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Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 Toner Cartridges

Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 Toner Cartridges

Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Canon 712

    Compatible Canon 712

    Canon Premium Compatible Toner Ink Cartridge 712
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Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 printer is a monochrome laser printer intended for the personal user and home office market. The printer is one of the lowest cost laser printers in the market. It offers professional output with maintenance-free operation and exceptional ease of use. Despite its low price, it has a good and space-saving design.

With style and affordability, the printer is cased in ice white gloss cover. From the top of the machine,the cover folds up and out to form the output tray.There’s no control panel as such but just a single green indicator to the left of the output tray to show power and data, along with one button to feed paper. At the rear , a single USB socket is set behind a small, hinged cover, so only the cable shows up.

The LBP3010 prints at up to 14 pages per minute which is a very reasonable speed for this class of personal printer.The printer has resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi and the tray supports 150 sheets of A4 paper. It has a support for Windows from 2000 on, OS X from 10.3.9 and various incarnations of Linux.There is only a single, 1,500-page consumable in the form of an integrated drum and Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridge. This makes it hard to buy the wrong thing, but also gives limited scope for savings.

  • Compact size
  • Immediate print option to print a quick page
  • Comes with a full LBP-3010 toner drum
  • Do not have time consuming maintenance
  • Do not have any feature to handle the colour printing that some home users may want.
  • There are more faster printers available
  • Mac owners may get issues regarding the network
Cartridge Requirements:
The compatible Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridge is:
  • Canon Toner Ink Cartridge 712

The Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 is a great little personal laser printer from Canon .This compact, affordable and energy-efficient desktop laser printer is perfect for your personal use. Designed for your desktop, this personal mono laser printer delivers professional prints at a speed of 14 pages per minute. This compact and affordable printer is an ideal solution for for home users who need quiet and energy efficient operation with no complicated maintenance requirement on either the printer or the Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridges.

How to solve various printing issues of Canon i-SENSYS printer?

The printer related problems are so common and can be handled easily using the simple troubleshooting principles:

1. When White Streaks Appear on the Output or Output Is Partially Faded

When the toner runs out, white streaks may appear on the output. No messages will appear on the screen, if the toner nearly runs out. Replace the Canon i-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridges in such case.

When this problem occurs:
The toner cartridges may ran out. Follow the steps for replacing the toner cartridges. The machine will continue printing until the toner runs out completely. Refer the user manual before replacing the Canon i-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner Cartridges.

When the print quality is still unacceptable and if the problem persists even after you have followed all the steps in the procedure, go for replacing the toner cartridges. You can refer the online user manual for it.

2. When a Message Appears

When the toner becomes nearly empty in the middle of a job, a message appears on the screen for replacing the toner cartridges

Prepare toner cartridge

When the toner cartridge needs a replacement. Shake the Canon i-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridges to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge. Refer the manual for replacing the cartridges It is recommended, that the cartridges should be replaced before printing high-volume of documents.

Toner is nearly out.

This message is displayed on the screen when the toner cartridge has reached the end of its life.

  • Shake the toner cartridge to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge. You can also follow the online manual before replacing the toner cartridges
  • If this message does not disappear, replace the toner cartridge referring the replacement procedure
  • If this message is displayed, the incoming fax will be stored in the memory without being printed. Also the reports may not be printed, even if we have the set to be printed automatically
  • If continue print. When toner is nearly out in (RX Print Settings) is set to , however, printing will be continued, but white streaks or smudges may appear on printouts. Refer the manual for printing the report automatically, you can also refer to continue print. When toner is nearly out

Most Common FAQs for Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010:

Q. What is the price of black Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridges available at your site?
A. The price of these cartridges at our site is: €30.92 (Inc. VAT). To know more details about these cartridges, visit the page: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/canon-712-toner-cartridges.

Q. How can I see the reviews of your Compatible Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridges and rate the purchased toner cartridge from your site?
A. To see the reviews of toner cartridges of our site, select the toner cartridges and at the end of the page, you will be shown "Customer Reviews". You can find the customer reviews of these toner cartridges at this page: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/canon-712-toner-cartridges.

To rate the product or add your review for the purchase made, select the toner cartridges you’ve bought from this site. You will see an option of "Add Review" given on the page. Proceeding to this option, you can write your own experience, which will help others making a right choice.

Q. What is the monthly page yield of Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 printer?
A. The page yield of this printer is Max 8000 pages per month.

Q. Do you sell Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 printer?
A. No, we do not sell this printer in particular. We only deal in cartridges and other printer consumables like paper. But there are many online sites selling this printer at reasonable prices.

Q. What should I do when Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 printer produces faded prints or missing prints?
A. Although the printer is intended for the personal user and home office market, it is normal to encounter some print quality issues like faded prints, missing or banded prints. The most likely causes of these type of problems can either be a low or empty level toner cartridges or clogged printhead nozzles. Try cleaning up the blocked printhead. If the issue does not solve, we would suggest you replace the low or empty Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridges.

Q. What are the key features offered by Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 printers?
This is a monochrome laser printer intended for the personal and home office use. With the cost-effective feature this printer has other features also associated with it, that are:

  • 14 ppm mono laser printing
  • Compact, stylish desktop design
  • No waiting with Quick First-Print technologies
  • First Print-Out Time of 8.5 seconds or less
  • Print quality is up to 2400 x 600 dpi with Automatic Image Refinement
  • Convenient front power switch and retractable paper tray cover
  • 150-sheet paper tray
  • Energy efficient with only 2 watts in the standby mode, quiet operation
  • Maintenance-free All-in-One Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridge for continuous high-quality output.

Q. What happens if the cartridge doesn’t work? How can I tell if my cartridge is defective?
Whether you buy an OEM or compatible Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridge, there is a chance that you will receive a defective cartridge. While some cartridges are clearly defective the other result defects in printing. Usually, the error codes or warning messages will let you know if the part needs to be replaced. Marks and lines appear on the printed page can also result in the low toner. If this is an issue, try taking it out and shaking it well. If doing this resolves the problem, it is time to order a new Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 toner cartridge as your toner is simply close to empty.

Q. Do you supply only the black Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 cartridge and not the colour one?
Yes, this is so because only the black colour cartridge listed on this page is compatible with your Canon I-SENSYS LBP-3010 printer. As LBP-3010 is a mono laser printer, it delivers only the black ink with the ink capacity of 1,500 Pages and is compatible with the printer type.