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Grab Exclusive Deals on Toner and Inkjet Cartridges for Dell All in one V313W

Grab Exclusive Deals on Toner and Inkjet Cartridges for Dell All in one V313W

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  1. Compatible Dell X737N Cartridges (Black) Ink

    Compatible Dell X737N Cartridges (Black) Ink

    Compatible Dell X737N Cartridges (Black) 360 pages
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    Compatible Dell X738N Cartridges (Colour) Ink

    Compatible Dell X738N Cartridges (Colour) 360 pages
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Dell All in one V313W Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Dell V313W printer is a multifunctional inkjet printer which is perfect for home users and small offices. This printer is a budget printer. On purchase of the printer, you get Dell V313W ink cartridges with the package.

The Dell V313W printer weighs about 6.5 kgs. This printer is 7 inches high, 18.8 inches wide and 13.3 inches in depth. It comes in a smart looking white color with the top lid and bottom paper tray in black color. This printer can be placed in any home or office decor.

The printer gives a good print quality. The print quality for photos is especially good. The Dell V313W printer can be connected to your system using a USB cable or through a WiFi connection. The printer offers a speed of 2.8 pages per minute. The printer has slots for micro drive, memory stick, multimedia card, xD picture card etc. The resolution of the flatbed scanner is 4800 pixels per inch. The printer offers the auto duplex feature. The maximum capacity of the input tray is 125 sheets. The Dell V313W printer can print up to 3000 pages per month. The good print quality that the printer offers is because of the Dell V313W ink cartridges. These can be purchased online once the installer cartridges get consumed.

  • Good print speed
  • Budget printer
  • Auto Duplex
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Less paper capacity
  • No LCD screen
  • Difficult to print using memory slots
Cartridge Requirements:
Replacement for Dell V313W ink cartridges are as follows:
  • Dell X738N T096N High Yield Color Ink Cartridge

The Dell V313W printer is a good budget printer that can be a good buy for home users or those who work from home. It has some good features like auto duplexing and WiFi connectivity but the absence of LCD screen and less paper capacity makes it difficult to work. The printer, however, offers a good print speed for its cost and the print quality is good.

How to replace ink cartridges in Dell V313W?

If the cartridges in Dell V313W printer are running low on ink, order for the new Dell V313W ink cartridges before removing the old cartridges because the ink that is remaining in the printhead nozzles may be dry out. For replacing the cartridges follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn on the power supply of the printer.

Step 2: Open the printer cover. The printhead moves to the cartridge installation process.

Step 3: Press the release tab and then remove the old cartridges.

Step 4: Remove the new Dell V313W ink cartridges from the packing and remove the protective cap from each of the ink cartridges. Use both the hands to install the black ink cartridge and colour ink cartridge in their respective slots.

Step 5: Close the printer cover and print a test page.

The computer slows down while printing

If your computer slows down significantly while performing the printing tasks try one of the below solutions:

Solution1: If you are using a USB connection then try a different USB cable

Solution 2: If you are on a network then reset the power of the access point( router) by unplugging the power cord from the access point and wait for ten seconds and plug it again.

How to resolve the problem of white streaks or lines on the printouts?

Before you start with the troubleshooting process you must check the power supply of the printer and the general settings of the printer like the paper setting is set up to the mark. Try one or more of the following:

Step 1: Check for the ink levels in the Dell V313W ink cartridges. Replace low or empty ink cartridges. Make sure that the cartridges are installed properly.

Step 2: From the printer software select a higher print quality from the printer software.

Step 3: Align the printhead and perform the nozzle pattern.

Step 4: Perform the cleaning or deep cleaning of the printhead nozzles.

Most Common FAQs for Dell All in one V313W:

Q. What types of memory cards are compatible with the Dell V313W printer?
The Dell V313W printer supports memory cards such as Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card and xD-Picture Card.

Q. What is the printing speed of the Dell V313W printer?
Dell 944 can print up to 33 monochrome and 30 colour pages per minute.

Q. Do you offer any refund if the Dell V313W ink cartridges are damaged during transit?
Yes, we offer refund if the items turn out to be damaged. In such a situation, the customer needs to contact us on 048 30833221 or email us at info@printerinkcartridges.ie . We will then arrange for a replacement or a refund for the cartridges and the postage incurred by the customer for returning them. Once the item has been returned to us and tested, we’ll place a refund in your account.

Q. Can I use Dell V313W to print directly from my camera without using a computer?
Yes, you can print directly from your camera, if it is compatible with PictBridge. Follow these steps to print directly from your camera:

  • Insert one end of the USB cable into the camera.
  • Insert the other end of the cable into the PictBridge port on the front of the printer.

Q. Does this printer perform any function to maintain the Dell V313W ink cartridges inside it?
Yes, to maintain the ink cartridges inside the printer, Dell V313W performs an automatic maintenance cycle every week. This cycle can only occur if the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Q. Can I purchase these Dell V313W ink cartridges in bulk or is there a risk involved of the cartridges drying up?
Yes, you can purchase these items in bulk. To avoid the risk of drying up of ink cartridges, make sure that they are stored correctly in a cool and dry place and are used before expiry date printed on them.

Q. Is Dell V313W a colour inkjet printer?
Yes. The Dell V313W is a colour printer.

Q. How to check the ink levels for the Dell V313W machine? I am new to using it and want to be prepared before the Dell V313W ink cartridges run out.
The Dell V313W printer accommodates two ink cartridges in the Printhead tray namely, black ink cartridge and the colour cartridge. Follow the instructions below to check the ink levels:

  • Click the start button on your desktop
  • Go to All Programs/Programs and select ‘Dell Printers’
  • Locate the drop-down list on the top of the window and click on your printer model
  • Next, select the Maintenance tab
  • Finally, click Check Ink Levels. You will get to know about the ink levels of both the Dell V313W ink cartridges.

Q. The printhead of my Dell V313W printer is not moving. I am not able to print documents. Can I remove and reinsert the printhead to resolve the issue? Please suggest.
There are many reasons for your printhead not moving. One of them could be something present in the printer that is hindering its movement. Check for any foreign particles stuck inside the machine.
Yes. You can try removing and reinserting the printer to resolve the issue. You can find detailed information with steps on how to resolve printhead errors from the user manual. Or, you can even visit the Dell support site or choose to contact their customer support directly.

Q. Will these compatible Dell V313W ink cartridges damage my printer? That is what I heard from Dell.
The compatible Dell V313W ink cartridges meet the performance standards of the original cartridge. They are no ways inferior than the original ones. We have a lot of customers using these cartridges with full satisfaction.