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  1. Compatible Epson 29XL (T2993) Magenta Ink Cartridge

    Compatible Epson 29XL (T2993) Magenta Ink Cartridge

    Premium Compatible Epson 29XL Ink Cartridge:
    T2993 Magenta (450 Pages)

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    Inc. VAT: €13.47 Exc. VAT: €10.95
  2. Compatible Epson 29XL (T2994) Yellow Ink Cartridge

    Compatible Epson 29XL (T2994) Yellow Ink Cartridge

    Premium Compatible Epson 29XL Ink Cartridge:
    T2994 Yellow (450 Pages)

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    Inc. VAT: €13.47 Exc. VAT: €10.95

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Epson XP-452 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Epson XP-452 is a glossy black inkjet that saves space and provides printing, scanning and copying all in one device. The printer is designed to offer a complete service to home and home office users with the option to print remotely or with cables.

A 4.3 kg of weight with dimensions 390‎ x 300 x 146 mm, makes it easy to handle by a single person. Printing speed for monochrome corresponds up to 33 ppm whereas for colour 15 ppm. A large 6.8 cm colour LCD screen adds to an enhanced printing experience. You get replace only the colour that runs out with individual Epson XP-452 ink cartridges. The printing and scanning resolution is high with 5760 x 1440 dpi and 1,200 DPI x 2,400 DPI (Horizontal x Vertical) respectively. Wireless connectivity with WiFi and WiFi direct enables you to print from anywhere in the house. Support for a wide range of memory cards makes printing even easier. The more advanced features of the device include printing via Cloud or variety of mobile apps. The input tray has a good capacity to hold up to 100 sheets. The machine is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact and affordable
  • Good quality text and photo printing
  • Fast printing speed
  • Individual Epson XP-452 ink cartridges
  • High-resolution scanning
  • Large 6.8 cm colour LCD monitor
  • Features WiFi and WiFi Direct
  • Supports printing via Cloud
  • Supports printing via memory cards
  • Fax function is missing
  • Automatic document feeder is wanting
  • Automatic duplexer is lacking
Cartridge Requirements

The compatible Epson XP-452 ink cartridges include:

  • Epson 29XL (T2931) Black
  • Epson 29XL (T2932) Cyan
  • Epson 29XL (T2933) Magenta
  • Epson 29XL (T2934) Yellow
  • Epson 29XL (T2996) multipack

Epson XP-452 is a complete printing solution that comes with multiple options for PC-free printing. Even copying and scanning options can meet the expectations. So, whether you need a printer for school projects, family purpose or low-volume office use, XP-452 can be an ideal option.

How to fix incorrect or missing colours problem in the Epson XP-452 printer?

To resolve the incorrect or missing colour issue, try these solutions:

  1. In your printer software, change the colour setting to Color. To adjust the colour settings in your printer’s software access Advanced dialog box.
  2. If the Epson XP-452 ink cartridge nozzle is clogged, clean the clogged nozzles.
  3. Check for the ink alert light on the printer. If the ink light is flashing, it means that the ink cartridges are expended.
  4. Replace the old ink cartridges with the new ones.
  5. If colours are still missing or are incorrect, run the head cleaning utility and replace the installed Epson XP-452 ink cartridges. Also, if the printer is unused for a long time, replace the ink cartridges.
  6. It is recommended not to use the Epson XP-452 ink cartridges beyond its expiration date printed on its packaging.

How to clean the paper path for Epson XP-452 printer?

When the printouts are smudged or scuffed, you should clean the roller inside. Clean the inner area of the printer with a lint-free cloth and not with a tissue paper. Check for these to clean the paper path of your printer:

  1. Remove the dust or spots on the scanner glass and the document cover.
  2. Select Setup from the home screen using the left or right arrow button and then press OK.
  3. After this, choose Maintenance using the left or right arrow button and then press OK.
  4. After maintenance, you need to select Paper guide cleaning using the arrow button. Press OK and load A4 size plain paper in the printer.
  5. Press OK and the paper is now ejected from the printer.
  6. Note: Once the paper is ejected, the printer will make some sound for a while. Don’t worry, this is normal.

  7. Repeat the process until the paper is not smeared with the ink.

Most Common FAQs for Epson XP-452:

Q. Is it possible for me to print using black ink only once my coloured Epson XP-452 ink cartridges are empty?
Yes, Epson XP-452 printers come with a feature that allows you to print with black ink temporarily while the colour ink cartridges are empty. It is advised that you replace your Epson XP-452 ink cartridges as soon as possible. Note that you can only print using plain paper or envelopes when using this feature.

Q. Can Epson XP-452 ink cartridges be refilled to be reused once they are over?
Yes, you can get your Epson XP-452 ink cartridges refilled or do the refilling process by yourself using a refill kit. However, refilling an ink cartridge is a complicated and tedious procedure and can also cause damage to the ink cartridge if not done properly. Therefore, it is advised that you get the ink cartridge refilled from a professional.

Q. How is the quality of the ink that you use in your compatible Epson XP-452 ink cartridges?
We use high-quality premium ink for our ink cartridges. Even though our cartridges are cheaper, we do not compromise on quality as it is our main priority. All our compatible ink cartridges come with high-quality ink that is able to compete with the quality of the original ink cartridges.

Q. I am a student and I require a simple printer with good quality printouts for my art project. Is this printer suitable for my needs?
Yes, the Epson XP-452 printer will be able to fulfil all your printing needs. It is a fast and compact printer that is capable of producing good quality texts and photos. It has a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows you to print pages directly through your phone without even requiring a PC. It also comes with scanning and copying capabilities which add extra utility for the user. This printer will meet all your expectations.