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Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges

Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges

Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Dell 593-10493

    Compatible Dell 593-10493

    Compatible Dell Dell 593-10493 Toner Cartridge
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    Exc. VAT: €35.99 Inc. VAT: €44.27

  2. Compatible Dell 593-10494

    Compatible Dell 593-10494

    Compatible Dell 593-10494 Premium Toner Cartridge
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    Exc. VAT: €35.99 Inc. VAT: €44.27

  3. Compatible Dell 593-10495

    Compatible Dell 593-10495

    Compatible Dell 593-10495 Premium Toner Cartridge
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    Exc. VAT: €35.99 Inc. VAT: €44.27

  4. Compatible Dell 593-10496

    Compatible Dell 593-10496

    Compatible Dell 593-10496 Premium Toner Cartridge
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    Exc. VAT: €35.99 Inc. VAT: €44.27

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Dell 1235CN Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

A compact and slick, yet powerful, all in one from the house of Dell, that is what Dell 1235CN is. While there are no wireless options, it scores well on most other parameters.

Dell 1235CN comes with a maximum print resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi which is done at a quiet <48 Db. The scanner is 1200x1200 dpi with a colour fax option. The print speeds are average at 16 ppm for monochrome and 4 ppm for colour prints. The Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges have a life of up to 1500 black and 1000 colour prints. One of the best parts is the small footprint that Dell 1235CN has, with an internal paper tray that can hold up to 150 pages. This printer is intended for personal use and thus a 150-page tray serves the purpose well, though the lack of an alternate feeder tray for different paper sizes is a bit inconvenient.

The print quality is quite good, with clear bright graphics that come out reasonably detailed. The photocopies come a little blurred, which somehow is not a good sign for a dry ink system. The connectivity options for this printer are through a standard USB 2.0 port, an ethernet, and a USB host port in front of the system. The medium duty Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges with a higher cost of replacement mean that price per print is high, but market has a lot of compatible cartridges at a lower cost.

Overall, the Dell 1235CN is a good all in one for individual use. Its small footprint and good print and its scan quality works well for it.

  • Front USB port for easy scans directly to USB
  • Very small and stylish
  • 35-sheet ADF
  • PictBridge port for direct printing
  • Good speeds and average efficiency
  • Silent operations
  • No automatic feeder tray
  • Lack of wireless connectivity

Dell 1235CN is a good all in one, primarily intended for individual use at homes and single person offices.

Cartridge requirements

The compatible Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridge:

  • Dell 593-10493 toner cartridge
How to resolve various print quality defects of Dell 1235CN printer?

The print quality of a printer can be affected by many reasons like clogged printheads, usage of old dried out Dell 1235CN toner cartridges or improper vertical alignment of the printer. Dropouts appear on the printed document, probably due to the low quality paper used for printing, so one should always use good quality paper for printing as recommended. Whatever the cause may be, the issue can be resolved by following some simple steps:

1. Dropouts Appear
If faded areas, generally rounded, occur randomly on the page:
  • A single sheet of paper may be defective. Try reprinting the job
  • The moisture content of the paper is uneven or the paper has moist spots on its surface. Try a different brand of paper. Select the proper print media from manual
  • The paper lot is bad. The manufacturing processes can cause some areas to reject toner. Try a different kind or brand of paper
  • Change the printer option and try again. Go to printer properties, click Paper tab, and set type to Thick Paper. Refer to the Software section for details. If these steps do not correct the problem, contact a service representative
2. Vertical repetitive defects
If marks repeatedly appear on the printed side of the page at even intervals:
  • The Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges may be damaged. If a repetitive mark occurs on the page, print a cleaning sheet several times to clean the cartridge. After the printout, if you still have the same problems, remove the toner cartridge and install a new one. Refer manual for replacing the Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges
  • Parts of the printer may have toner on them. If the defects occur on the back of the page, the problem will likely correct itself after a few more pages
  • The fusing assembly may be damaged. Contact a service representative if the issue doesn’t resolved

Most Common FAQs for Dell 1235CN:

Q. What is the standard memory supported by Dell 1235CN printer?
The standard memory supported by this printer is 128 MB.

Q. What is the maximum copying speed of this printer for both coloured and black & white prints?
The maximum copying speed for coloured prints is 4 pages per minute and black & white prints is 17 pages per minute.

Q. What operating system is the printer compatible with?
The printer is compatible with MS Windows XP, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows Server 2003, MS Windows Vista and Apple Mac OS X 10.3 - 10.5.

Q. Do you offer coloured compatible Dell 1235CN toner cartridges?
Yes, definitely. We at Printerinkcartridges.ie, offer both black and coloured toner cartridges. You can find both black and coloured compatible Dell 1235CN toner cartridges here: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/dell-inkjet-cartridges/dell-laser-printers/1235cn .

Q. What is the paper tray capacity of Automatic Document Feeder, input tray and output tray?
The paper tray capacity of ADF is 15 sheets, 150 sheets and 80 sheets for input tray and output tray respectively.

Q. For my Dell 1235CN printer, I’ve purchased compatible Dell 1235CN toner cartridges. But the printer does not print and displays the error message “cartridge problem” on the printer screen. What is “cartridge problem” and how can I resolve this?
“Cartridge problem” could be due to electrical connection issue that occurs between the printer and the cartridge, any internal micro-electronic failure or the cartridge might need to be reinstalled. The solutions to this problem are:

  • Remove, check and reinsert the cartridges.
  • Clean the electrical contacts between the cartridge and the printer.
  • Reset the printer.

Q. I’m using Dell 1230C printer for my printing job. Are Dell 1235CN toner cartridges available at your site, compatible with this printer?
Yes, these toner cartridges of our site are compatible with Dell 1230C printer also.

Q. What type of print media I should use for printing from Dell 1235CN?
A. You can print on a variety of print media, such as plain paper, envelopes, labels, and transparencies. You must always use the print media that meet the guidelines for use with your printer. Print media that does not meet the guidelines may cause the following problems:

  • Poor print quality
  • Increased paper jams
  • Premature wear on the printer.

Properties like weight, composition, grain, and moisture content, are some of the important factors that affect the printer’s performance and the output quality.

Q. What is the expected life of the Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges?
A. The life of the toner cartridge yield depends on the amount of toner that the print jobs require. The actual number may also differ depending on the print density of the pages you print on, and the number of pages may be affected by operating environment, printing interval, media type, and media size. If you print a lot of graphics, you may need to change the cartridge more often.

Q. How can I check the serial number of my Dell 1235CN machine?
A. When you call for service or need to order the toner cartridges that are compatible with your machine, the printer’s serial number may be required. You can identify the serial number by taking the following steps:

  • Press the menu until System Setup appears on the bottom line of the display and then, press OK.
  • Press the left or right arrow key until the maintenance appears and press OK.
  • Press the left or right key until the serial number appears on the screen and press OK.
  • Your printer's serial number will appear.
  • Press stop or clear to return to ready mode.

Q. Can I refill the original Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges?
A. The original cartridges can be refilled easily with the toner refill kits available online. However, it is advisable to buy the compatible range of Dell 1235CN Toner Cartridges instead of refilling the cartridges as these are the refilled cartridges only, that are filled up by the professionals.

Q. Can you list the high quality but low-cost print cartridges for my Dell 1235CN printer?
A. You can try the non-genuine/compatible Dell 1235CN toner cartridges which are available in all four colours (yellow, black, cyan, and magenta). These high-quality toners are most popular for their higher print volume than the original ones and their low cost.

Here is the list of all four toner cartridges that work well with Dell 1235CN printer:<
  • Dell 593-10493 Toner Cartridge (Black)
  • Dell 593-10494 Premium Toner Cartridge (Cyan)
  • Dell 593-10495 Premium Toner Cartridge (Magenta)
  • Dell 593-10496 Premium Toner Cartridge (Yellow)

Q. I have a doubt that my Dell 1235CN toner cartridge is faulty, is there any way I can check the print quality with a test? If yes, can you tell me, how to print a test page on my Dell 1235CN printer from Windows 10 PC?
A. Yes, you can make a test print to check the print quality produced by your Dell 1235CN toner cartridge. Follow the steps bellow to produce the test print from Windows 10 PC:

  1. Open the Search Box on taskbar and search for Device and Printers
  2. Select Devices and Printers in the Control panel.
  3. Find your printer model (Dell 1235CN) in the list of printers.
  4. Right-click on your printer model and select Printer Properties. Make sure to select the Printer Properties not Properties.
  5. You will find Print Test under the General tab of Printer Properties. Click it to produce a test print

Q. My Dell 1235CN printer stopped working all of a sudden. Can you tell me how can I troubleshoot this issue? Is there something wrong with my Dell 1235CN toner cartridge?
A.There are two things that can be done to fix this issue.

1. First, check if the printer is power on and is making processing sound when you command to print. If it makes the sound then this could be the issue of either faulty Dell 1235CN toner cartridge or paper jam. You can try replacing the toner cartridge or do a troubleshoot for the paper jam.

Resolving paper jam issue:

  1. Turn the printer off and unplug the printer from the A/C outlet.
  2. Take out the input feed tray and open the machine. Then check the paper path if any sheet is stuck there or being misfeed.
    • Refer to the paper path diagrams usually located on the inside cover for key areas or your printer manual.
  3. If you find any paper crumpled or waded up, remove all the jammed paper carefully and insert new clean sheets into the feed.
  4. If the papers appear to be angled incorrectly, it may be a misfeed through the printer, remove the sheet of paper.
    • Take out all input sheet stack in the tray and insert the papers again. Make sure the paper guides are adjusted correctly according to the sheets’ sizes.
  5. Close the printer cover(s).
  6. Plug the printer into the A/C outlet. Turn the printer back on and start printing.
2. If the printer does not even turn on then do a generic Dell printer troubleshoot.
  1. If your printer is connected to the PC by a USB cable, unplug the cable from both ends and re-plug it firmly to the both ends (printer and PC).
  2. Restart the computer and turn off the printer.
  3. Unplug the printer power cord from the A/C outlet or surge protector and wait at least 30 seconds.
  4. Plug the printer power cord back into the A/C outlet or surge protector and turn on the printer.
  5. Then make a test print. If the printer still does not work then call the Dell support team.