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Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges

Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges

Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Epson 33XL (T3357) Ink 5 Pack

    Compatible Epson 33XL (T3357) Ink 5 Pack

    Pack of 5 Premium Compatible Epson 33XL (T3357) high capacity, ink cartridge multipack:
    T3351 x 1 (530 pages)
    T3362 x 1 (650 pages)
    T3363 x 1 (650 pages)
    T3364 x 1 (650 pages)
    T3361 x 1 (400 pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €24.99 Exc. VAT: €20.32
  2. Compatible Epson 33XL (T3357) Ink 10 Pack

    Compatible Epson 33XL (T3357) Ink 10 Pack

    Pack of 10 Premium Compatible Epson 33XL (T3357) high capacity, ink cartridge multipack:
    T3351 x 2 (1060 pages)
    T3362 x 2 (1300 pages)
    T3363 x 2 (1300 pages)
    T3364 x 2 (1300 pages)
    T3361 x 2 (800 pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €42.99 Exc. VAT: €34.95
  3. 33XL Black

    Compatible Epson 33XL (T3351) Black

    Compatible Epson 33XL Ink cartridges
    T3351 (530 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €13.99 Exc. VAT: €11.37
  4. 33XL Photo Black

    Compatible Epson 33XL (T3361) Photo Black

    Compatible Epson 33XL Ink cartridges
    T3361 (400 Photos)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €13.99 Exc. VAT: €11.37
  5. 33XL Cyan

    Compatible Epson 33XL (T3362) Cyan

    Compatible Epson 33XL Ink cartridges
    T3362 (650 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €13.99 Exc. VAT: €11.37
  6. 33XL Magenta

    Compatible Epson 33XL (T3363) Magenta

    Compatible Epson 33XL Ink cartridges
    T3363 (650 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €13.99 Exc. VAT: €11.37
  7. 33XL Yellow

    Compatible Epson 33XL (T3364) Yellow

    Compatible Epson 33XL Ink cartridges.
    T3364 (650 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €13.99 Exc. VAT: €11.37

7 Item(s)

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Epson XP-530 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Epson XP-530 is an affordable, 5- colour inkjet multifunction printer able to copy, scan, print and comes in an all-black exterior design.

The printer is a compact and lightweight machine as it measures just 390 x 341 x 138mm and weighs an approximate 6.2kg that makes it easily portable. It features a control panel that comes with a small display to show the images before printing. The printer supports memory card reader, USB port for connectivity and flatbed scanner. It comes with a built-in automatic duplexer, that helps to reduce the paper waste. Users can print detailed photos as it uses a minimum droplet size of 1.5 pixels.

With Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges, it can print high-quality photos and text documents with printing resolution up to 5760 x 1440 dpi and printing speed of 9 ppm.The output are pretty impressive, with smooth text output that is not laser-quality but still more than sufficient for most home users. Although it is faster to print in colour but its higher running costs and small screen makes it a little lack laid among other models.

  • Standard Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct connectivity
  • Printing and copying without a PC is possible
  • The print resolution is 5760 x 1440dpi
  • Features borderless printing
  • Print speed is 32 ppm for monochrome and colour options
  • It has only single paper tray that can handle a maximum of 100 plain sheets or 20 photo sheets
  • Do not support for optional paper trays
  • The display on the control panel is quite small(3.7cm)
Compatible Cartridges:
The compatible Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges are:
  • Epson 33XL (T3351) Black ink cartridge
  • Epson 33XL (T3361) Photo Black ink cartridge
  • Epson 33XL (T3362) Cyan ink cartridge
  • Epson 33XL (T3363) Magenta ink cartridge
  • Epson 33XL (T3364) Yellow ink cartridge

With Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges, the Epson XP-530 colour multifunction printer is able to scan and copy with quick print and copy speeds. But the paper handling capacity is limited making this suitable for SOHO users only. Overall it will be a suitable choice for people who don’t need to print lots of documents every day, but requires very high quality for photos, school reports and other documents.

How to transport and clean the Epson XP-530 printer without damaging it?

You might face several issues while transporting or cleaning the printer. The steps offered below include the troubleshootings for all the possible causes of this problem:

Transporting the Printer

It is important to pack your printer and take certain precautions while transporting it to prevent any damage and maintain its efficient functionality.

  1. Precautions:
    • Avoid tilting the printer, placing it vertically or turning it upside down otherwise ink may leak
    • Leave the Epson XP-535 ink cartridges installed. If you remove the ink cartridges it may lead to drying out the print heads and thus affect the print quality
    • Do not carry the product by its control panel as it might damage the printer
    • If you are storing your printer for long period remove low, expended or expired Epson XP-535 ink cartridges to prevent the print heads from drying out and store the printer in cool dry place
  2. Steps to be followed while transporting the printer:
    • Turn off the printer
    • Check if the print head is in the home position by lifting the scanner unit cover. If it is not turn on the power and wait for the print head to move
    • Secure the Epson XP-535 ink cartridge holder to the case with the tape. Avoid taping the white flat cable in the printer otherwise, the printer may get damaged
    • Lower the scanner unit cover
    • Remove all the paper from the printer
    • Remove any memory cards that are inserted into the printer
    • Unplug the power cable
    • Disconnect any connected cables
    • Close the output tray and front cover & then lower the control panel
    • Use equivalent materials with cushioning around the product and place it in its original packaging if possible
Cleaning the printer

It is recommended to clean the printer several times in a year to maintain the proper functioning. Close the output tray and front cover when you are not using the printer to protect it from dust.

  1. Precautions:
    • Do not use hard brushes, alcohol or any other chemical like paint thinner to clean the product to avoid damaging the product
    • Do not let water get inside the printer
  2. Steps to be followed to clean the printer:
    • Turn off the power
    • Unplug the power cable
    • Disconnect any connected cables
    • Remove all the paper
    • Clean the scanner glass with soft, lint-free cloth moistened with a little glass cleaner. Do not spray the glass cleaner directly on the glass and do not press the glass surface with any force
    • Clean the outer surface and control panel with a soft dry cloth

Most Common FAQs for Epson XP-530:

Q. What could be the replacement for the original Ink cartridges of Epson XP-530 printer? Please suggest a lower cost Ink cartridge.
For your printer, you can choose the compatible Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges, which would cost you much lower than the original ink cartridges. Though the Ink cartridges are not original ones, they have good print quality as the original ones. The compatible Epson XP-530 ink cartridges of Printerinkcartridges.ie are 100% Guaranteed and factory tested to the same ISO standard as the original ones.

Q. I’m looking for a budget-friendly and lightweight printer for my small office use. Can you suggest me one?
You can look forward to Epson XP-530 printer. It is simple in design and suitable to use for home or office purpose. The printer is low in cost, compact and weighs approx 6.2 kg that makes it really portable. It is easy to use and offer printing & copying without a PC. With a built-in automatic duplexer, the chances of paper waste also reduce.

Q. Does the printer support borderless printing?
Yes, the printer features borderless printing.

Q. Does the printer support optional paper tray?
Unfortunately the printer does not support optional trays. It has only one paper tray with the maximum capacity of 100 plain sheets or 20 plain sheets.

Q. How many ink cartridges does the printer use?
The printer uses five Epson XP-530 ink cartridges: black, magenta, cyan, yellow and a photo-black (for use in photo-printing).

Q. What are the connectivity options for Epson XP-530 printer?
The connectivity options for this printer are USB, WiFi and Apple AirPrint.

Q. Where can I contact you in case I have a query?
For any sort of query with your desired products, please call us on 048 30833221.

Q. What is the difference between the black Epson XP-530 ink cartridge and the photo black cartridge? Is the ink used in both the cartridges same?
A. The difference in both the Epson XP-530 ink cartridges is the type of ink used. The ordinary black ink cartridge is designed for the greyscale printing requirements. Whereas the ink used in photo black is produced with a different formula - it is more resistant to water and does not fade with time easily. The photo black is mainly used by the machine for enhanced and glossy photo outputs.

Q. My Epson XP-530 is not turning on. What should I do?
A. Please follow the steps given below:

  • Verify that the main power switch is on
  • Ensure the machine is connected to the electrical outlet with a verified power cord
  • Ensure the power cord, the main electrical outlet are in working condition. Also make sure that your outlet is not controlled by a wall switch or timer
  • If your printer has a power button try turning on by pressing it again
  • Turn off the machine. Remove the power cords and unplug the cable from the main socket. Now make the connections again while ensuring the main switch is on
  • If you are using an AC adaptor, ensure that it is in working condition.

Please refer the user guide if these steps do not work.

Q. The coloured Epson XP-530 ink cartridges exhausted and now I am printing with the Black Print Mode on. For how long can I keep printing without having to install new colour cartridges?
A. The duration of the Black Print Mode will depend on the usage conditions such as the number of prints, print settings and the amount of ink used per page. The black print mode is available for a limited period of time and as soon as the black ink run out it will display ‘Replace cartridge’ on the screen.

Here are few FAQs to help you out with some of the common issues that may happen while using Epson XP-530 Printer and Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges.

Q.I recently bought new Epson XP-530 Printer and I installed new Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges. But, while printing a few pages from the printer, It started making noise. How can I solve this problem?
After you install the Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges for the first time, allow the printhead to get charged. Make sure that the printer is on till the print head is completely charged. In case the printer is not properly charged, next time when you do a print the print head will absorb more Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges. The print head is charged only when the power lamp starts to flash. This will help you to eliminate noise. In case the noise still continues, then contact Epson service provider.

Q.Hi, I am using Epson XP-530 printer. I am not able to setup the network, as every time it shows that the setup was unsuccessful. Please help.
Check whether you have selected the correct network name (SSID). Also make sure that your network offers 2.4 GHz as the printer can be connected only to the network that supports 2.4 GHz. In case you see a firewall alert message, click on Unblock or Allow to continue the setup. Check if your network is security enabled so that you can enter the right network password. This will help you to solve your problem.

Q. Hi, I am using Epson XP-530 printer and recently I started to find that the print quality is not that good as it used of offer earlier. The Epson Xp-530 Ink Cartridges are sufficient enough. What could be the reason?
Make sure that the paper you are using is supported by the printer, and that the paper is not damp or curled. If this doesn’t solve your problem then perform a print head cleaning as Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges might be clogged in the print head. Try printing using high quality settings. Also check whether the Epson XP-530 Ink Cartridges are not out of date as this may also cause low quality printing.

Q.Recently I can see that my Epson XP-530 printer has slowed down a bit. How can I improve print speed?
Check if you have opened any unnecessary application that is taking a lot of space of your PC. In case you have set the print quality to the highest then try lowering them a bit as highest quality printing makes printer speed low. Also check if you have enabled bidirectional printing or not. Enabling bidirectional printing helps in printing from both the sides, increasing the printing speed. In case you are printing for long time, then the printer slows down automatically to avoid overheating and damage. The print speed will get back to normal if you leave the printer idle for some time.

Q. Hi, I am using Epson XP-530 printer and I tried scanning some of the images. But the scanning image colour is completely different from the original one. What could be the reason for this issue?
Printer colours and the colours available in your PC is difficult to match as they both uses different colour matching system. The PC uses RBG and the Epson Xp-530 Ink Cartridges uses CMYK. You need to utilize the colour matching ability from your PC, software and the display adapter to get matching colours as they all affect the colours that you see on the screen. Try manipulating the Image Type, Tone Correction and Auto Exposure settings in the printer to get matching prints.