the machine is also controlled as well as the need to run the cleaning cycles. It will save the ink of the cartridges.

Q. I use a BROTHER DCP J4120DW printer. Recently I have noticed that yellow color is not printing on the paper. I replaced the BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges recently so I’m not sure what has caused this. But please help out to solve this issue?
A. If any of the BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges run out, the printer will show a message on the screen and you will know that the ink cartridge requires replacement. But in your case, the ink cartridges have been recently replaced so the problem has not arisen due to low ink levels but this may be due to clogged print head nozzles. You will have to press the ink button on the printer followed by the Improve Print quality option and Check Print Quality. A Print Quality Check Sheet will get printed. If the lines on the printouts are missing then you will have to specify the pattern (1-4) that is nearest to the printed results. Begin print head cleaning cycle by pressing Start. Again take a test print of the Print Quality Check pattern. If you are still not happy with the result then repeat the process.

Q. Why does my printer show Wrong Ink Color message? Does this message point to any problems with the BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges that I just installed in the printer?
A. When an ink cartridge is placed in the wrong slot the Wrong Ink Color message appears on the screen. The printer is designed in such a way that every color cartridge has a specific placement in the machine. If you do not follow the pattern, the printer will display the message. You will have to place the BROTHER DCP J4120DW ink cartridges in their respective slots based on the color. The message will disappear.

Q. Whenever I print a photo using the printer, the print and color quality is not very good. How can I enhance the quality?
A. The print quality may drop whenever photos are printer. This is due to clogged printhead or some defects in the ink cartridges. The problem may also be because of the type and quality of paper that you are using. At times, the printed paper may not have dried properly leading to poor results. The driver settings are also responsible for the above problem. You are run a head cleaning cycle and change the driver settings. Use a good quality paper and the print quality will improve.