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HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Toner Cartridges with Free Paper

HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Toner Cartridges with Free Paper

HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Toner Cartridges with Free Paper

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  1. Compatible HP 36A Toner (CB436A) 2 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Compatible HP 36A Toner (CB436A) 2 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Premium Compatible 2 Pack of HP36A Toner:
    CB436 A X 2 (4000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €42.14 Exc. VAT: €34.26
  2. Compatible HP 36A Toner (CB436A)

    Compatible HP 36A Toner (CB436A)

    Premium Compatible HP36A Toner:
    CB436 A (2000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €22.99 Exc. VAT: €18.69
  3. Compatible HP 36X Toner (CB436X) 2 Pack

    Compatible HP 36X Toner (CB436X) 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible HP36X Toner:
    CB436X X 2 (6000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €44.99 Exc. VAT: €36.58
  4. Compatible HP 36X Toner (CB436X)

    Compatible HP 36X Toner (CB436X)

    Premium Compatible HP36X Toner:
    CB436X (3000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €24.59 Exc. VAT: €19.99

4 Item(s)

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HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

LaserJet M1522 comes from the house of HP, who are best known for their multi-functional devices. With print quality and scan quality of 1200 dpi, HP laserjet M1522 is a good option for small offices. While it has an ethernet port for Intranet connectivity, it does not have a wi-fi compatibility, which makes it more suitable for small networked offices than larger offices. the printer also comes with a recommended monthly printing capacity of 8000 pages. HP Laserjet M1522 MFP toner cartridges usually last up to 2000 pages under normal usage. There are 2 variants of M1522 - the M1522n comes without fax functionality which is present in M1522nf.

The print quality and speed is really good, with no pre-heating delays. HP’s signature instant-on technology helps print the first page in less than 12 seconds, which is quick when compared to other MFPs in the similar price bracket. Talking of pricing, given HP’s wide network, HP Laserjet M1522 MFP toner cartridges are easily available at reasonable costs.

The device weighs 11 kg and measures 406 x 496 x 402 mm. It has a flatbed scanner at the top with a scanning resolution of 1200 dpi. The copier of the printer offers the maximum resolution of 600 dpi x 600 dpi. The printer has a large control panel with a display screen at the front top and a 250-sheet (A4) input tray at the front bottom. The paper input tray also has a transparent cover to keep the sheets protected. For connectivity, the device boasts USB 2.0 and RJ45 ports.

  • Great printing speed ( 24 ppm)
  • Professional quality prints
  • Reliable HP build quality
  • Fax, Copy and Scan up to 50 pages at the same time
  • USB and RJ45 connectivity options
  • Low scan quality, images are usually overexposed with inaccurate results
  • Bulky design
  • Does not have Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Lacks of secure print option

HP Laserjet M1522 MFP is like most of HP’s multi-function devices, fast, sturdy and reliable. While there are small issues in scanning and photocopying, but for small offices, with mostly single colour document printing requirements, it is a good option.

Cartridges Requirements:

The replacement HP Laserjet M1522 MFP toner cartridge is:

  • HP CB436A toner cartridge

How to clear jams or avoid the problem of repetitive jams?
When the printer is not been used since long time, then it may be possible that the print media gets jammed in the input tray and you might receive print quality defects while printing a document. Here is the process describing how these jams can be cleared or one could avoid repetitive jams using good quality HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridges.

Clear jams from the print cartridge area
CAUTION: Do not use sharp objects, such as tweezers or needle-nose pliers, to remove the jams. Damage caused by sharp objects will not be covered by the warranty.

When removing jammed media, pull the jammed media straight away from the product. Pulling jammed media out of the product at an angle can damage the product.

  1. Open the print-cartridge door, and remove the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridges.
    CAUTION: To prevent damage to the print cartridge, minimize its exposure to direct light.
  2. With both hands, grasp the side of the media that is most visible (this includes the middle), and carefully pull it free from the product.
  3. Replace the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridges and close the print-cartridge door.

Avoid repeated jams

  • Verify that the input tray is not overfilled. The input tray capacity varies depending on the type of print media that you are using.
  • Verify that the media guides are properly adjusted.
  • Check that the input tray is placed securely.
  • Do not add the print media in the input tray while the product is printing.
  • Use only HP-recommended media types and sizes. Refer manual for paper and print media information about the print media types.
  • Do not fan media prior to loading it in a tray. To loosen the ream, hold it firmly in both hands and twist the media by rotating your hands in the opposite direction.
  • Do not let print media stack up in the output bin. The print media type and the amount of toner used affect the output bin capacity.
  • Check the power connection. Make sure that the power cord is firmly connected to both the product and the power supply box. Plug the power cord into a grounded power outlet

Most Common FAQs for HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp:

Q. One of my friends suggested me to purchase HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Printer for my office. Can you please tell me about the features of this printer?’
The printer is a good option for your office, due to features like:

  • It has the print and scan resolution of 1200 dpi.
  • Supports Ethernet port for Intranet connectivity.
  • The printer comes with a monthly printing capacity of 8000 pages.
  • The copier of the printer offers the maximum resolution of 600✕600 dpi.
  • The printer produces professional quality prints.

Q. Is it necessary to use original HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridges, in order to get good-quality prints?
No, it is not necessary to use original toner cartridges. You can use compatible HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridges as well. The compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by the third party manufacturers and produce good quality results, just as the original ones. Also, the compatible toner cartridges cost must lower than the original ones and save upto 50% on the printing cost.

Q. What is the input tray capacity of HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Printer?
The input tray capacity of this printer is 250 sheet.

Q. Do you collect empty HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridges?
No, we don’t collect empty toner cartridges. Instead, we supply original and compatible toner cartridges and other printer consumables like paper.

Q. How can I see the reviews of your Compatible HP 2 Pack - CB436A (36A) toner cartridges and rate the purchased toner cartridge from your site?
To see the reviews of toner cartridges of our site, select the toner cartridges and at the end of the page, you will be shown “Customer Reviews. You can find the customer reviews of these toner cartridges at this page: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/hp-inkjet-cartridges/hp-laserjet-printers/laserjet-mfp/laserjet-m1522-mfp/2-pack-hp-cb436a-hp-toner-cartridge#customer-reviews To rate the product or add your review for the purchase made, select the toner cartridges you’ve bought from this site. You will see an option of “Add Review” given on the page. Proceeding to this option, you can write your own experience, this will help others make a right choice.

Q. How to change the print quality setting of the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp printer?
A. In order to improve the print quality settings, follow few steps below:

  1. On the file menu in the software program, click on the print option.
  2. On the paper or quality tab, select the resolution or print-quality settings that you want from the print quality drop-down menu.
  3. Then, click OK to save the option.

Q. What are your shipping charges for the compatible HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Toner Cartridges being purchased from your site?
A. The delivery charge for any order starts from €1.99 inc. VAT. If you’re ordering paper, for example, the delivery charge will be higher according to its weight. You can also check the delivery price and estimated time of delivery of an item at the time of checkout.

Q. What are the causes of paper jams. How can I prevent this?
A. Sometimes, the paper or other print media gets jammed during a print job. Some of these causes include the following events, that are:

  1. The input trays are loaded improperly or the media guides are not set properly to print the job.
  2. The cartridge door remained open during a print job.
  3. So many sheets have been accumulated in an output area, or sheets are blocking an output area.
  4. The print media that is being used for printing does not meet the HP specifications. It is always recommended to use the paper that meets HP specification
  5. The media is damaged or has some foreign objects attached to it, such as staples or paper clips.
  6. The environment in which the print media was stored is too humid or too dry. Refer the online manual and store the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Toner Cartridges properly at the place.

Q. When I try to print the pages, vertical streaks or bands appear on my printed page. What is the cause of this issue?
A. The print quality problems might occur if you are using the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp Toner Cartridges that are defective in nature. Also, if you are using any low-quality print cartridge, the printouts obtained will also be of low-quality and result in blurred or faded prints. To solve such type of issues it is always recommended to use the high-quality compatible cartridges with your printer.

Q. Hi, I am planning to buy an HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp but I am not sure if it would work well with my Mac. Can you list the operating systems this printer supports?
A. The HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp supports the following operating systems:

OS that would require full installation:
  • Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X v10.3, v10.4, and later
OS that would need to install Print and scan driver only:
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003 Server (32-bit)
Os that needs Printer driver only:
  • Linux (Web only)
  • UNIX model scripts (Web only)

Q. Can you tell me how to check the toner status on my HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp and how can I replace the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridge?
A. You can check the toner status on your HP Laserjet M1522 printer by either using the product control panel, printing a supplies status page, or viewing HP ToolboxFX. We suggest that you place an order for a replacement HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridge when Low message for a print cartridge first appears on your printer’s control panel.

Follow these steps to check the toner status on Control panel:
  • Check control panel of your printer. If the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridge is low or empty, it will automatically indicate it with an error message.
  • Print a toner/supplies status page, and then check the toner level on the page. (refer the user manual to print a toner status page)
Follow these steps to check supplies status by using HP ToolboxFX: You can configure HP ToolboxFX to notify you when the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridge is low. While configuring the HP toolboxFX you can choose to receive alerts by e-mail or as a pop-up message or taskbar icon.

To replace the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridge:
  1. Open the print-cartridge door and hold the handle on the toner cartridge.
  2. Then pull the cartridge straight out to remove it. Keep the old toner cartridge safe for recycling.
  3. Remove the new HP toner cartridge from its packaging. Make sure to remove the packaging material but do not remove the label
  4. Gently rock the toner cartridge back and forth to evenly distribute the toner inside
  5. Remove the orange cover from the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp toner cartridge cartridge, and then pull the orange tab straight out to remove the sealing tape.
  6. Place the cartridge inside your printer and push it gently in until it is firmly in place.
  7. Close the print-cartridge door.

Warning: If toner gets on any clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash the clothing in cold water. Hot water sets toner into the fabric.

Q. I am looking for a high quality yet low cost alternative toner for my HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp that would work fine with my printer?
A. Yes, you can try the compatible HP CB436A (36A) toner cartridge which works fine with the HP Laserjet M1522 Mfps and is available on our site at a huge discounted price than the original HP toner. This HP Laserjet toner cartridge also offer high quality output with print volume up to 2000 Pages.

Q. Would compatible HP CB436A (36A) toner cartridge work fine with my HP Laserjet M1522 Mfp? What if it would not work? Would you replace that?
A. All our compatible HP CB436A (36A) toner cartridges on our site are of high quality and tested to perform and produce high quality results similar to the original HP toners. These printing supplies come with a 12 months warranty from the date of purchase. So, if you find them faulty or if they do not work with your HP MFP printer, you can contact us by telephone on 048 30833221 or email us on info@printerinkcartridges.ie so that we can arrange a replacement or refund for you. For more details on our refund policy you can refer to the “Return Policy” page here: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/return-policy