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Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge

Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge

Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge

Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge

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  1. Compatible Canon 725 (3484B002AA) Laser Toner - Twin Pack

    Compatible Canon 725 (3484B002AA) Laser Toner - Twin Pack

    Premium Compatible 2 Pack of Canon 725 Toner:
    Canon 725 X 2 (3200 Pages)

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    Inc. VAT: €46.15 Exc. VAT: €37.52
  2. Compatible Canon 725 (3484B002AA) Laser Toner

    Compatible Canon 725 (3484B002AA) Laser Toner

    Premium Compatible Canon 725 Toner:
    Canon 725 (1600 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €27.06 Exc. VAT: €22.00

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Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Expert Verdict

The Canon MF3010 multifunction mono laser printer is best suited for dorm rooms and small offices that require a simple laser printer for printing e-mails, Web articles, recipes, and other non-color print jobs. It's one of the most affordable all-in-one laser printers (print, scan, copy), but you'll miss out on extras like an auto document feeder for hands-free scanning and the convenience of multi-user networking. Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge comes in black and can print up to 1,600 pages.

Canon has developed a redesigned chassis shape for the MF3010, which is designed to take up the least amount of space on busy desktops. It's 14.7 inches wide, 10.9 inches deep, and 10 inches tall, but a foldable paper output tray and a thin plastic lid that opens to reveal the paper routing for the 150-sheet input drawer conserve space when it's not in use. The printer is quite light, weighing little under 17 pounds, although Canon makes transit and storage easier by including two ridged inlets on the bottom. The new modular design is simple to operate and keeps the printer out of the way until it's required. You can count on high-quality laser prints with a resolution of up to 1200 x 600 dpi. With the Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge, you can see more detail and get crisp text and excellent graphics. With a mono printing output speed of 18 ppm, documents are printed quickly.

The MF3010's simple, vertical display allows you to operate it from the comfort of your chair.This allows you to easily access all of the machine's capabilities without having to stand over it, saving you time and effort. Unfortunately, when compared to comparable laser printers, the MF3010 has a few physical limitations. The printer, as previously indicated, lacks both an auto document feeder (ADF) and auto-duplexing (double-sided printing), and it can only be connected to a single host computer via the USB port on the back of the device (no cable is provided).

All key parts are housed in the same small Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge for maintenance-free operation and consistent high-quality output. This All-In-One Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge, which includes toner, drum, and cleaning units, can be replaced quickly and neatly. Your multipurpose gadget will be as good as new if you use a Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge with a Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 printer.

The MF3010 is compatible with nearly all PCs running both Mac and Windows operating systems, and all of the necessary drivers are included on a single disc. Because there is no wireless detail to fill in, installation is quick and easy, and you can also install two additional tools: MF Toolbox and Presto PageManager. The Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 also contributes to lower energy expenses by meeting ENERGY STAR requirements and having a very low TEC of 0.6 kWh. In sleep mode, it uses only 1.4 watts of power. The all-in-one Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge ensures little maintenance and consistent output. With the high-quality color scanner, you can increase your productivity. It makes scanning and copying papers simple, boosting your productivity immediately. With a First Copy Out Time of less than 12 seconds, there's no time to waste. You may also use the MF Toolbox to scan directly to email or searchable PDF for easy retrieval of your papers and photographs. The MF3010 is simple to set up and use as a daily output device for students and office workers, but its single-user connection and lack of further features limit its utility for high-volume printing. We have no concerns in recommending this product to consumers on a tight budget.


This desktop printer, scanner, and copier is a 3-in-1 device that saves time, money, and space. The Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 easily fits a desktop. The all-black design is extremely stylish, and the vertical display is very simple and easy to understand, allowing access to all important features you might need.

Thanks to Canon's Quick First-Print technologies, the Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 produces fine text and graphics in a couple of minutes. With allowing colour scanning and copying, it also allows Scanned files to be sent directly to email and other searchable containers for easy storage and retrieval. The Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 also helps cut energy costs, complying with ENERGY STAR standards and boasting a very low TEC of 0.6 kWh. It's all in one Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge is low maintenance and gives continuous output. It produces professional-grade prints of up to 1,200 x 600 dpi, featuring an output speed of up to 18ppm.

The Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 is only suitable for home and small office environments and may not be able to meet the needs of larger or more demanding workplaces. However, it is an amazing machine for home office and small office requirements, considering its energy and space-saving qualities.

  • Low maintenance Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge
  • Fine texts and graphics
  • Colour scanning and copying
  • Scanned files can be directly sent to the email
  • Energy and space-saving
  • Not suitable for larger workplaces
Cartridge Requirements

The following cartridge is compatible with the Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010:

  • Canon 725 Black ink Cartridge

The Canon’s i-SENSYS MF3010 is a multi-purpose printer, scanner, and copier system that is energy efficient and easy to use. It is an ideal solution for quick print needs and its Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge gives best results. It is essentially a high-quality scanner, copier, and mono printer in one compact device that does not clutter your desktop. The Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 is perfect for personal and small office use.

How to solve the paper jams for Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 printer?

There are a few steps that should be considered while trying to resolve the paper jam problems in the printer. Check for the following:

  • Hold the operation panel and uplift the scanning platform.
  • Open the toner cover and remove the Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge.
  • Remove the jammed paper by pulling it out carefully.
    • Carefully pull any jammed paper downward from the space between the fixing unit and roller until the edge becomes visible from the machine.
    • When the edge of paper appears, hold the stuck paper on both sides and gently take it out.
  • Reload the paper into the paper cassette.
  • Place the toner cartridge into the guides on both sides of the machine and slide the toner cartridge into the machine before the toner cartridge comes to rest, and is held against the machine 's back.
  • Close the toner cover and ensure that the toner cartridge is properly placed inside the machine.
  • Put back the scanning platform and the machine is ready to print.

How to solve the toner nearly out error in Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010?

When the toner nearly runs out, white streaks appear on the print, or the output is partially blurred. Follow the steps listed below before replacing the toner cartridge.

  • Pull the toner cover and remove the toner cartridge from it.
  • Gently shake the Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge five or six times to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge.
  • Insert the toner cartridge back into the machine and close the cover.
  • To check the print quality take a test print.
  • If the print quality is not good then replace the toner cartridge with a new one. Follow the below instructions to replace the toner.
    • Repeat the above steps to take the cartridge out of the machine.
    • Take out the new Canon i-SENSYS MF-3010 toner cartridge from the protective bag and gently sway it in all directions.
    • Put the toner cartridge on a flat surface, lift the tab, and gently pull the sealing tape completely out.
    • Insert the toner cartridge and close the toner cover.