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Canon Pixma MG2950 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MG2950 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MG2950 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MG2950 premium remanufactured ink cartridges

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  1. Compatible Canon PG545XL /  CL546XL Ink - 2 Pack

    Compatible Canon PG545XL / CL546XL Ink - 2 Pack

    Remanufactured PG545XL & CL546XL High capacity ink cartridge 2 pack; Black & Colour.
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    Exc. VAT: €29.50 Inc. VAT: €36.29
    Colour: Black/Colour
    Ink Volume: Black 17ml, Colour 16.5ml
  2. Compatible Canon PG545XL Ink

    Compatible Canon PG545XL Ink

    Remanufactured PG-545XL High Capacity Black ink cartridge 400 pages.
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    Exc. VAT: €19.50 Inc. VAT: €23.99
    Colour: Black
    Ink Volume: 400 pages
  3. Compatible Canon CL546XL Ink

    Compatible Canon CL546XL Ink

    Remanufactured CL-546XL High Capacity Colour ink cartridge 300 pages.
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    Exc. VAT: €20.50 Inc. VAT: €25.22
    Colour: Colour High Capacity
    Ink Volume: 300 Pages

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Canon Pixma MG2950 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Canon Pixma MG2950 is an advanced all-in-one printer for home users. The good looking device offers a standard Wi-Fi connectivity and allows multiple users to connect and share files with it.

The printer also offers cloud connectivity which lets you print directly from your smartphone, tablet or iphones. The printer also features PictBridge port that lets you connect your digital camera, phone or any other mobile device.

The high yield Canon Pixma MG2050 ink cartridges makes it ideal for photo printing and reduces its running cost. The device weighs approx. 3.5kg, has flatbed scanner and a 60 sheet rear paper tray. The front side of the printer is deeply undercut which reduces the footprint of the device when output tray comes out.

  • PictBridge
  • Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity
  • High quality document and photo prints
  • Small footprint
  • Low running cost with high yield Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges
  • No A4 printing
  • No borderless printing
  • Double sided printing is manual

The Canon Pixma MG2950 is an ideal photo printer for home users. Its an advanced printer that offers many attractive features, like, Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity, PictBridge ports etc., at low cost. The running cost of the printer is also low and its small footprint can resolve your space issue.

However, the printer might not be able to fulfill all the requirements of SOHO users.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement cartridges for Canon Pixma MG2950 ink:

  • Canon PG545XL black
  • Canon CL546XL colour
  • Canon PG545XL/CL546XL multipack
How to improve print quality of your Canon Pixma?

The Canon Pixma MG2950 is an inkjet printer that is ideal for office as well as home users. It provides good quality printouts as the company provides Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges along with the printer.

But at times you would experience printing problems such as faded prints, missing or banded prints or no prints. These may be caused due to many reasons like clogged print head nozzles, driver issues or some damage to the printer. But the most common cause of printing problems is Low ink in the ink cartridges. The old ink cartridges can be easily replaced with new Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges.

To do so, follow these steps:

Step One: Preparing the Printer
  1. Turn the printer on and make sure it stay on throughout the process of cartridge replacement.
  2. Open the top cover of the printer and then the paper output tray.
  3. The cartridge holder will move from its home position to the centre or its replacement position. This helps in changing the ink cartridges with ease.
Step Two: Ink Cartridge Preparation
  1. Once the cartridge holder has moved to the replacement position, the head cover of this cartridge holder will automatically open. Please do not stop or move the cartridge holder during this process. It can damage your machine.
  2. Once the cartridge holder opens, the ink cartridges will be visible.
  3. Push the lever down till you hear a click and then remove the ink cartridge gently.
  4. Prepare the new Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridge for installation. Take it out of the packaging and remove the protective tape from it. Do so carefully without touching the electrical contact or the print head nozzles. Doing so may damage the cartridge and the printer may not read it properly leading to printing problems.
Step Three: Installing the New Cartridge
  1. Insert this new cartridge into the slot and push till it clicks into place.
  2. Close the printer cover.
  3. Once the printer has recharged the ink, you can use it.

Most Common FAQs for Canon Pixma MG2950:

Q. Though I have kept the paper in my Canon Pixma MG2950 printer, “No Paper” error occurs. How can I resolve this error?
Please consider the steps mentioned below to resolve this error:

  • Flip through the paper while loading.
  • Align the edges of sheets before loading.
  • Make sure that the paper limit does not exceed the capacity.
  • Make sure that the paper you are printing is not too thick or curled.
  • Check the media type and paper size settings.
  • Clean the paper feed roller.

Q. I’m using Canon Pixma MG2950 printer since a long time from now. Suddenly the printer started producing unsatisfactory print results. What should I do?
This might be possible that the print quality is not satisfactory due to the white streaks or misaligned lines present. Check the paper and print quality settings first. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, try the following steps:

  • Check the page size and media type setting, whether it matches with the loading paper.
  • Select the appropriate print quality using printer driver.
  • Replace the old Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges you are using with the new ones.

Q. Does the printer support cloud connectivity?
Yes, definitely. The printer supports cloud connectivity. The Canon Pixma MG2950 printer is integrated with cloud connectivity which provides users a facility of transfer to and from the mobile devices. The cloud connected function makes it easy for the user to carry their work with them, wherever they go.

Q. Does the printer offer A4 size printing?
No, the printer does not support A4 size printing of documents.

Q. Can you provide urgent delivery of Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges at Glasgow, please?
All the orders are delivered by Fastway Couriers and it takes a day or two to deliver the order. Approximately 90% of the orders received before 12 noon daily are despatched same day (subject to stock levels) and delivered on a 1 - 2 delivery day basis with Fastway Couriers. Call us on 048 30833221 to check stock of Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges, if your order is urgent.

Q. How can I print images with my Canon Pixma MG2950 directly from a camera?
A. To print images directly from your camera, you will need to first make sure that your camera is enabled with Wireless PictBridge. Follow the steps below to see how to print from your Wireless PictBridge enabled camera:

  • Make sure that your printer is turned on and load paper.
  • Detect your printer with your camera and connect it with your printer via wireless LAN.
  • Specify the print settings according to your need.
  • Start printing your images from your camera.

Q. Can I buy individual Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges of a specific colour?
A. Canon Pixma MG2950 printers come with a 2 ink cartridge system meaning that only two types of ink cartridges are used with the printer, black ink cartridges and colour ink cartridges that contain all the colours (magenta, cyan, yellow). Hence, individual ink cartridges of a specific colour are not available for Canon Pixma MG2950 printers.

Q. How much power do Canon Pixma MG2950 printers take up?
A. Canon Pixma MG2950 printers consume about 11 Watts of power during operation of any function and about 1.6 Watts on standby mode.

Q. I need a printer for my home with low operation costs. Is the Canon Pixma MG2950 printer suitable for me?
A. Canon Pixma MG2950 printers have moderately low operation costs as original Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges can yield up to 180 pages without having to be replaced. You can also reduce even more on operation cost by using our compatible Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges that yield more pages and are cheaper as compared to original Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges.

Q. What all devices can I use to print from with Canon Pixma MG2950 printers?
A. You can use computers (Windows and Mac), mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows) and Wireless PictBridge enabled cameras to print from with this printer.

Q. I have noticed that your compatible Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges are cheaper as compared to the original ink cartridges. Does this mean that the quality of compatible ink cartridges is also lower as compared to the original ones?
A. Absolutely not! Our compatible Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges are of high grade that have been FSC tested or certified. The quality of our compatible Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges will be as good as that of the original ink cartridges.

Q. Is it okay to carry out other functions on my Canon Pixma MG2950 printer at the time of print head cleaning?
No. Please avoid performing other operations until the machine completes the print head cleaning process.

Q. Will I save considerable amount of ink if I use compatible Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges with our Canon Pixma MG2950 printer?
Absolutely. With these compatible ink cartridges for your Canon Pixma MG2950 printer, you could be saving as much as 30% ink per page.

Q. I couldn’t set the twin Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges properly in place at the time of installation. Is it so difficult and how do I get it right?
Installing these twin cartridges just requires a little bit of practice and familiarity. You need to push down a panel behind the output tray at the place where they are installed and then push the cartridges up so they click into place.

Q. Why is ink leaking from my Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges?
It usually happens if a printer is turned on and off frequently or on a daily basis, at the time of ink cartridge replacement or when alignment and automatic printhead cleaning procedure is performed. It may also happen if there is any kind of external damage to the printer due to a fall or jolt.

Q. I saw ink leaking from my Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges after I performed the printhead cleaning procedure. Did something go wrong at the time of printhead cleaning?
The ink inside the ink cartridge is discharged out by the printhead cleaning cycles. Gradually, this ink is deposited in the waste ink reservoir where it accumulates over time. You need to clean the waste ink reservoir as the waste ink that had been getting stored is now leaking.

Q. Will your remanufactured Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges work in my printer?
A. Yes, the cartridges are designed to work with several Canon printers. When installing the cartridge the printer may give an error message that the cartridge cannot be recognised - simply hold down the stop button (triangle in a circle) on your printer for 15 - 20 seconds and this will reset the printer and allow printing to proceed.

Q. I recieved an extra cartridge delivery as well as my own, it must have been a mistake by the courier. What will i do ?
A. Apologies about this. As long as you recieved the delivery you had ordered. Please call us on 028 3083 3221 from NI and 048 3083 3221 from ROI to arrange collection of the unneeded delivery.

Q. Are the pixma series specifically for home use only?
A.Yes the pixma series is generarlly for home use however they would be perfect for small office use also. However it would not be suitable for larger work place printing.

Q. I live in Londonderry and was wondering if i can expect the delivery at the same time stated on the website?
A.Yes the delivery times will be the same regardless of location within the Island of Ireland.

Q. Do the cartridges for the MG2950 be changed seperately? or do they come as colour and black?
A.These cartridges are sold as a black and colour (PG545 and CL546) rather than black, yellow, cyan and magenta.

Q. Is Canon Pixma MG2950 an AirPrint compatible printer?
A. No. Canon Pixma MG2950 printer does not support AirPrint technology. This all-in-one printer offers a standard Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud connectivity for you to enjoy photo printing.

Q. Does this printer offer duplex printing?
A. Yes. Canon Pixma MG2950 does offer double-sided printing but it has to be done manually.

Q. I want to use Canon Pixma MG2950 printer only for monochrome printing. Does it work if there are no colour ink cartridges? Or if cartridges are low or out of ink?
A. No. This printer should be installed with two Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges in order to work. It requires one black ink cartridge (PG-545 or PG545XL) and one tri-colour ink cartridge (CL-546 or CL-546XL) to operate. It will not work if it has low or empty ink cartridges. You need to replace only one cartridge that runs out of ink.

Q. Does this printer offer borderless printing?
A. No. Canon Pixma MG2950 does not offer borderless printing.

Q. Does Canon Pixma MG2950 printer have manufacturer warranty?
A. Yes. This printer comes with a one year warranty for manufacturing faults.

Q. Is Canon Pixma MG2950 printer compatible with Windows 10?
A. Yes, this printer is compatible with Windows 10.

Q. Does this printer works well with compatible Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges?
A. Yes. Compatible Canon MG2950 ink cartridges will work well with this inkjet photo printer. They provide good results as original cartridges. We do sell the original and compatible Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges. You can find these cartridges on this page of our website:

Q. What are the dimensions of this printer?
A. The dimensions of Canon Pixma MG2950 printer are 426 x 306 x 145mm.

Q. Does this printer allow direct printing from phone or tablet?
A. Yes, Canon Pixma MG2950 printer allows direct printing from your phones and tablets.

Q. What operating systems run on Canon Pixma MG2950 printer?
A. The printer is compatible with operating systems Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista SP1 & SP2 / XP SP3 32-bit, Mac OS X v10.6.8 or later.

Q. I do not have a Wi-Fi connection. Can I print documents using Apple Airdrop?
A. Sorry, Canon Pixma MG2950 won’t allow you to print documents with Apple Airdrop without a Wi-Fi connection.

Q. Does Canon Pixma MG3500 printer come with inks?
A. Yes, the company provides quality Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges along with the printer.

Q. If colour cartridge runs out, will this printer print in black and white?
A. Yes, this printer will continue to print in black and white once the colour cartridge run outs.

Q. What if the Wi-Fi fails or doesn’t work? Is it possible to print with a cable?
A. Yes, Canon Pixma MG2950 can still be used as a wired printer.

Q. I have an old Canon Pixma MG3500 printer. It is no longer working well. I have spare ink cartridges and would like to know whether Canon Pixma MG2950 is compatible with the inks I have already bought?
A. Canon Pixma MG2950 uses different ink cartridges compared to Canon Pixma MG3500 printer. Any other ink cartridge that you already purchased wont work with this printer.

Q. What to do when Canon Pixma MG3500 printer produces faded prints, missing or banded prints or no prints?
A. The feature-packed Canon Pixma MG3500 printer is ideal for home users. It offers wi-fi connectivity and uses Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges as consumables. Although the printer is equipped with great features and functions, it is normal to encounter some print quality issues like faded prints, missing or banded prints. The most likely causes of these type of problems can either be a low or empty level ink cartridges or clogged printhead nozzles. Try cleaning up the blocked printhead. If the issue does not solve, we would suggest you to replace the low or empty Canon Pixma MG2950 ink cartridges.