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Brother HL5140 Toner Cartridges

Brother HL5140 Toner Cartridges

Brother HL5140 Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Brother 2 Pack - TN3060 +FREE PAPER

    Compatible Brother 2 Pack - TN3060 +FREE PAPER

    Premium Compatible 2 Pack of Brother TN 3060 Toner Cartridge:
    TN-3060 X 2 (14,000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €51.14 Exc. VAT: €41.58
  2. Compatible Brother TN3030 Toner - 2 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Compatible Brother TN3030 Toner - 2 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Premium Compatible 2 Pack Brother Toners:
    TN3030 X 2 (6000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €61.14 Exc. VAT: €49.71
  3. Compatible Brother TN3060 Toner Cartridge

    Compatible Brother TN3060 Toner Cartridge

    Premium Compatible Brother TN 3060 Toner Cartridge:
    TN-3060 (7,000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €21.99 Exc. VAT: €17.88
  4. Compatible Brother TN3030 Toner

    Compatible Brother TN3030 Toner

    Premium Compatible Brother Toner:
    TN3030 (3000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €26.99 Exc. VAT: €21.94
  5. Compatible Brother DR3000

    Compatible Brother DR3000

    Brother Premium Compatible Drum Unit DR3000 (This is a drum unit not a toner cartridge)
    Product Details

    Exc. VAT: €36.35 Inc. VAT: €44.71

5 Item(s)

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Brother HL5140 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Brother HL-5140 is a compact monochrome laser printer that prints at an above-average speed of 21 pages per minute. At 23.1 pounds of weight, the printer is a discernibly lightweight machine. The Brother HL5140 printer is known to print good quality text and images as it features 2400x600dpi resolution and compatibility with high quality Brother HL5140 toner cartridges.

At its level, Brother HL-5140 conserves resources while printing as it features special power saving and toner saving attributes. Its one-touch job cancel button also brings printing to a halt instantly if needed to prevent paper wastage. Brother HL-5140 printer has an expandable 250-sheet paper input capacity and a single-sheet manual feed tray for additional flexibility.

Brother HL5140 toner cartridge enables the printer to print on recycled paper besides regular sheets, transparency sheets, envelopes and labels efficiently. The printer runs on 133 MHz processor and offers 16MB of memory standard, which can be upgraded to 144MB. It can be connected to a computer with both, wireless as well as Ethernet connectivity. It employs a standard hi-speed USB 2.0 interface that connects to computers effortlessly. The printer functions competently with Brother HL5140 toner cartridges and is compatible with Mac and Linux operating systems as well.

  • Compact in size
  • Lightweight- 23.1 pounds only
  • 21-page per minute (ppm) machine
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimises wastage of paper though quick one-touch job cancel button
  • Expandable 250-sheet paper input capacity
  • Impressive upgradeable memory
  • Compatible with wireless as well as Ethernet connectivity
  • USB 2.0 interface offers seamless connectivity
  • Only monochrome printing
  • Quality of graphics not up to the mark
  • Prone to paper jamming
  • PSingle paper, transparency sheets and large quantity envelope need to be fed to printer manually
  • High cost of paper trays and memory
Cartridge Requirements
The replacements for Brother HL5140 Toner Cartridges are:
  • Compatible Brother TN3060 toner cartridge
  • Brother Premium Compatible & Refilled Drum Unit DR3000
  • Compatible Brother TN3030 toner ink cartridge

Brother HL-5140 monochrome laser printer is ideal for home use and for offices with limited space. The quality as well as quantity of output is appreciable. The flexibility and array of features incorporated in Brother HL-5140 make it suitable for various printing jobs.

Most Common FAQs for Brother HL5140:

Q. What is the use of a DRUM unit?
The drum unit is used to transfer the toner to the paper. The Brother HL5140 printer puts the toner on the roller inside the drum unit, and then prints letters and images by fixing toner to the paper by heat and pressure.

Q. Why do black toner marks appear across the page when I print with my Brother HL5140 printer.
The black toner marks may appear due to the following reasons:

  • The drum unit may be damaged. Put in a new drum unit.
  • The glue from the sheets might stick to the OPC drum surface if you use label sheets. You need to clean the drum unit.
  • Use of paper having clips or staples can result in scratching of the surface of the drum. Do not use such paper.
  • If the unpacked drum unit is in direct sunlight or room light, it might damage the unit.

Q. Can you guarantee security of my personal credentials while conducting a transaction for Brother HL5140 Toner Cartridges?
When you purchase items on this website, the payment will be hosted by Sage Payments to ensure maximum security of your credit/debit card details. The information provided by you will remain protected and no third party will have access to it.

Q. What types of paper can I use for printing with my Brother HL5140 printer?
The Brother HL5140 printer can print on bond paper, envelopes, labels, plain paper, recycled paper and transparencies.

Q. I do not have a credit or debit card. Is there any way I can still make payment for your compatible Brother HL5140 Toner Cartridges?
Do not worry! You can still make payment for our compatible Brother HL5140 Toner Cartridges via PayPal.

Q. Does this printer support printing through a mobile device?
Unfortunately, since Brother HL5140 does not support Wi-Fi, it cannot be used to print from a mobile device.

Q. Lately, my Brother HL5140 has started making a grinding sound. What could be the problem?
A grinding or clicking noise may be caused due to some problem with the drum or toner unit. To resolve the issue:

  • Turn off the printer and open the front cover
  • Take out the drum/toner unit from the machine and close the cover
  • Turn on the printer back
If the printer is not making any sound after removing the unit it indicates a problem with the drum/toner unit. In such case, you need to install a brand new drum unit and Brother HL5140 toner cartridge to stop the sound.
However, if the grinding sound still occurs after removing the drum/toner unit, it means the problem is with the printer. Please contact your nearest Brother dealer or customer service center for further assistance.

Q. Does Brother HL5140 support printing and scanning from a Windows mobile phone?
Unfortunately, Brother HL5140 printer does not support printing and scanning using a Windows phone. However, Brother has its own printing and scanning app known as ‘iPrint & Scan’ which is supported by both iOS and Android mobile phones.

Q. How fast can you deliver Brother HL5140 toner cartridges to my address? I need a 2-pack compatible toner cartridge as soon as possible.
You can receive the Brother HL5140 toner cartridges at your doorstep the same day if you place the order before 12 noon. Otherwise, the maximum delivery time is between 1 to 2 days. 90% of our orders are successfully shipped to the customer’s place the same day. However, it also depends on the availability of the stock. All our deliveries are taken care of by Fastway Couriers which has a vast delivery network. For urgent delivery, you can contact us via live chat. We will let you know about all the details.