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Epson XP-302 Ink Cartridges

Epson XP-302 Ink Cartridges

Epson XP-302 Ink Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Epson Daisy Multipack 18xl Ink Cartridges - 20 Pack

    Compatible Epson Daisy Multipack 18xl Ink Cartridges - 20 Pack

    Premium high capacity compatible Epson Daisy Multipack 18xl Ink Cartridges:
    T1811 x 5 (2350 Pages)
    T1812 x 5 (2250 Pages)
    T1813 x 5 (2250 Pages)
    T1814 x 5 (2250 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €31.99 Exc. VAT: €26.01
  2. Compatible Epson Multipack 18 Daisy Ink Cartridges - 10 Pack

    Compatible Epson Multipack 18 Daisy Ink Cartridges - 10 Pack

    Premium Compatible Epson multipack 18xl Daisy ink high capacity cartridges:
    T1811 x 4 (1880 Pages)
    T1812 x 2 (900 Pages)
    T1813 x 2 (900 Pages)
    T1814 x 2 (900 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €18.99 Exc. VAT: €15.44
  3. Compatible Epson Daisy Ink 18xl Multipack - 5 Pack

    Compatible Epson Daisy Ink 18xl Multipack - 5 Pack

    Premium high capacity compatible Epson Daisy Ink 18xl Multipack:
    T1811 x 2 (940 Pages)
    T1812 x 1 (450 Pages)
    T1813 x 1 (450 Pages)
    T1814 x 1 (450 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €11.99 Exc. VAT: €9.75
  4. Compatible Black 18xl Epson Daisy Ink Cartridge T1811

    Compatible Black 18xl Epson Daisy Ink Cartridge T1811

    Premium Compatible Black 18xl Epson Daisy Ink T1811:
    T1811 Black (470 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €4.99 Exc. VAT: €4.06
  5. Compatible Cyan Daisy Epson 18 Ink Cartridge T1812

    Compatible Cyan Daisy Epson 18 Ink Cartridge T1812

    Premium Compatible Cyan Daisy Epson 18 Ink Cartridge:
    T1812 Cyan (450 Pages)

    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €4.99 Exc. VAT: €4.06
  6. Compatible Magenta 18xl Epson Daisy Ink Cartridge T1813

    Compatible Magenta 18xl Epson Daisy Ink Cartridge T1813

    Premium Compatible T1813 Magenta 18 Epson Daisy Ink Cartridge:
    T1813 Magenta (450 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €4.99 Exc. VAT: €4.06
  7. Compatible Yellow Daisy Epson 18 Ink Cartridge T1814

    Compatible Yellow Daisy Epson 18 Ink Cartridge T1814

    Premium Compatible Yellow Daisy Epson 18 Ink Cartridge:
    T1814 Yellow (450 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €4.99 Exc. VAT: €4.06
  8. Compatible Epson 18 Ink Cartridges Daisy Multipack - 12 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18 Ink Cartridges Daisy Multipack - 12 Pack

    Premium Compatible high capacity Epson 18xl Ink Cartridges Daisy Multipack:
    T1811 Black x 3 (1410 Pages)
    T1812 Cyan x 3 (1350 Pages)
    T1813 Magenta x 3 (1350 Pages)
    T1814 Yellow x 3 (1350 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €21.00 Exc. VAT: €17.07

8 Item(s)

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Epson XP-302 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Features & Benefits

Epson XP 302 is a multifunction printer designed to suit the needs of home users. The weight of the printer corresponds to 4.2 kg, and its dimensions are equal to 390‎ x 300 x 145 mm (Width x Depth x Height). It delivers printouts at 8.7 pages/min for black and white and 4.5 pages per minute for photos with a printing resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 DPI. The Epson XP 302 ink cartridges are available in 4 colours including Black, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. These 4 inks are able to produce distinct colours of the spectrum while printing out photos. The scanner type is Contact Image Sensor which helps in producing easy-to-use flatbed scanners. The all-in-one printer consists of a 100-sheet paper tray and an additional 20-sheet for photo sheets.

With a lightweight, the printer can be moved anywhere in a house to accomplish your printing and scanning tasks. The device is integrated with an LCD screen that makes navigation easy and smooth. Plus, mobile-friendly WiFi connectivity enables you to perform PC-free printing from anywhere. A USB interface is also available to connect to the printer. The Epson XP 302 ink cartridges provide a smooth printing experience by printing out crisp, smudge-free lab-quality photos. The consumables give out bright colours for a variety of media including glossy papers, semi-glossy papers, iron-on-transfer papers and matte papers.

All in all, the multifunction printer offers wireless printing with great print quality and speed. So, it turns out to be a good investment for home users. Plus, if you buy the premium quality compatible version of Epson 302 ink cartridges, the printing costs come down by 30-70% in the long run. Whether your printing frequency is high or low, the compatible cartridges are affordable as well as durable.

Expert Verdict

Epson XP 302 is a good example of an all-in-one printer that saves time, space and money for home users. It employs advanced technology with an Epson Micro Piezo print head that makes printing a seamless experience. Its nozzle configuration for black corresponds to 180. And for colour, it corresponds to 59 nozzles. The device offers a scanning resolution of 1,200 DPI x 2,400 DPI (Horizontal x Vertical) which is considered a good quality for personal use. It uses Epson XP 302 ink cartridges which are integrated with the well-known ink technology called Claria Home Ink. Standalone copying uses 13 Watt of energy and while in the sleeping mode, the machine consumes 2.7 Watt of energy.

If we look at the pros of the printer, it is fairly generous in providing a versatile wireless connection. First of all, Epson Connect gives the leisure to print on the go. Its compatibility with Google Cloud Print lets you print directly from the web. And as it works with Apple AirPrint, it becomes easy for iOS users to print directly from their devices. Moreover, Epson XP 302 ink cartridges make it one of the best cartridge-based printers that offer colour quality.

The most obvious disappointment that comes with this printer is its duplexing capability. It does the task manually rather than automatically which may be quite of a hurdle for those who wish to get things done faster. In addition, this printer lacks a fax function which could be a disadvantage for some.

If you expect office presentation-quality colour prints, as fast as possible, that would be too much to ask from Epson XP 302. But if you need a reliable printer for home office or school work then this one is an ideal fit. If you would like to add a benefit to the existing ones, opt for high-quality compatible Epson XP 302 ink cartridges to make your investment fruitful for a lifetime.


Epson XP 302 is a feature rich and advanced all-in-one printer for home users. It offers almost all the features that you would want to have in your personal printer, without compromising the quality. This wireless printer can also copy and scan with high-quality outputs.

The printer has a flatbed scanner and a large LCD screen that offers you easy PC-free printing facility. It also has USB 2.0 port and SDXC/microSDXC/MS Pro card slots. The printer has 100-sheet input tray.

It uses high-quality Epson XP 302 ink cartridges with 4-ink technology that lets you replace individual cartridges at a time. This technology helps you lower down your printing expenses.

  • Small footprint
  • Large LCD display
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Auto Wi-Fi set-up
  • USB and memory card slots
  • 4-ink technology
  • No fax function
  • No ADF
  • Low paper capacity

The Epson XP 302 is a dedicated home printer with many advanced features to make your printing experience easier. The printer has wireless connectivity and it also lets you directly print from your phone or any other mobile device.

However, the printer does not have the features like, fax and ADF that makes it little less suitable for office users.

Cartridge Requirements:

The replacement cartridges for Epson XP 302 ink are:

  • Epson T1811 Black
  • Epson T1812 Cyan
  • Epson T1813 Magenta
  • Epson T1814 Yellow

These cartridges are also available in Epson 18XL T1816 multipack (Epson XP 302 multipack) that lasts longer and offers you great saving on ink expenses.

How to get rid of poor print quality of an Epson XP 302 printer?

There are many easy ways that can help you resolve the printing issue of your printer. These print issues can include, white or dark Lines in printout, blurry or smeared printout, faint printout, printout with gaps, grainy printout, or incorrect colors etc.

Like the issues the causes of these problems are also different. It can be either an old Epson XP 302 ink cartridge or a blocked printhead. You can follow the steps below to find out the actual reason behind the problem and get rid of it.

Note: you can stop the process at any step, if the prints start getting better.

Step one:

Before you try anything else make sure your Epson XP 302 ink cartridges are not older than six months. If the cartridges are too old or haven’t been used since a long time then it might be possible that they have been dried out.

In that situation we recommend you to replace these Epson XP 302 ink cartridges and try printing again.

Step Two:

If the cartridges are not that old but you have not used the printer recently, it might be possible that the printhead nozzles of the printer, have been blocked. There can be other reasons too for a clogged printhead.

To resolve the poor print issue you can go to the settings of your printer and run a print head cleanup. Test the print quality when the printer finishes the automatic cleanup. If you find an improvement then continue with this action until you get a satisfying result.

It is necessary that you run the cleanup for at least five times, then only you will start getting improved prints.

If you don’t find any improvement in the print quality, even after the five attempts, then it might be some other technical issue with the printer. You can call the Epson support for an expert help.

Most Common FAQs for Epson XP-302:

Q. Could you tell me more about the Epson iPrint?
A. Epson iPrint is for iOS devices in which they can use their device to print or use the printer. Looking in detail on what it gives, the latest compatibility can be found in the Apple Store. The latest version is Epson iPrint 7.3.1. It is completely free to use.

Q. Why should I use the Epson XP 302 ink cartridges and not others?
A. As the name suggests, these ink cartridges are specifically designed to work with the printer from where it gets its name. The uniquely crafted consumables ensure the printer delivers quality effectively without any damage to its internal parts. Both genuine, as well as compatible ink cartridges, are unique to their printer models.

Q. I am unable to locate my printer on my devices, what should I do?
A. If you encounter an "unable to locate my printer on the network" problem because that is the most common one, do the following steps. Open the setting in Epson iPrint and enable the local network settings. Then search to refresh the Select Printer screen, and that’s where you will find your network.

Q. What are the compatible devices for this printer?
A. Not every Windows or Mac OS device will work with this printer. There are a few devices or updates of the software in which Epson XP 302 works. They are Mac OS 10.5.8 or later, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP x64. so make sure that your devices have this software.

Q. Can you refill Epson XP 302 ink cartridges?
A. Well, if we are talking about the original cartridges, no. You can’t refill them. For this, you probably need refillable ink cartridges. What you should know is that simply adding ink to the cartridges doesn’t enable you to use the printer effectively. This is because the printer has memory chips responsible for letting you know that you're out of ink. To make a smart purchase, compatible Epson XP 302 ink cartridges are the most advised and preferred option.

Q. Is there a difference between the Epson XP 302 and 302 XL ink cartridges?
A. Yes, there is. The main difference between the two is the amount of ink within. They are the same in dimension and other features, but the amount of ink inside isolates one another. This difference is largely shown in the number of pages or papers it can print. Epson XP 302 ink cartridges contain 4ml of ink and can print around 190 pages. On the other hand, the Epson XP 302XL ink cartridges contain twice the amount with 8.5ml and printing 480 pages.

Q. What are the printing services available in the Epson XP 302?
A. One of the key features is Epson connect which allows you to print your document from anywhere using mobile devices, and those options are iPrint, Email Print, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print. This is why the latest product of the EPSON printers makes them a good choice.

Q. Scanning Issues! I get an error message whenever trying to scan. What to do?
A. The message means there is a communication error between the product and your computer. And this is caused by many factors like cable connection problems or not installed drivers. You will see a prompt message and you must always select "NO". Check if the USB data cable is connecting correctly and if the EPSON product is listed correctly in the device manager.

Q. How many times can you refill Epson XP 302 ink cartridges?
A. Whether you are talking about the genuine or the compatible ink cartridges both are not refillable.

Q. Is it possible for me to choose my own preferred combination of colours when buying a multipack Epson XP 302 ink cartridges?
Yes, if you choose to buy a multipack of 20 ink cartridges, you can list your own preferred combination of colours that you wish to receive in the multipack.

Q. How many pages can your compatible Epson XP 302 ink cartridges produce before getting exhausted?
Our compatible Epson XP 302 ink cartridges are XL cartridges. The black compatible Epson XP 302 ink cartridge can print up to 470 pages without requiring replacement. Whereas, the coloured ink cartridges can print up to 450 pages each before they need to be replaced.

Q. What are the different memory cards that are compatible with Epson XP 302 printers?
You can use various versions SD cards, MultiMedia cards and Memory Sticks with your XP 302 printer. However, some memory cards will require you to attach it to an adapter before you can connect it with your printer.

Q. I am worried about using compatible ink cartridges with my printer. Can your compatible Epson XP 302 ink cartridges cause damage to my printer in any way?
You do not need to worry about damaging your printer when using our compatible ink cartridges. All our ink cartridges are of premium quality that has been tested under ISO standards to make sure that the ink cartridges work as well as the originals with your printer.

Q. I have noticed that while printing with my Epson XP 302 printer, the image positioning and size is incorrect. What may be the possible solution to this?
There may be various reasons as to why the image is not positioned correctly. Perform the following checks to make sure that image position is correct:

  • Make sure that you have selected the appropriate Paper Size, layout and image enlargement/reduction settings in the Settings menu before printing the picture.
  • Make sure that the paper is loaded correctly.
If this does not solve your issue, please contact your printer’s customer care support regarding this issue.

Q. I am planning to buy a good Epson printer for my home. Will the Epson XP-302 be a good option for home or small office?
The Epson XP-302 is a part of the Epson’s smallest ever home inkjets printer. It is a best-ever product to suit your day-to-day printing needs at many reasonable prices. The printer’s scanning and copier functions offer cost-effective printing for home users who are looking for the added benefit of Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD screen as well as mobile printing. It offers more flexibility and freedom and allow the users to effectively print documents.

Q. Why I should buy the compatible range of Epson XP 302 ink cartridges for my printer?
Epson’s range of compatible ink cartridges offer great printing experience. It produces crisp, clear text documents and glossy, lab-quality photos as you get by using the originals ones. With these compatible Epson XP 302 ink cartridges, you can easily save your money as they offer almost same print quality as the originals.

Q. I have Epson XP 302 printer, can you tell me the cost for printing a full A4 page with high capacity ink cartridges?
Epson provides page yield capacity for its XP 302 ink cartridges which is based on 5% coverage on an A4 page. Unfortunately, we are unable to estimate the exact cost to print a full A4 page.

Q. I noticed a decline in the print quality of my printer since I used it. Can you tell me what is the issue of such poor prints?
If the print quality of the printer is not as expected and gradually decline with time, the issue could be of clogged nozzles that need to be clean by performing printhead cleaning. Note that you will not be able to clean the printheads if the Epson XP 302 ink cartridge is expended, and cannot clean them even when the cartridges are in the low state. You must replace the cartridges first and then clean the printheads.

Q. I own an Epson XP 302 printer. It has been printing fine so far but recently I have noticed some print quality issues. Could these issues be because of the Epson XP 302 ink cartridges? Is it advisable to replace the ink cartridges before they are consumed?
A. Yes, you can replace the cartridges anytime, even before they are completely consumed. However, it is not always necessary that the print quality issues occur due to the fault in the ink cartridges. Thus, before you replace the cartridges you can run a few printing troubleshoots provided in the Epson user guide came along with your printer. In case you are confirmed the print quality issues are occurring due to some fault in the ink cartridges, you can replace them by following method. Open the printer software in your system. Go to the Printing Preference option. In this option, in the tabs, you will notice a Maintenance tab. Click on this tab. From the given list, select Ink Cartridge Replacement. Click on this option. The software will guide you through the process of replacing the ink cartridge. While doing so, keep a new pack of Epson XP 302 ink cartridges ready. Make sure, you install the new cartridges as soon as you open the package.

Q. Is there a way to gauge the ink levels in the ink cartridge in the printer?
A. If an ink cartridge is low on ink, then the printer will give you a Low Ink Reminder. If you wish to check the level of the ink in the cartridges you can do so by opening the printer software by clicking on the Epson printer icon on the Windows taskbar. Now select the Maintenance tab followed by Epson Status Monitor 3. A pop-up menu will appear showing the ink levels of the Epson XP 302 ink cartridges being used by your printer.

Q. My system keeps on showing the Low Ink reminder messages. The Cyan ink cartridge is low on ink, but I print in grayscale. Is there a way to remove this alert message?
A. The Low Ink alert messages are for you to know that the Epson XP 302 ink cartridges are low on ink and need to be replaced. However, in this situation, you can turn off the alerts. To do so, access your printer software. From the given tabs, select the Maintenance tab. Once you click on this tab, you will see some options. Click on Extended Settings. Here click on the option Monitoring Preference. On the screen that appears next, remove the checkmark from the box next to See Low Ink Reminder Alerts. You will not see the low ink alerts until you turn it on.

Q. I often print a lot of text documents. So I use the Grayscale print option. With this option, the black ink cartridge is accessed for ink. But the black ink cartridge is consumed and the new set of ink cartridge will arrive in a week’s time. Do I have to wait to print or is there any other solution?
A. When you use black ink for printing, and the black ink cartridge is about to get over then a pop-up window will appear on the computer screen. This window will ask you if you wish to continue printing using the mix of the inks from the other Epson XP 302 ink cartridges. If you wish to use a mix of the color ink to print black then select Yes. If you prefer to consume the black ink completely from the ink cartridge, select No. Note that there might be print-quality issues when you print when the ink is about to get over. If you wish to stop seeing this message and use the black ink cartridge then select Disable this Feature option.