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Epson XP-422 Ink Cartridges

Epson XP-422 Ink Cartridges

Epson XP-422 Ink Cartridges

High quality compatible ink cartridges for Epson XP-422

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  1. Compatible Epson 18XL Ink  - 20 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 20 Pack

    18XL - 20 Pack Premium Compatible EPSON 18XL Inks:
    T1811 Black x 5,
    T1812 Cyan x 5,
    T1813 Magenta x 5,
    T1814 Yellow x 5.
    18XL Multipack, 20 Cartridges in total.
    If you prefer, you can list your own combination of 20 colours...
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    Exc. VAT: €22.99 Inc. VAT: €28.28
    Colour: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
    Ink Volume: 16ml Black, 11ml Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
  2. Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 12 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 12 Pack

    18XL - 12 Pack of Premium Compatible EPSON 18XL inks:
    T1811 Black x 3,
    T1812 Cyan x 3,
    T1813 Magenta x 3,
    T1814 Yellow x 3.

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    Exc. VAT: €14.99 Inc. VAT: €18.44
    Colour: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow.
    Ink Volume: 16ml Black, 11ml Colours
  3. Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 8 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 8 Pack

    8 Pack Premium Compatible EPSON 18XL:
    T1811 Black x 2,
    T1812 Cyan x 2,
    T1813 Magenta x 2,
    T1814 Yellow x 2

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    Exc. VAT: €12.99 Inc. VAT: €15.98
    Colour: Black and Colour
    Ink Volume: 16ml Black, 11ml Colours
  4. Compatible Epson  18XL Ink - 4 Pack

    Compatible Epson 18XL Ink - 4 Pack

    Pack of 4 Premium Compatible EPSON 18XL inks:
    T1811 Black x 1,
    T1812 Cyan x 1,
    T1813 Magenta x 1,
    T1814 Yellow x 1

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    Exc. VAT: €9.99 Inc. VAT: €12.29
    Colour: 4 colours
    Ink Volume: 16ml Black, 11ml Colours
  5. Compatible Epson T1811 (18XL)

    Compatible Epson T1811 (18XL)

    Compatible T1811 (18XL) This compatible (T1811) Black high capacity ink cartridge contains: 16ml (over 40% more than the original)
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    Exc. VAT: €5.99 Inc. VAT: €7.37

    Colour: Black
    Ink Volume: 16ml
  6. Compatible Epson T1812 (18XL)

    Compatible Epson T1812 (18XL)

    Epson compatible T1812 Cyan. 18XL Cyan high capacity ink cartridge contains: 11ml (over 60% more than the original) T1816
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    Exc. VAT: €5.99 Inc. VAT: €7.37

    Colour: Cyan
    Ink Volume: 11ml
  7. Compatible Epson T1813 (18XL)

    Compatible Epson T1813 (18XL)

    Epson compatible T1813 Magenta high capacity. This compatible 18XL ink cartridge contains: 11ml (over 60% more than the original) T1816
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    Exc. VAT: €5.99 Inc. VAT: €7.37

    Colour: Magenta
    Ink Volume: 11ml
  8. Compatible Epson T1814 (18XL)

    Compatible Epson T1814 (18XL)

    Epson compatible T1814 Yellow high capacity. This compatible 18XL Epson (T1816) ink cartridge contains: 11ml (over 60% more than the original)
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    Exc. VAT: €5.99 Inc. VAT: €7.37

    Colour: Yellow
    Ink Volume: 11ml

8 Item(s)

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Epson XP-422 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Epson XP-422 is a wireless printer, copier and scanner with Wi-Fi connection and an SD memory card space. It also offers a 6.4cm colour screen with a touch panel. The interface is straightforward on this printer and offers more complex options than other Epson printers. The copier element to the printer is perfect for home and office use but is more compact for use in the home for homework's, or just photocopying bills or documents to keep records.

This XP-422 printer offers a great scan interface, which is ideal for those who are wishing to scan family photographs in the home. There is considerable exposure, sharpness and accuracy when scanning images, which is vital when printing from home with a professional finish. A downfall of the Epson XP-422 is the speed of printing. Coloured images are much slower to print. This printer is compatible with T1811, T1812, T1813 and T1814 cartridges, and due to only needing to change the colour you need, this saves a considerable amount of money. Replacing colour and black cartridges only is much more costly.

How to clean clogged or blocked printhead nozzles?

The Epson XP-422 printer is an all-in-one inkjet printer. It offers WiFi and USB connection. The printer uses Epson XP-422 ink cartridges as consumables. But often print problems such as missing prints or faded prints can be experienced. This is due to clogged print head nozzles.

If the printer is not used regularly then the ink clogs the print head nozzles. This hampers the ink flow leading to print problems. This can be solved by unclogging the print head nozzles using the Head Cleaning Utility option. Follow these step to do so:

Step One:
  • If the printer requires cartridge replacement then the printer screen will specify that.
  • According to the instructions of the printer, first change the ink cartridges if required.
  • Replace with the new Epson XP-422 ink cartridges.
Step Two:
  • Open the printer software on your PC. Go to the Utility tab and click on Head Cleaning button.
  • Follow the instructions given by the software.
Step Three:
  • During the process, the ink and power light will blink continuously. The printer should remain on throughout the process. Turning it off can damage the machine.
  • Once the power light has stopped flashing, go to the Head Cleaning option in the printer software. Now click on Print Check Pattern.
Step Four:
  • The software will ask you to confirm that the print head has been cleaned. Give the confirmation and take a nozzle check pattern test print.
  • If the print is not clear then redo the entire process again. Take a test print again to check.
  • If the test print is still not clear then repeat the cycle about four to five times followed by a test print.
  • If there are discrepancies in the test print then leave the printer on overnight. This will loosen up the ink in the nozzles clearing off the blockage.
  • Repeat the cleaning cycle again and take a test print. If it that does not work you might need to buy new Epson XP-422 ink cartridges or call Epson support.

Most Common FAQs for Epson XP-422:

Q. What operating systems are supported by the EPSON XP-422 printer?
The EPSON XP-422 printer supports the following operating systems:

  • In Windows OS, Windows XP or later.
  • In MAC OS, Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.

Q. Does the EPSON XP-422 printer support automatic duplex printing?
This printer does not support automatic duplex printing.

Q. A multipack of 18XL cartridges was delivered to me yesterday but the name of my printer EPSON XP-422 was not written on the box. Does this mean that I’ve ordered cartridges that are not compatible with my printer?
18XL cartridges are compatible with a wide range of Brother printers. Missing the printer name on the box does not mean that these cartridges are not compatible with your printer. However, if you still want to check with us before deciding to unpack the product, please call us on 048 30833221 or email us at info@printerinkcartridges.ie

Q. I am in need of more black cartridges than colour cartridges. Can I choose to buy 6 Black ink cartridges and 2 ink cartridges of every other colour in a multipack of 12 EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges?
Yes, you can purchase EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges in that combination or any other combination.

Q. Can I print pages by just using the T1811 Black ink cartridge on my EPSON XP-422 printer?
You cannot print pages by just using black ink because to maintain optimum print head performance, this printer consumes some ink from all cartridges not only during printing but also during maintenance operations such as print head cleaning and ink cartridge replacement. Even if you print on monochrome settings, some colour ink is used depending on the paper type or paper quality settings. This is because a mixture of colour inks is used to create black.

Q. I ordered a multipack of EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges from this site. How can I track my order?
Once you have placed the order you will get the unique order ID with which you can track your order with our courier company.

Q. While printing a document, i faced incorrect or missing colour problem. How can i resolve it?
When the colours of the printed document are incorrect, then you must try the solutions below to resolve the issue:

  • Change the ink setting in your printer software to colour
  • Adjust the colour setting in your application or in the printer software's Advanced dialog box
  • Run the Head Cleaning utility
  • If colours of the printer are still incorrect or missing, replace the colour EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges. If the problem persists, then replace the black ink cartridge
  • Do not use EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges beyond the expiration date printed on the cartridge package. Also, if your printer has not been used for a long time, replace the ink cartridges

Q. What can be done if the printer performs slow printing ?
The print speed of the printer may vary depending on the system configuration, print mode, document complexity, software and the type of paper used. There is a user manual available, which explains us for how to identify the cause of slow printing and how to troubleshoot it. Print speed does not include the processing time it takes on the host computer. When the printing becomes extremely slow, there may be some other issue with printer or the EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges are blocked which results in slow printing. Slow printing can be caused by several factors which includes:

  • Settings in the printer driver
  • The size of the data being sent to the printer (e.g. a large file like a photo)
  • The spooling system

Q. How should I set up my Wi-Fi enabled All-In-One without the network setup cable?
The automatic Wi-Fi set-up configure the laptops and computers to print and scan wirelessly extremely easy. You do not need to bother about your network settings as the Epson XP-422 will automatically find out the relevant connection setting in order to configure itself. For addition Wi-Fi Direct® allows easy printing from compatible wireless devices without the need for a network.

Q. What size is the memory card slot on the XP 422, would a microSD work?
The memory card slot is a general SD card size. Therefore a MicroSD card would need to be put into an adapter to be used. Any GB of memory card can be used however

Q. What are the cartridges used in this printer?
T1811, T1812, T1813 and T1814 are the cartridges compatible with this printer. All available on our site.

Q. Do I need to replace all the cartridges of EPSON XP-422 though only black cartridge’s ink has been exhausted?
No, Epson XP-422 enables you to change only the exhausted cartridge with its individual cartridges slots. You can replace only the black EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges thereby saving money.

Q. I wanted to make a bulk order of your compatible EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges for my office. Do you provide deliveries for bulk orders? If yes, then where can I check whether you have sufficient stock of cartridges or not?
You can always approach us for bulk orders. We deliver all over Ireland. If your cartridge is available and you place the order before 2 pm, we will dispatch your order on the same day. For checking on the stocks and further assistance on bulk orders feel free to call on 048 30833221.

Q. Is there any minimum quantity of ink which I can expect in the EPSON XP-422 cartridges?
The EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges come in two variants i.e. original and compatible version. The compatible ones have more ink quantity than the original ones. The compatible version has 16mL of ink in the black cartridges and 11mL for rest of the colours while original cartridges have 11.5mL ink in black cartridges and 6.6mL ink in rest.

Q. How much more result does your compatible 18XL EPSON XP-422 cartridges yield when compared to the original ones?
The compatible cartridges we provide yields more prints than the original ones. The compatible EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges yield 60% more result providing equivalent quality as of the original ones.

Q. What is the procedure to install the EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges in the printer?
The cartridges are easy to install. Place the cartridge in the respective slot as marked inside the printer. Printer needs to be switched on while you replace the cartridges. Select the command for cartridge replacement on the connected PC or on the printer screen. If you need further assistance on the same, feel free to contact our customer support services on +44(0)28 308 33221 or drop a mail to us at info@printerinkcartridges.ie

Q. EPSON XP-422 being a printer suitable for home use, can it be used for heavy printing at my office?
EPSON XP-422 is considered a printer suitable for home due to its small size. The printer is efficient for printing large copies of commendable quality. EPSON XP-422 is a good choice for office work since it takes less space and the prints are fast as well as of good quality. The only problem you might face is reloading the paper tray frequently since the capacity of paper tray is 100 sheets, which might be less for an office.

Q. Do you deliver cartridges in Liverpool, UK?
No, we are sorry but we don’t deliver to UK. We only deliver in Ireland.

Q. What happens if I fail to collect my delivery? Do I have to order again?
Our courier partners (Fastway couriers) deliver orders between 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday). They will attempt to make two deliveries to your door and any unsuccessful deliveries will be returned to their central depot or to our warehouse. Any further delivery attempt will incur an additional charge of €4.95 including VAT. If there is any time constraint or deliver related query contact our customer care service for assistance.

Q.Do you offer any guarantee on EPSON XP-422 ink cartridges?
In the event that a compatible or remanufactured product is deemed to be faulty we will replace or refund the item from 12 months following the date of purchase. For further terms and conditions about the cartridge refer: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/terms-and-conditions