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Epson XP-412 Ink Cartridges

Epson XP-412 Ink Cartridges

Epson XP-412 Ink Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Epson 18XL Ink  - 20 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 20 Pack

    18XL - 20 Pack Premium Compatible EPSON 18XL Inks:
    T1811 Black x 5,
    T1812 Cyan x 5,
    T1813 Magenta x 5,
    T1814 Yellow x 5.
    18XL Multipack, 20 Cartridges in total.
    If you prefer, you can list your own combination of 20 colours...
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    Exc. VAT: €22.99 Inc. VAT: €28.28
    Colour: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
    Ink Volume: 16ml Black, 11ml Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
  2. Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 12 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 12 Pack

    18XL - 12 Pack of Premium Compatible EPSON 18XL inks:
    T1811 Black x 3,
    T1812 Cyan x 3,
    T1813 Magenta x 3,
    T1814 Yellow x 3.

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    Exc. VAT: €14.99 Inc. VAT: €18.44
    Colour: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
    Ink Volume: 16ml Black, 11ml Colours
  3. Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 8 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 8 Pack

    8 Pack Premium Compatible EPSON 18XL:
    T1811 Black x 2,
    T1812 Cyan x 2,
    T1813 Magenta x 2,
    T1814 Yellow x 2

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    Exc. VAT: €12.99 Inc. VAT: €15.98
    Colour: Black and Colour
    Ink Volume: 16ml Black, 11ml Colours
  4. Compatible Epson  18XL Ink - 4 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 4 Pack

    Pack of 4 Premium Compatible EPSON 18XL inks:
    T1811 Black x 1,
    T1812 Cyan x 1,
    T1813 Magenta x 1,
    T1814 Yellow x 1

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    Exc. VAT: €9.99 Inc. VAT: €12.29
    Colour: 4 colours
    Ink Volume: 16ml Black, 11ml Colours
  5. Compatible Epson T1811 (18XL)

    Compatible Epson T1811 (18XL)

    Compatible T1811 (18XL) This compatible (T1811) Black high capacity ink cartridge contains: 16ml (over 40% more than the original)
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    Exc. VAT: €5.99 Inc. VAT: €7.37

    Colour: Black
    Ink Volume: 16ml
  6. Compatible Epson T1812 (18XL)

    Compatible Epson T1812 (18XL)

    Epson compatible T1812 Cyan. 18XL Cyan high capacity ink cartridge contains: 11ml (over 60% more than the original) T1816
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    Exc. VAT: €5.99 Inc. VAT: €7.37

    Colour: Cyan
    Ink Volume: 11ml
  7. Compatible Epson T1813 (18XL)

    Compatible Epson T1813 (18XL)

    Epson compatible T1813 Magenta high capacity. This compatible 18XL ink cartridge contains: 11ml (over 60% more than the original) T1816
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    Exc. VAT: €5.99 Inc. VAT: €7.37

    Colour: Magenta
    Ink Volume: 11ml
  8. Compatible Epson T1814 (18XL)

    Compatible Epson T1814 (18XL)

    Epson compatible T1814 Yellow high capacity. This compatible 18XL Epson (T1816) ink cartridge contains: 11ml (over 60% more than the original)
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    Exc. VAT: €5.99 Inc. VAT: €7.37

    Colour: Yellow
    Ink Volume: 11ml

8 Item(s)

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Epson XP-412 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Epson XP-412 is an ultra-compact printer, scanner and copier that combines value for money with great flexibility. Epson’s iPrint allows the users to easily print documents and photos over Wi-fi from smartphones and tablet PCs. Additionally, it also allows you to print from anywhere in the world by emailing photos and documents directly to the printer. Epson XP-412 ink cartridges uses Claria Home ink is ideal for affordable reliable printing, producing crisp, clear text documents and glossy, lab quality photos.

The device has a 6.4 cm colour LCD screen with touch panel and accompanying memory card slot offers easy to use printing with helpful menu prompts. The automatic Wi-Fi set-up makes it convenient for configuring laptops and computers to print and scan wirelessly extremely easy. The Epson XP-412 automatically finds the relevant connection settings in order to configure itself.

The printing speed of this device is up to 33 ppm for monochrome files and 15 ppm for colour documents. It has one input tray which is capable of storing up to 100 sheets of paper and has a manual feeder for other types of print media.

  • Supports Apple’s AirPrint and Google Cloud print
  • Automatic Wi-Fi setup
  • Affordable Epson XP-412 ink cartridges
  • Supports mobile printing over Wi-Fi and email
  • 6.4 cm LCD display screen
  • Separate ink slots for each ink colour
  • Lack of fax support
  • Limited paper storage capacity
  • Lacks automatic duplex printing
  • Slow colour printing speed (up to 15 ppm)

Epson XP-412 printer, scanner and copier is built for everyday home use and ideal for small office units, as it offers quick printing speed and high resolutions. It supports wireless printing through Wi-Fi Direct and also has a USB interface for direct PC connectivity. Apart from all these features and functionalities it lacks fax support and supports only manual duplexing.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement for Epson XP-412 ink cartridges are:

  • Epson 18XL (T1811) black
  • Epson 18XL (T1812) cyan
  • Epson 18XL (T1813) magenta
  • Epson 18XL (T1814) yellow
  • Epson 18XL (T1816) multipack
How to fix banding issue or colour problem of your Epson XP-412 printer?

If one is getting horizontal bands across the page, incorrect colours or having similar print quality problems, it may be an issue of faulty Epson XP-412 ink cartridges. If this is not the issue here are a few steps to resolve it:

Horizontal banding across pages

Step 1:
Make sure the printable side (the whiter or glossier side) of the paper is facing up when feed in the sheet feeder.

Step 2:
Run the Head Cleaning utility to clear any clogged ink nozzles. Cleaning the Printheads will prevent horizontal prints with stripes or bands.

Step 3:
For getting best results, use Epson XP-412 ink cartridges within six months of opening the package as using the old one sometime may result in poor prints.

Step 4:
Make sure the paper type selected in the LCD menu or printer driver is appropriate for the type of paper loaded in the product. Refer the selection process of paper from user manual.

Step 5:
If banding appears at intervals of 2.5 cm, run the Print Head Alignment utility.

Step 6:
If a moire (cross-hatch) pattern appears on your copy, change the Reduce/Enlarge setting (XP-410 Series only) in the LCD menu or shift the position of your original.

Step 7:
If there is problem with the copy quality, clean the surface of the scanner glass.
For cleaning the exterior part of the printer refer the troubleshooting tips of user manual.

Incorrect or missing colours on pages

Step 1:
For Windows, clear the Grayscale setting in the Main window in your printer driver. For Mac OS X, clear the Grayscale setting in Print Settings in the Print dialog box in your printer driver.

Step 2:
Adjust the color settings in your application or in your printer driver settings.
For Windows, check the Color Management settings in the Advanced window.
For Mac OS X, check the Color Options dialog box from the Print dialog box.

Step 3:
Run the Head Cleaning utility for clearing clogged ink nozzles.

Step 4:
If you have just replaced an Epson XP-412 ink cartridges, make sure the date on the box. If you have not used the product for a long time, Epson recommends replacing the ink cartridges.

Most Common FAQs for Epson XP-412:

Q. I use my printer regularly and require an ink cartridge replacement almost every month. Should I buy the ink cartridges in multipacks or should I continue buying them individually?
It is advisable that buy your cartridges in multipacks as it is way cheaper than buying all the ink cartridges individually. This will save you on a lot of money and as you are a heavy user, you do not have to worry about the cartridges drying up.

Q. How to properly handle and store Epson XP-412 ink cartridges?
Store the ink cartridges in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not take the cartridge out of its packaging unless you are going to install it in your printer as it can dry up. If you no longer have the packaging, make sure to wrap up the ink cartridge so as to prevent it from dust and dirt. Keep the ink cartridge out of reach of children as it possible that the ink from the cartridge starts leaking.

Q. Are Epson XP-412 printers loud?
Epson XP-412 printers are not too loud. They will not disturb the user while printing pages. The noise levels only extend up to 39 decibels, which is comparatively lesser than other printers.

Q. Is the ink used in your compatible Epson XP-412 ink cartridges of good quality?
Yes, we use premium quality ink in our compatible ink cartridges. The quality of our compatible ink cartridges abide by the ISO norms and standard making them a good choice for your printer. You will not be disappointed with the print quality when using our compatible ink cartridges.

Q. I am not a heavy user and I only need to change my ink cartridges occasionally. Do you sell individual packs of Epson XP-412 ink cartridges of all colours as well?
Yes, we provide individual ink cartridges of all colours for Epson XP-412 printers. You can find the list on our website.

Q. How can i print photos using the memory card?
You can print photos in various layouts. Select More Functions from the Home menu, and select Photo Layout Sheet, then follow the steps for more instructions

  • Load photo paper, you can also refer to the user manual
  • Insert a memory card
  • Enter Print Photos mode from the Home menu
  • Use right or left arrow key to select a photo and set the number of copies using the + or - button. Repeat this step for all the photos you want to print
  • Display the print setting menus. For XP-410 Series, press down arrow key and select Print Settings
  • Select the appropriate print settings such as paper size and paper type. Use up or down arrow key to select a setting item and use left or right key to change the setting
  • Press the button to start printing.

Q. What I should do in case the ink gets on my skin while replacing the Epson XP-412 ink cartridges?
Be careful when you handle used Epson XP-412 ink cartridges, as there may be some ink around the ink supply port. If ink gets on your skin, wash down the area with soap and water. If it gets into your eyes, wash them off immediately with water. If you face discomfort or vision problem even after a thorough flushing, consult a doctor immediately. If the ink gets into your mouth, spit it out immediately and see a doctor right away.

Q. How can I check the ink cartridge status for windows?
When an Epson XP-412 ink cartridge is running low, the Low Ink Reminder screen will automatically appear. You can also check the ink cartridge status through this screen. If you do not want to display this screen, first access the printer driver and then click on the maintenance tab settings, extended settings button, and then the monitoring preferences button. On the monitoring preferences screen, untick the checkbox with the message of seeing low ink reminder alerts.

Q. Are cartridges in this printer compatible with the XP-415 also ?
Yes the cartridges are the Epson 18XL series which are compatible with many printers including the XP-415.

Q. I live in Newry can I call in store to pick up cartridges?thanks.
Yes you can all instore or order online which ever is more convenient for you. We are located on Kilmorey Street, Newry.

Q. How can I install the black cartridge into my printer? I am having difficulty with this
The printer manual contains all information required for your printer. If you no longer have the instruction booklet, it can be found at Epson's website: Epson Support

Q. How can I remove the jammed papers from inside the Epson XP-412 printer?
To remove jammed papers from inside the printer, you can follow the below steps:

  • Cancel the print job if prompted by a message from the printer driver
  • Open the scanner unit
  • Remove all of the paper inside, including any torn pieces
  • Close the scanner unit. If the jammed paper remains near the output tray, carefully remove the paper
  • Turn the printer “off” and then “on” again

Q. Do you stock Epson XP-412 printer for sell?
Unfortunately, we only supply Epson XP-412 ink cartridges and consumables, not the printer itself.

Q. I recently purchased Epson XP-412 printer, my old printer was a DX4050. There are some cartridges left from the old printer. Will the old printer cartridges work with my new Epson XP-412 printer?
It is possible if the old and new printer belongs to the same series and uses same compatible cartridges. But, the Epson DX4050 printer uses different cartridges than the Epson XP-412 ink cartridges. You can find all the cartridges that are compatible and will work perfectly fine with your new printers on this page above.

Q. How can I prevent paper jams in my Epson XP-412 printer?
You can check the following, if your paper jams frequently:

  • You are using high quality paper
  • The paper is smooth, not curled or wrinkled
  • The printable side of the paper is face up in the sheet feeder
  • The paper stacked was fanned before loading
  • For plain paper, do not load paper above the line just under the arrow marked inside the edge guide.
  • Make sure the number of sheets is less than the limit specified for the media
  • The edge guide are snug against the edges of the paper
  • The printer is on a flat, stable surface that extends beyond the base in all directions. The printer will not operate properly if it is tilted

Q. Can you tell me how many A4 pages should a compatible pack of 4 ink cartridges print?
These Epson XP-412 ink cartridges does 450 pages based on printing 5% coverage on an A4 page.

Q. How big are these Epson XP-412 ink cartridges?
There are two types of Epson XP-412 ink cartridges - original and compatible. The original and compatible both Epson 18XL ink cartridges are available in 4 colours i.e. black, cyan, magenta and yellow.
The ink volume for original ink cartridges are mentioned below:

  • Black (T1811) - 11.5 ml
  • Cyan (T1812) - 6.6 ml
  • Magenta (T1813) - 6.6 ml
  • Yellow (T1814) - 6.6 ml
The ink volume for compatible ink cartridges are mentioned below:
  • Black (T1811) - 16 ml
  • Cyan (T1812) - 11 ml
  • Magenta (T1813) - 11 ml
  • Yellow (T1814) - 11 ml

Q. How can I replace these Epson XP-412 ink cartridges in my Epson XP-412 printer?
You can follow the below-mentioned steps while replacing ink cartridges in your Epson XP-412 printer using control panel:

  • When prompted to replace an ink cartridge, open the scanner unit and press OK. The ink cartridge holder moves to the ink cartridge replacement position
  • Pinch and remove the ink cartridge
  • If you remove the black ink cartridge, gently shake the new black ink cartridge 4 or 5 times and then unpack. When replacing the colour cartridges, do not shake them. Simply unpack them
  • Must remove the yellow tape; otherwise, print quality may decline
  • Insert the ink cartridge and press it until it clicks. Make sure the top surfaces of the ink cartridges align
  • Close the scanner unit slowly and press the power button. Ink charging starts