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Canon Pixma MG3250 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MG3250 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MG3250 Ink Cartridges

High quality compatible ink cartridges for Canon Pixma MG3250 Printer

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  1. Compatible Canon PG540XL  / CL541XL  - Multipack (5222B005AA / 5227B005AA)

    Compatible Canon PG540XL / CL541XL - Multipack (5222B005AA / 5227B005AA)

    Premium Compatible Multipack of Canon PG 540XL / CL 541XL
    PG-540XL (180 Pages) x1
    CL-541 (180 Pages) x1
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €55.01 Exc. VAT: €44.72
  2. Compatible Canon PG540XL Black Ink Cartridge (5222B005AA)

    Compatible Canon PG540XL Black Ink Cartridge (5222B005AA)

    Premium Compatible Canon PG 540XL Ink Cartridge:
    PG-540XL (180 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €30.00 Exc. VAT: €24.39
  3. Compatible Canon CL541XL Tri Colour Ink Cartridge (5227B005AA)

    Compatible Canon CL541XL Tri Colour Ink Cartridge (5227B005AA)

    Premium Compatible Canon CL 541XL
    CL-541 (180 Pages)
    Works with the PG540 Black Cartridge
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €30.00 Exc. VAT: €24.39

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Canon Pixma MG3250 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Canon Pixma MG3250 is an all-in-one printer with a built-in Wi-Fi. It is a basic printing, scanning and copying device for home and small office users. The printer supports AirPrint, USB, and wireless printing. It also allows you to print directly from your mobile, tablets and smartphone printing. It also has a built-in automatic duplexer.

Canon Pixma MG3250 weighs approx. 5.5kg and measures 152 X 449 X 304mm. The printer has LCD display and a button control panel. It has one input tray with capacity to store 100 sheets at a time and has one foldable output tray. The Printer is capable of printing borderless images with sizes as large as 10 X 15 cm.

Canon Pixma MG3250 is a high speed printer that also offers high quality prints with maximum resolution of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi for prints and 1,200 x 2,400 dpi for scans. The device has a tri-colour ink cartridge system.

  • Mobile, cloud and wireless printing
  • AirPrint and Facebook photo printing
  • Canon Pixma MG3250 ink offers borderless printing
  • Automatic duplexer
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Low running cost
  • No Fax
  • Does not have separate ink cartridge slots
  • Large footprint

Canon Pixma MG3250 ink can be a perfect pick for home users and student. The device is compatible Apple’s AirPrint app and can also print images directly from Facebook. The advance features of this printer and its decent speed at this price make it a good choice.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement cartridges for Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges:

  • Canon PG540 black
  • Canon CL541 colour

Printing Is Blurred/Colors Are Wrong/Cannot Print To End Of Job

Follow the steps depending on the cause of the printing issues you are facing:

Incorrect paper type
  • When printing directly from a digital camera, on the Operation Panel, confirm that the (MP180) / paper type (MP160) selected matches the paper loaded in the printer’s feed
  • If you are printing from a computer, check the following
    • Windows:
      On the [Main] tab of the printer driver, ensure that the [Media Type] selected matches the paper loaded
    • Macintosh:
    • In the [Print] dialog box of the printer driver, select [Quality & Media] from the pop-up menu, and then ensure that the [Media Type] selected matches the paper loaded
Canon Pixma MG3250 Ink Cartridge nozzles clogged or shifted
  • Print the nozzle check pattern to check for uneven ink output. Make a “Printing Nozzle Check Pattern” for a print test
  • If the ink supply is uneven, run a “FINE Cartridge Cleaning” process from printer setting. You can also run a deep cleaning process for the ink cartridges
  • If straight lines are shifted. Check the alignment of the cartridges and run an “Aligning The Ink Cartridge” process from the printer’s cartridge settings
Follow the steps below for Canon Pixma MG3250 Ink Cartridge Cleaning

Note: If missing lines or white stripes are found in the printed nozzle check pattern, proceed with a Cartridge Cleaning to unclog the ink tank nozzles. Cleaning the cartridge nozzles consumes ink, so perform the cartridge cleaning only when it is necessary.

For 180

1. Press [Menu] repeatedly until appears.

2. Use [ ] or [ ] to select

3. Press [OK]

For 160

1. Press [Maintenance] repeatedly until appears

2. Press [Black] or [Color]

Once you have selected the colour of the Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridge you want run the cleaning process for, the printer will start cleaning. If running this process do not improve the print quality you can proceed to Deep Cleaning the Cartridges.

Most Common FAQs for Canon Pixma MG3250:

Q. What precautions should I take while storing Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges to keep them in reusable condition? Will improper storage of these ink cartridges reduce its shelf life?
It is important to store the ink cartridges in proper conditions to maintain their efficiency:

  • Make sure that you store Canon Pixma ink cartridges in their original packaging until you are ready to use them.
  • Store the cartridges away from direct exposure of sunlight to minimise the risk of damage.
If not stored properly, the cartridge would definitely lose its shelf life. An ink cartridge that is stored properly with its original packaging offers a shelf life of approximately 2 years. And if the cartridge is stored open without its original package its shelf life comes down to 6 months.

Q. I’m looking for compatible Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges for my Canon printer. Do you accept orders only before 2pm?
No, it is not necessary to place your order before 2pm. You can order Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges anytime. Approximately 90% of the orders received before 12 noon daily are despatched the same day (subject to the stock levels).

Q. My Canon Pixma MG3250 printer displays “Error 5B00”. What does this error code mean?
The error message indicates that the waste ink absorber is full. Everytime the printer runs a head cleaning routine, it flushes some ink to keep the print head clean and clear. This ink runs into the waste ink absorber. (The waste ink absorber is usually a large sponge or tank).

Be careful while moving the printer. Though the ink absorber is full, printer leaking is possible when the printer is moved. (You can clean the waste ink absorber but that’s extremely difficult and messy). For the safe side, put the printer in a large bag first while moving.

Q. What is the difference between original Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges and compatibles ones?
A. The difference between original ink cartridges and compatible ink cartridges is that, original ones are made by the printer manufacturing company, whereas compatible ink cartridges are manufactured by a third party company to work with your printer. Also, compatible ink cartridges are cheaper as compared to original ink cartridges.

Q. Can I print directly from my digital camera with a Canon Pixma MG3250 printer?
A. Unfortunately, Canon Pixma MG3250 printers do not come with PictBridge support, thus printing directly from a digital camera is not possible. However, the MG3250 comes with built in Wi-Fi support which enables the user to directly print from their Android or Apple device.

Q. Can using compatible Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges invalidate my printer’s warranty?
A. Absolutely not! Our compatible Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges are of high quality that have been FSC tested and certified. Using these ink cartridges with your printer will not cause any problems to the printer and the printer’s warranty will remain valid.

Q. Do you also provide paper that can be used with my Canon Pixma MG3250?
A. Yes, we provide envelopes, A4 size white paper, glossy paper, matte paper and glossy photopaper that you can use with your MG3250.

Q. I was printing a few pages with my Canon Pixma MG3250. While printing, one of the pages got jammed in the paper output slot. How can I fix this?
A. Sometimes, while printing, the paper gets jammed. This disrupts the printing process. Follow the steps below to solve the problem:

  • Slowly pull the paper out from the output slot.
  • Reload the paper and press the "Resume" button to resume printing.
  • If the paper tears while pulling it out from the output slot, turn off the printer, open the front cover and remove the paper. Be careful not to touch any component inside the printer, as they are delicate and may cause a malfunction.

Q. I recently ordered a black Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridge for my printer. The delivery was prompt, however, the ink cartridge seemed to be leaking. How can I get a replacement for this?
A. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. You can contact us on 048 308332211 or email us on info@printerinkcartridges.ie within 30 days of receiving your product. Just have your order details and invoice number ready and we will guide you through the process.

Q. Does the cartridges you offer manage to print more without frequent ink replacement?
Yes, with the extra capacity offered by XL FINE Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges, there are longer periods between ink replacements. The cartridges significantly deliver greater number of prints than their standard equivalents. Even with such lower cost, the compatible Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges are capable of printing 100% more pages than any original one. The XL cartridges are also more cost effective and let you save up to 50% per page, if you print regularly.

Q. What is the speed of the printer offered?
The Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridge system delivers a great level of detail with speed. It prints quality documents and photos with maximum resolution of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi for prints and 1,200 x 2,400 dpi for scans. It provides two cartridge slots with black and tri-colour cartridges. Also it offers premium quality ink with the speed of 9.2ipm mono/5.0ipm for colour and output a 10x15cm borderless photo in approx. 44 seconds. It produces an A4 colour copy in approx. 20 seconds.

Q. I am planning to reset my network settings back to factory default. What should i do?
If you want to reset your network settings you can change your access point, to do so follow these instructions below:
Note: Initialisation erases all network settings on the machine, so printing or scanning from a computer over the network will become impossible until the printer is reconfigured with new network settings, This can be done by -

  • Press the [Maintenance] button repeatedly until the LED displays
  • Press the [Colour] button or the [Black] button. The network settings are now initialised. Your network settings have been reset back to factory default settings.
If this process is still failing after following the user manual, please contact us for further assistance.

Q. I am currently using a lot more black ink than colour, have you any suggestions how I can make my black ink last longer?
A. If you are printing a lot of black and white documents then be sure to use the PG-540XL high capacity ink cartridge.

Q. I have some old PG40 and CL41 ink cartridges from an old printer that no longer works, the cartridge look the same as those for my Canon Pixma MG3250, can I use them?
A. Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges are PG-540XL black and CL-541XL colour. The ink cartridges are specifically designed to work with your printer.

Q. Am I able to get refill kits so that I may refill my Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges?
A. Sorry, but we do not sell the refill kits or recommend that you do so. We sell the original and remanufactured PG-540XL and CL-541XL ink cartridges, the remanufactured inks, in particular, are very good value.

Q. Can you give me the page yields of the PG-540XL and CL-541XL ink cartridges?
A. We can give you an approximate page yield that is calculated at 5% coverage of an A4 page. This amounts to approximately a full A4 page of double spaced lines of text. Remanufactured Canon PG-540XL high capacity black ink cartridge: approx: 600 pages. Remanufactured Canon CL-541XL high capacity colour ink cartridge: approx: 400 pages.

Q. Will the non-genuine Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges available on your website, work in my MG3250 printer?
A. Yes, all the non-genuine cartridges are compatible with the printer. The PG540, PG540XL, CL541 and CL541XL are the compatible cartridges available on our website which are cost effective and equally efficient as the original ones. You pick any desired pack for your printer on this page, above.

Q. What is the printing volume that the Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridge offers?
A. The print volume totally depends on the intensity of printing. For heavy and intense colour photos it can be somewhat less but on moderate usage, these compatible Canon ink cartridges provide an average of 180 sheets of brightly coloured photos.

Q. I ordered T0715 instead of PG540XL. T0715 is not compatible with Canon Pixma MG3250.What should I do now?
A. If you wish to return the cartridge, please contact us within 30 days of purchase. You can fill up the form on our ORDERS AND RETURNS page here - https://printerinkcartridges.ie/sales/guest/form/
This cartridge being non-faulty must be returned unused, in its original undamaged packaging and in a re-saleable condition. We'll exchange the cartridge or give you a refund by placing a credit on your account. But do note that all such returns are subject to a 10% restocking charge.

Q. I am a photographer by hobby and have to print high-quality photos and use Canon Pixma MG3250 printer. Should I buy the compatible cartridges or the original ones for good quality photo prints?
A. The compatible cartridges are nothing but refilled or remanufactured cartridges. Original and compatible cartridges have the same efficiency but the compatible version is cheaper than the original ones. We would recommend you to get the compatible Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridges which offer good quality photos at an economic price.

Q. I want to print photos on glossy paper for my album. Is it advisable to print on glossy paper from the compatible Canon MG3250 cartridges?
A. Yes, the ink persists and doesn’t fade away. Our compatible Canon Pixma MG3250 cartridge yields bright and long lasting colour ink. Printing on photo paper would not only result in great looking photos but also the print would retain for a long span of time.

Q. How long do you take to deliver ink cartridges?
A. Delivery is by third party courier. It usually takes 1 - 2 working days when the item is in stock and the delivery traffic is less. The delivery time may vary upon the workload of our courier partners, though they have had a good record of punctual delivery.

Q. Does the canon pixma MG3250 printer prints on both side of the paper?
A. Yes, the printer has an auto duplex function of the printer provides automatic double-sided printing, which saves paper while delivering professional looking documents.

Q.What are the paper types supported by Canon Pixma MG3250?
A. The printer supports Plain Paper, Envelopes, Photo Paper Pro Platinum (PT-101), Photo Paper Plus Glossy II (PP-201), Photo Paper Pro Luster (LU-101), Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss (SG-201), Glossy Photo Paper "Everyday Use" (GP-501), Matte Photo Paper (MP-101), High Resolution Paper (HR-101N), T-shirt Transfer (TR-301) and Photo Stickers (PS-101) types of papers. Our compatible Canon MG3250 cartridge yield bright and long lasting prints on all the paper types.

Q. If one of the colour ink tank exhausts, is it possible to refill it?
A. Yes, you can choose the desired colour with an authenticity of originality of Canon Pixma MG3250 ink cartridge from the site. The procedure for refilling the cartridge can be seen from manual of the printer. We would suggest you buying an original refill kit for best quality pictures, Bright and lively coloured prints.