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Dell 3130cn Toner Cartridges

Dell 3130cn Toner Cartridges

Dell 3130cn Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Dell H516C

    Compatible Dell H516C

    Dell Premium Compatible Toner Cartridge Dell H516C
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    Exc. VAT: €135.99 Inc. VAT: €167.27

  2. Compatible Dell H513C

    Compatible Dell H513C

    Dell Premium Compatible Toner Cartridge Dell 3130HC C
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    Exc. VAT: €135.99 Inc. VAT: €167.27

  3. Compatible Dell H515C

    Compatible Dell H515C

    Dell Premium Compatible Toner Cartridge Dell H515C
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    Exc. VAT: €135.99 Inc. VAT: €167.27

  4. Compatible Dell H514C

    Compatible Dell H514C

    Dell Premium Compatible Toner Cartridge Dell H514C
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    Exc. VAT: €135.99 Inc. VAT: €167.27

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Dell 3130cn Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Dell 3130cn is a perfect printing device for small to large offices. The device is capable of managing a very high volume of printing tasks and offers a printing speed of 31 ppm for black and 26 ppm for colour prints. It uses high yield Dell 3130cn toner cartridges that can print up to 4,000 pages.

The maximum printing resolution of the device is 600 x 600 dpi with a monthly duty cycle of 70,000 pages. The printer also boasts a 400 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM to handle multiple print jobs from different computers. The input feed capacity of the printer if 250 sheets and it has an auto-load media feeder at the front side.

The Dell 3130cn can be set up as a print server for multiple computers in a network. Plus the memory of the printer can be upgraded up to 1.25 GB

  • Affordable device
  • High work load capacity
  • High yield Dell 3130cn toner cartridges
  • High printing speed
  • Upgradable RAM
  • Ability to set up as a server for multiple PCs
  • Single function (no copier and scanner)
  • High on running cost

The Dell 3130cn is a great device for office workgroups. It is able to handle heavy printing job and provide high speed. However, it does not have many advanced features like ADF, copier, scanner etc. The printer also has high ink consumption which can increase the overall running cost.

Cartridge Requirements:

The replacement supplies for The Dell 3130cn toner cartridges are:

  • Dell H513C toner cartridge
  • Dell H514C toner cartridge
  • Dell H515C toner cartridge
  • Dell H516C toner cartridge

Q. What to do if the print quality of the entire output is too light while printing through Dell 3130cn printer?
The Dell 3130cn toner cartridges may be low on ink, old, dried out and need replacement. Confirm that the amount of toner in each print cartridge does not reach the end of its life. This may result in various printing issues like blurred, faded or poor prints. Follow the process below to resolve such issues:

Step 1: If cartridges have low toner

  • Check the toner level in the status tab in the status monitor.
  • Replace the print cartridges if found necessary. Check if the problem resolves.

Step 2: If the user is using compatible Dell 3130cn toner cartridges, enable the compatible toner option.

  • Launch the toolbox, and click on the compatible toner on printer maintenance tab.
  • Ensure that the On checkbox is not selected

Step 3: Disable the toner saving mode in the printer driver.
On the advanced tab settings, ensure that the toner saving mode check box is not selected.

Step 4: The print media surface may be uneven. Try changing the paper type setting in the printer driver. For example, change the plain paper to thick. On the Paper/Output tab, change the paper type setting

Step 5: Verify that the correct print media is being used. See the supported paper sizes referring user manual. If not, use the print media recommended for the printer

Step 6: Ensure that the four orange ribbons or four yellow ribbons are correctly removed from the Dell 3130cn toner cartridges. See replacing print cartridges from user manual.

Step 7: Replace the print cartridge if you have a spare in case of low toner.

  • Replace the old cartridges and install the new one. See manual for installing the print cartridges
  • After you replace the print cartridge, click on the chart print on the diagnosis tab
  • Click the 4 colours configuration chart button. The 4 colours chart is printed

Most Common FAQs for Dell 3130cn:

Q. What is the maximum page yield of compatible Dell 3130cn Toner Cartridge?
The maximum page yield of Dell 3130cn Toner Cartridge is 9000 pages.

Q. What should I do if I miss the delivery of my Dell 3130cn toner cartridges?
All our orders are delivered by Fastway Couriers. They will attempt to make two deliveries to your door and any unsuccessful deliveries will be returned to their central depot or to our warehouse. Any further delivery attempt will incur an additional charge of €4.95 inc VAT. Please contact us on 048 30833221 or email us at info@printerinkcartridges.ie to check your order status.

Q. Can I use Dell 3130cn to print on CDs and DVDs?
Unfortunately, Dell 3130cn cannot be used to print on CDs and DVDs.

Q. What is the input tray capacity of the Dell 3130cn printer?
The input tray capacity of the Dell 3130cn printer is 250 sheets.

Q. What is the maximum print resolution that Dell 3130cn can produce?
Dell 3130cn can produce prints at the maximum resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi).

Q. Are your compatible Dell 3130cn toner cartridges environment-friendly?
Yes, all our compatible toner cartridges are environment-friendly. They are made from recycled cartridges that were used previously resulting in very little usage of new materials or components. This helps in conservation of the environment. We specialize in compatible ink and toner cartridges and providing our customers with the best quality compatible cartridges.

Q. Is the Dell 3130cn printer compatible with Windows 10?
Yes, this printer is compatible with Windows 10.

Q. Does Dell 3130cn support printing through a mobile device?
Unfortunately, since Dell 3130cn does not support Wifi, it cannot be used to print from a mobile device.

Q. Do your compatible Dell 3130cn toner cartridges come with a warranty?
Yes, all our products are FSC tested and certified and come with a warranty period.

Q. By what technique would it be a great idea to download the device drivers if my Dell PC is not working appropriately?
You may use any working PC to download the device drivers from the Dell Driver and its website. Once the required device driver is downloaded, you can save the downloaded records to an external USB key, USB hard disk drive or even copy the files to a CD or a DVD. Refer to the video segment for more informational videos regarding this.

Q. My printouts are not up to the mark may be because the ink dried up early then I expected. Please tell me how can I expel the already used Dell 3130cn Toner Cartridges from the printer?
To maintain the life of the cartridges it is necessary to clean the cartridges and the printer on the regular basis. You should expel the utilized cartridges as early as possible to proceed with the smooth printing. Try out the following to remove the cartridges:

  • Open the side button and after that, open the front cover
  • Grasp the handles at both ends of the toner cartridge that you want to replace and gently pull it out
Caution: Do not shake the Dell 3130cn Toner Cartridges as it may spill some toner

Q. How can I make sure that your compatible Dell toner cartridges work efficiently well with my printer?
The compatible cartridge works equally efficient as the original ones do. You need to make sure that the nozzle head of the printer is cleaned so as to print clear printouts. If you are buying the multipacks of the cartridges, make sure they are stored properly in a cool and dry place. When all the conditions are appropriate the Dell 3130cn Toner Cartridges will yield high definition prints with the printing capacity of 9000 pages per cartridge.

Q. I doubt that my Dell 3130cn toner cartridge is faulty, is there any way I can check the print quality with a test? If yes, can you tell me, how to print a test page on my Dell 3130cn printer from Windows 10 PC?
Yes, you can make a test print to check the print quality produced by your Dell 3130cn toner cartridge. Follow the steps bellow to produce the test print from Windows 10 PC:

  1. Open the Search Box on taskbar and search for Device and Printers
  2. Touch or click Devices and Printers (Control panel).
  3. Now look for your print model in the list of printers. (Dell 3130cn)
  4. Touch and hold or right-click your printer and select Printer Properties. Make sure to select the Printer Properties, not the Properties.
  5. Now in Printer Properties you will find Print Test under the General tab. Click on it to produce a test print

Q. My Dell 3130cn printer stopped working all of a suddenly. Is there something wrong with my Dell 3130cn toner cartridge? Can you tell me how can I troubleshoot my printer?
There are 2 things that can be done to fix this issue. First, check if the printer is power on and is making processing sound when you command to print. If that is the case then this could be the issue of either faulty Dell 3130cn toner cartridge or paper jam. You can try replacing the toner cartridge or do a troubleshoot for the paper jam.

Resolving paper jam issue:

  1. Turn the printer off and unplug the printer from the A/C outlet.
  2. Take out the input feed tray and open the machine. Then check the paper path if any sheet is stuck there or being misfeed.
    • Refer to the paper path diagrams usually located on the inside cover for key areas or your printer manual.
  3. If you find any paper crumpled or waded up, remove all the jammed paper carefully and insert new clean sheets into the feed.
  4. If the papers appear to be angled incorrectly, it may be a misfeed through the printer, remove the sheet of paper.
    • Take out all input sheet stack in the tray and insert the papers again. Make sure the paper guides are adjusted correctly according to the sheets’ sizes.
  5. Close the printer cover(s).
  6. Plug the printer into the A/C outlet. Turn the printer back on and start printing.

On the other hand, if the printer is not even turning on then do a generic Dell printer troubleshoot.

  1. If your printer is connected to the PC by a USB cable, unplug the cable from both ends and re-plug it firmly to the both ends (printer and PC).
  2. Restart the computer and turn off the printer.
  3. Unplug the printer power cord from the A/C outlet or surge protector and wait at least 30 seconds.
  4. Plug the printer power cord back into the A/C outlet or surge protector and turn on the printer.
  5. Now make a test print. If the printer still does not work then call the Dell support team.

Q. Can you list the high quality but low-cost print cartridges for my Dell 3130cn printer?
You can try the non-genuine/compatible Dell 3130cn toner cartridges which are available in all four colours (yellow, black, cyan, and magenta). These high-quality toners are most popular for their higher print volume than the original ones and their low cost.

Here is the list of all four toner cartridges that work well with Dell 3130cn printer:

  • DELL H513C (Cyan) Toner cartridge - 9000 pages
  • DELL H514C (Magenta) toner cartridge - 9000 pages
  • DELL H515C (Yellow) toner cartridge - 9000 pages
  • DELL H516C (Black) toner cartridge - 9000 pages

Q. Hi, would like to buy this compatible Multipack of Dell 3130cn toner cartridges. But, I am not sure if you would be able to deliver these outside of Ireland.
We only deliver to addresses within Rep.Ireland & Northern Ireland, if you live outside of these places then we would not be able to deliver the cartridges.