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Brother HL-2370DN toner cartridges

Brother HL-2370DN toner cartridges

Brother HL-2370DN toner cartridges

Laser toner cartridges for the Brother HL-2370DN printer:

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  1. Compatible Brother TN2420 - 2 Pack

    Compatible Brother TN2420 - 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible 2 Pack of Brother TN 2420 Toner:
    TN-2420 X 2 (6,000 Pages)

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    Inc. VAT: €86.14 Exc. VAT: €70.03
  2. Compatible Brother TN2420

    Compatible Brother TN2420

    Premium Compatible Brother TN 2420 Toner:
    TN-2420 (3,000 Pages)
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    Inc. VAT: €49.99 Exc. VAT: €40.64
  3. Compatible Brother DR-2400 Imaging Drum Unit

    Compatible Brother DR-2400 Imaging Drum Unit

    Premium Compatible Brother DR 2400 Imaging Drum Unit:


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    Inc. VAT: €34.99 Exc. VAT: €28.45

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Brother HL-2370DN Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Brother HL-2370DN is a black and white laser printer capable enough for light to medium-volume workload. Great quality printing at an affordable price is one of its biggest strengths. It offers automatic duplexing, high-capacity Brother HL-2370DN toner cartridges and built-in wired network.

It doesn’t feel heavy with a weight corresponding to 7.2 kg. And the dimensions i.e 356 (W) x 360 (D) x 183 (H) mm make it sit even on a small office desk. A 1-line LCD display is mounted on the control panel. Being a single-function printer, it delivers output at a speed of 34 pages per minute. This is one of the best features of the device. Even the quality of text and graphics is up to par with business expectations. In addition, a large 250-sheet main paper tray is given which is adequate for busy micro-offices. The machine is capable of duplex printing. And at the same time, it also has room for the installation of high-capacity Brother HL-2370DN toner cartridges. Hence, it offers upfront price benefits as well as reduced long-run costs. Coming to connectivity, it is equipped with a built-in wired network which allows you to print by connecting to a PC. Many versions of Windows and Mac operating systems are compatible with the printer.

  • Easy-to-use
  • High-quality printing
  • Professional print output
  • Large-capacity 250-sheet main paper tray
  • Automatic duplexing capability
  • Affordable
  • Lacks copy and scan function
  • The fax function is not integrated
  • Prints only in black and white
  • Not capable of accomplishing high-volume work
Cartridge Requirements

The compatible Brother HL-2370DN toner cartridges are:

  • Brother TN2420 Black toner cartridge
  • Brother TN2420 multipack toner cartridge

Brother HL-2370DN is a reasonable make with great printing quality and speed. It has some important features like automatic duplexing and a large capacity main paper tray. Consider it as an effective choice if you do not need wireless networking.

How to resolve the print head clogging issue for the Brother HL-2370DN printer?

This type of issue mainly occurs when the printer is not in use for a long time, and the result would be like the printer toner ink will dry and lead to clogging. This might indicate to change Brother HL-2370DN Toner Cartridge on your printer. Unclogging a print head would be a tedious task.

Here are some popular ways to fix these issues:

  • Use the print towel method to fix it.
  • To continue with the process you need to carry two things, a wet paper towel & a dry paper towel.
  • Put a wet paper towel and mark the toner cartridge with the print head side down onto the towel. (See on the end of the cartridge you can locate the print head with gold and copper strips)
  • Now after blotting a few times, you can able to see the toner ink appearing on the towel.
  • After smearing on the moist paper towel, hold the Brother HL-2370DN Toner Cartridge against the dry paper towel for 30-60 seconds.
  • Once completed, slide the toner cartridge back in the machine and do a test print.
  • If the issue is not fixed yet, repeat the process.

Note: This type of issue might happen when a tiny dust particle, air bubbles or dried ink clogged in the print head.

How to fix, when the document appears faint or lighter in your Brother HL-2370DN Printer?

When using the Toner Saver feature in your printer it may reduce toner consumption. Set your toner saver mode off, because that is the main reason your document appears lighter. By these following points, you can improve the print quality of your printer:

  • Verify that you’re using only the best compatible Brother HL-2370DN Toner Cartridge with supported colours (cyan, magenta, red and yellow).
  • If the output of the page appears too light, Keep the Toner Saver mode off in the printer display or driver.
  • Replace the coloured toner cartridge which is causing faint/faded output with another colour’s toner cartridge.
  • Make sure and verify that the paper matches to printer’s media type setting in its driver.

If the issues are not resolved yet, contact your Brother Printer Service Provider.