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Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges

Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges

Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges

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  1. Compatible Canon PG545XL /  CL546XL Black & Colour Ink - Multipack

    Compatible Canon PG545XL / CL546XL Black & Colour Ink - Multipack

    Compatible 2 Pack of Canon PG-545XL / CL-546XL Ink Cartridges:
    PG 545XL (400 Pages) x1
    CL 546XL (300 Pages) x1
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    Inc. VAT: €43.04 Exc. VAT: €34.99

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  2. Compatible Canon PG545XL Black Ink

    Compatible Canon PG545XL Black Ink

    Premium Compatible Canon PG-545XL Ink Cartridge:
    PG 545XL (400 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €23.97 Exc. VAT: €19.49
  3. Compatible Canon CL546XL Colour Ink

    Compatible Canon CL546XL Colour Ink

    Premium Compatible Canon CL-546XL Ink Cartridges:
    CL 546XL (300 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €25.22 Exc. VAT: €20.50

3 Item(s)

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Canon Pixma MG2550S Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Canon Pixma MG2550S is all in one colour inkjet printer that offers printing, scanning and copying functionalities. Its compact print engine is built for quality and ease-of-use for a wide range, from text-heavy documents to family photos.

The printer measures 145 x 426 x 306 mm (HWD). It is a very lightweight machine with the weight of only 3.5 kgs. This makes it easily portable machine as it can be easily moved from one place to another. The printer has a print resolution of 4800 x 600 dpi. It is mainly aimed at home market. There is no display which is fine as the printer has buttons to copy and other functions are carried out from a computer via USB. The printer uses less energy with Auto Power On/Off feature. On pressing the print command from PC, the printer immediately emerges from its power-saving mode, ready to print without even switching it on.

The printer produces sharp texts with Canon Pixma MG2550S Ink Cartridges. The photos created are of the high quality. The printer is made for photo-lab quality prints and fine detail in an instant. It's FINE cartridge ink lets one to create a grain free, smooth prints, while XL cartridges allows to print more pages.

  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight
  • Low running costs with Canon Pixma MG2550S Ink Cartridges
  • Able to copy, print and scan
  • Fast printing of documents and photos
  • High quality prints
  • Do not supports wireless printing
  • Do not have automatic duplexing
  • Its combined colour cartridge is great for convenience but less so for flexibility
Cartridge Requirements:
The compatible Canon Pixma MG2550S Ink Cartridges are:
  • PG-545XL Black ink cartridge
  • CL-546XL Colour ink cartridge

As an All-in-One printer, the Canon Pixma MG2550S offers the ability to scan, print and copy documents from a simple innocuous design. It is a cheap and cheerful starter printer that will suit many cost conscious customers.

Most Common FAQs for Canon Pixma MG2550S:

Q. Can I attach Bluetooth adapter with this Canon Pixma MG2550S printer?
This printer does not have Bluetooth adapter port. And it does not support wireless printing also.

Q. Does Canon Pixma MG2550S printer come with ink cartridges?
Yes, this printer comes with ink cartridges. But if you are out of ink in the cartridges then you can choose for compatible Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges.

Q. Can Canon Pixma MG2550 print on both sides?
With manual operation, you can print on dual sides with Canon Pixma MG2550S printer.

Q. Does it support glossy paper while printing?
Yes, Canon Pixma MG2550S printer supports glossy paper. It is suitable for printing not only the text documents but also family photos.

Q. Are Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges costly?
The original Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges are costly. But compatible ink cartridges are cheaper. One can choose for the compatible cartridges which yield the same print quality of the photos.

Q. What to do when my Waste Ink Absorber Is Full?
The main objective of Waste Ink Absorber is to safely collect waste ink expelled during cleaning the print head. When this absorber is filled, a replacement is needed, which is done by an authorised center.

Q. Will I be able to do scanning with Canon Pixma MG2550S printer, when I am out of ink?
You can do scanning if you are out of ink. Before doing this you need to clear error message by pressing and holding Resume_Cancel_Button for 5 seconds. Once error message is cleared you can perform scanning. If printing is attempted after clearing the error, then the quality of prints cannot be guaranteed. After clearing ‘out of ink’ error message, the remaining ink level will be unknown and may damage the print head. We suggest you replace the cartridges with the new cartridges as soon as possible. For cost-effective ink cartridges you can opt for Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges from our store.

Q. Can my printer perform only black and white printing instead of colour? If yes, will the printer perform printing using only black colour Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridge?
A. Yes, the printer can perform black and white printing. But, you will have to opt for the 'grayscale printing' from the printer settings on your computer.

For Windows Users - Go to Printing Preferences and select Quick Setup or Main tab from the menu.

For Mac Users - Go to the Print Dialog menu and select Quality and Media and then select Grayscale printing from the checkbox.

The grayscale option will allow you to perform black and white printing. However, please be informed that the printer will continue to use colour Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges in small proportions along with the black one. The amount and number of inks used depends on the type of the print. For example, if you print graphics and text together, the printer will use ‘composite’ black colour (combination of all the colours).

Q. Does Canon Pixma MG2550S come with a cable wire to connect the printer to a computer? Because I cannot find the cable inside the box.
A. The Canon Pixma MG2550S all-in-one comes with a pack of Fine cartridges, power cord, Setup CD-ROM for Windows users (for Mac users drivers are available online) and user manual. Unfortunately, a cable wire is not supplied along with the machine. You will have to purchase the cable separately.

Q. Are the multipack Canon Pixma MG2550S ink cartridges available on your website cheaper than the single packs?
A. Yes. The multipack of ink cartridges will save you a lot more than a single pack. Not just in terms of the price but also in terms of the page yield.

Q. Can I use the Canon Pixma MG2550S machine for scanning and copying if the ink cartridges have run out?
A. Yes. You can use the other functions of the printer (except printing) when ink cartridges are empty.