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Brother HL-5250DN Toner Cartridges with Free Paper

Brother HL-5250DN Toner Cartridges with Free Paper

Brother HL-5250DN Toner Cartridges with Free Paper

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  1. Compatible Brother TN3170 -2 Pack

    Compatible Brother TN3170 -2 Pack

    Premium Compatible 2 Pack of Brother TN-3170 Toner:
    TN 3170 X 2 (14,000 Pages)

    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €51.14 Exc. VAT: €41.58
  2. Compatible Brother TN3170 Black Toner

    Compatible Brother TN3170 Black Toner

    Premium Compatible Brother TN-3170 Toner:
    TN 3170 (7000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €27.99 Exc. VAT: €22.76
  3. Compatible Brother TN3130

    Compatible Brother TN3130

    Brother Premium Compatible & Refilled Toner Ink Cartridge TN3130
    Product Details

    Exc. VAT: €39.99 Inc. VAT: €49.19

  4. Compatible Brother DR3100 Drum Unit

    Compatible Brother DR3100 Drum Unit

    Brother Premium Compatible Drum Unit DR3100
    Product Details

    Exc. VAT: €31.99 Inc. VAT: €39.35

  5. Compatible Brother DR3100 Drum Unit 2 Pack

    Compatible Brother DR3100 Drum Unit 2 Pack

    Brother Premium Compatible Drum Unit DR3100
    Drum Unit DR3100 x2
    Product Details

    Exc. VAT: €58.98 Inc. VAT: €72.55

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Brother HL5250DN Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Small connected workgroups and desktop users will find, the HL-5250DN a flexible solution for their monochrome laser printing needs. HL-5250DN also features built-in ethernet network interface which allows you to share your printer with your small office workgroups and it also supports built-in duplex capability that produces professional looking documents, brochures and manuals. It also supports double side printing.

The device is small, lightweight and has a compact design with light grey on charcoal grey colour. Brother HL-5250DN comes with a 32 MB standard memory which is upgradable up to 544 MB. It is capable of delivering 1,200 x 1,200 dpi printing resolution operating at print speed up to 30 ppm.

The Brother HL-5250DN printer can handle letterhead, legal size paper and envelopes. Input tray has the capability to handle 250 sheets of paper and it has a multi-purpose tray which can store up to 50 sheets of paper. The greatest advantage of this printer is, it provides high quality printing at reasonably low cost. Apart from this, it also has a low cost Brother HL-5250DN toner cartridge that help you reduce your printing expenses.

  • Built-in ethernet network interface
  • Easily print two sided documents
  • High printing speed
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Supports wireless printing for Apple, Android or Windows Phone 7 mobile device
  • Quick processing as 32 MB of RAM is upgradable up to 544 MB
  • Low cost Brother HL-5250DN toner cartridge
  • Limited paper storage capacity
  • Lacks copy,scan and fax functionality
  • Lack of energy-saving features

The Brother HL-5250DN is a good choice for heavy duty use in a home office or as a shared printer in a small office. It includes many advanced features however it lacks scan, copy and fax functions which might be the priority requirement for most of the users who overlooks the advanced technologies and goes with the basic functionalities of the printer.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement for Brother HL-5250DN toner cartridge is:

  • Brother TN3170 toner; black
How to replace a toner cartridge in Brother HL5250DN Printer?

The printer is known for its great quality printouts whether it is text prints or clot prints, the printer does a good job. Brother HL5250DN toner cartridges are shipped along with the printer. This heavy-duty printer proves to be apt for home as well as office users. But over a period of time, you will observe that the printout contain horizontal or vertical banding, missing colour or unclear prints. This happens when the ink levels drop. The printer is unable to print properly. You are required to change the toner cartridge. The company recommends the use of original Brother HL5250DN toner cartridges only to ensure a longer lasting good print quality.

To replace the old toner cartridge follow these steps:
  1. To open the front cover of the printer, press the front cover release button.
  2. Hold the printer with one hand and hold the drum unit with another. Pull the unit towards you lift it up. Carefully take the toner cartridge and drum unit out of the printer. Place it on a piece of paper.
  3. On the drum unit you will see a blue lock lever. Push it in order to take out the toner cartridge. Handle the toner cartridge very carefully. Put it inside a plastic bag or wrap it with a paper so that the toner powder does not spill.
  4. Unpack the new Brother HL5250DN toner cartridge and shake it from side to side for about four to five times. This will mix the contents of the cartridge well. Make sure that you use the cartridge immediately as leaving it open for a long time will damage it and shorten its shelf-life considerably.
  5. Take off the protective cover from the cartridge and keep it for later recycling purpose.
  6. Place the new toner cartridge into the drum unit and push till it locks into place. Clean the primary corona wire inside this unit by sliding the blue tab from one side to another. You will have to do it several times.
  7. Place this unit back into the slot of the printer and close the cover.

Most Common FAQs for Brother HL5250DN:

Q. I have been using original Brother HL5250DN toner cartridges for my printer. However, I am looking for a cheaper alternative without compromising on performance. Are your compatible toner cartridges a good alternative for me?
Yes, you will save a lot on your operating costs without having to settle for poor performance and quality if you opt for our compatible toner cartridges. All our toner cartridges are FSC tested and certified, they are manufactured to work well with your printer. You will be very satisfied if you choose to use our toner cartridges with your printer.

Q. How does one safely handle and store Brother HL5250DN toner cartridges?
Keep the toner cartridge out of the reach of children and keep the container closed tightly. Do not let the toner cartridge come in contact with any oxidizing materials. Store the cartridge in a cool and dry place away from direct light to maintain quality. In case you spill the toner, wash it off immediately from skin and clothes.

Q. How do I install the printer drivers for my computer?
You can use the CD-ROM that you received with your printer, to install the printer drivers. If you no longer have the CD-ROM, you can also download the drivers from here.

Q. Is there any difference in quality between Brother HL5250DN toner cartridges and Brother ink cartridges?
You will not find much difference in quality when using toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are used with inkjet printers and toner cartridges are used with laser printers. However, toner cartridges are comparatively cheaper since they can print more pages relative to their cost and can handle high volume print jobs.

Q. Are Brother HL5250DN printers capable of two-sided printing?
Yes, Brother HL5250DN printers come with an automatic duplexer which can print on both sides of the paper with requiring the user to flip paper media or reinsert it back in the printer. This is a useful feature in printers as it saves time and efforts of the user.

Q. I need to print fine quality documents in high volume daily at work. The printer that I’ve been given is Brother HL5250DN. Will compatible Brother HL5250DN toner cartridges be suitable for me?
Yes, these toner cartridges in compatible version are of premium quality and print pitch black documents. The print speed is also very good as it warms up speedily and gets printing promptly. Compatible toner cartridges also cut down costs dramatically so we’d recommend them strongly to you.

Q. I changed my compatible Brother HL5250DN toner cartridges a couple of months back in our printer but I’m already getting a ‘Replace Toner’ alert even though I’ve hardly printed with it. Should I get my junior engineer to sort it out (he’ll figure out a way) or is my toner really exhausted?
In all probability, your toner isn’t exhausted. Most companies keep creating such alerts indiscriminately so that customers buy their genuine cartridges and that too long before the toner is actually exhausted. Get your junior engineer to solve the problem as that will allow you to use utilise whatever is left in it and thus save money.

Q. What kind of material are compatible Brother HL5250DN toner cartridges made from?
They are made from recycled parts of OEM Brother cartridges.

Q. Do compatible Brother HL-5250DN toner cartridges print more than 2,000 pages? What is the average coverage of these cartridges?
Yes; in fact, these compatible Brother toner cartridges print 3,500 pages, with 5% being the average coverage.

Q. The toner LED on my Brother HL-5250DN has been blinking for 2 seconds and the Status LED is on. what does this mean?
It is the Toner Low indication, which means that your toner cartridge is now almost empty. You would need to buy a new toner cartridge in advance so that it is handy when Toner Life End is shown.