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Canon Pc355 Toner Cartridges

Canon Pc355 Toner Cartridges

Canon Pc355 Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Canon E30 Toner Cartridge

    Compatible Canon E30 Toner Cartridge

    Premium Compatible Canon E30 Toner:
    E30 (4,000 Pages)
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Canon Pc355 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Canon Pc355 is a laser monochrome printer that is one of the latest additions to the Canon family of printers and is suitable for personal use. This printer is a reliable machine and is able to print as well as copy.

This printer uses black Canon Pc355 Ink Cartridges which have a page yield of 4,000 pages making them cost efficient. Also, they aid in the easy maintenance of the printer as they have a low cost of purchase. The cost per page is also quite low. This machine is highly attractive and has a completely white exterior. The interface of this printer is such that it makes the printer very easy to use. This printer would disappoint one as it does not produce good quality printouts.

Canon Pc355 can handle a heavy workload and is highly affordable. This printer carries a very small footprint and neither it can do colour printing nor it can scan or fax. Despite some drawbacks, this machine is highly efficient and is very much cost effective.

  • High yield of Canon Pc355 Ink Cartridges
  • Low cost per page
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Can handle heavy workload
  • Quite affordable
  • Very small footprint
  • Cannot do colour printing
  • Cannot do scanning and fax
  • Quality of printouts is not up to mark
Cartridge Requirements:
The Replacement for Canon Pc355 ink cartridge is:
  • Canon E30 Ink Cartridges

The Canon Pc355 laser printer uses Canon Pc355 Ink Cartridges that are low cost and high yield. This printer has a low cost of purchase as well as low maintenance cost. Also, it has a low cost per page. This printer is a highly reliable machine and is very easy to use. It can handle a huge amount of workload. But this printer cannot print in colour and also cannot scan or fax. Also, the quality of printouts is not up to mark. This printer has a very small footprint.

Most Common FAQs for Canon Pc355:

Q. I want to buy a multipack of Canon PC355 toner cartridges. But I am unable to find any on your website. Could you please help?
A. Sure. Unfortunately, we do not have a multipack of Canon PC355 toner cartridges at present. However, we do have compatible Canon E30 toner which to some extent complements the page yield of a multipack toner cartridge. It offers a page yield of 4000 at 5% standard coverage. If you wish to buy the product please click on the link given - https://printerinkcartridges.ie/pc-series-e30-black-toner-canon-e-30.

Q. I run a media-based business in Dublin. We have quite a lot of heavy black and white printing task constantly going on. I am planning to replace my old inkjet printers with laser printers that are quick, high performing and easy on the pocket. Considering my needs, can I go for Canon PC355? Please suggest.Thanks.
A. Thank you for the question. We are happy to help you with the right suggestion. Canon PC355 is a highly affordable laser printer that offers good quality prints. However, according to what you have mentioned about your constant printing requirements, Canon PC355 may not fit to be a perfect choice. Instead, you could opt for other Canon laser printers that have all the good qualities you are looking for. Hope we were able to give you a genuine suggestion.

Q. Can I use Canon PC355 toner cartridge in Canon FC210 printer? Is it safe to use a toner cartridge in two different printer models? Please suggest.
A. Yes. Canon PC355 printer cartridges can be used in Canon FC210. A toner cartridge does not harm the printer in any way unless it is not compatible with the machine. It is safe to use a toner that is compatible with both the printers. There are several other printer models that accept Canon PC355 toners - you can check out the list here.