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HP Laserjet 3055 Toner Cartridges

HP Laserjet 3055 Toner Cartridges

HP Laserjet 3055 Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible HP 12A  Toner - 2 Pack ( Q2612A )

    Compatible HP 12A Toner - 2 Pack ( Q2612A )

    Premium Compatible HP 12 A Toner Cartridges:
    Q2612A X2 (4,000 Pages)

    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €42.15 Exc. VAT: €34.27
  2. Compatible HP 49A Toner Black ( Q5949A )

    Compatible HP 49A Toner Black ( Q5949A )

    Premium Compatible HP49A:
    Q5949A (3000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €24.98 Exc. VAT: €20.31
  3. Compatible HP 12A Toner  ( Q2612A )

    Compatible HP 12A Toner ( Q2612A )

    Premium Compatible HP12 A Toner Cartridges:
    Q2612A (2,000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €23.99 Exc. VAT: €19.50
  4. Compatible HP12X  Toner - 3 Pack ( Q2612X )

    Compatible HP12X Toner - 3 Pack ( Q2612X )

    Premium Compatible HP 12 X Toner Cartridges:
    Q2612X X3 (9,000 Pages)

    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €66.99 Exc. VAT: €54.46

4 Item(s)

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HP Laserjet 3055 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The HP LaserJet 3055 is all in one, affordable, multifunctional printer that is able to send and receive faxes, scan in monochrome, and can print in both colour and monochrome.

With HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges, it has monthly duty cycle of 7000 pages and it is capable of printing up to 19 pages per minute. It has printing resolution up to 1200 X 1200 dpi. It features an automatic document feeder which has 50 sheets capacity. There is a sheet tray at the bottom of the printer that can handle 550 sheets. It also handles 10 sheets of envelopes, recycled paper, heavy paper stock and letterhead paper. The fax standard is the latest Super G3 that offers a relatively fast 33.6Kbps transmission speed.

The printer features a button that opens the top part of the printer. When pressed, it exposes the toner imaging/cartridge drum. At the backside, it features a parallel port, USB 2.0 port interfaces and a telephone jack for connectivity. The printer comes with a clear LCD control panel that simplifies its use. Its compact and small size make it suitable to be used by students and in small home offices.

  • It is small, multipurpose and has space saving design
  • Comes with a program that converts scanned documents into text format
  • With considerable storage space of 32MB, it is able to store about 250 fax pages
  • Low cost with the use of sheetfed design
  • Its sheetfed design makes it hard for the printer to copy, scan or fax pages bound in a magazines or books
  • Unable to handle huge stacks of documents
  • Although the text output is clear and crisp but few dark and grainy spots may appear
Compatible Cartridges:
The compatible HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges are:
  • HP Toner Cartridges Q2612A (12A) XL
  • HP Toner Cartridge Q5949A
  • HP Toner Cartridge Q2612A (HP 12A)

The HP Laserjet 3055 printer is easy to use. The printing speed is fine with HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges while it scans colour documents only at 600 dpi. It is lightweight and doesn't take up much space due to space saving design. So it is a suitable option for homes with limited space.

Most Common FAQs for HP Laserjet 3055:

Q. I have been facing frequent paper jams in my HP Laserjet 3055 printer. How do I resolve this problem?
Please check and make sure first that the paper you are using is suitable for your printer. You also need to check if the papers are loaded properly in your machine. Try to fan the paper before loading it in the tray so that the sheets do not stick together.

Q. Is it ok if a small stapler pin is on the paper at the time of taking printout?
No, please make sure that you remove stapler pins and paper clips before taking printouts.

Q. Can I use HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges in HP LaserJet 3030 printer?
Yes, these cartridges are compatible with HP LaserJet 3030 printer so you can install them in it.

Q. Is the manufacturing process of your compatible HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges in line with formal standards? In case there’s an issue with a cartridge and I wish to return them, will you take them back straightforwardly since they are compatibles?
We adhere to all the parameters and quality standards while creating these cartridges and select only those which meet stringent quality standards. We offer 100% guarantee on our products and free returns and replacement after understanding your requirement and working out a suitable arrangement that you find agreeable. Compatible cartridges are in every way on par with their original counterparts, so you can avail of the best offers and facilities on them.

Q. Will the warranty of my HP Laserjet 3055 printer remain valid if I install compatible HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges sets?
Yes, you would continue availing of the warranty on purchase these HP Laserjet toner cartridges even though the manufacturers warn of undoing it. They want you to buy their original brand products and not from those who remanufacture the cartridges.

Q. I am concerned about the product quality and other specifications. Do you offer exactly the same product as what advertised?
Yes, the information provided on the site regarding the product cost and other specification is exactly what you will get. We have described each product as accurately as possible. Despite our best efforts there maybe some variations in product descriptions, if so please contact our customer services on +44(0)28 308 33221 and we will clarify your query.

Q. You asked me regarding my card details at the time for ordering the HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges. I want to make sure whether my details are secured with you?
We are committed to ensuring you that your privacy is protected. Any information you are asked to provide will only be utilized in accordance with our privacy statement. Your personal information obtained will be protected and secured ensuring that no other third party will have access to it. We will not sell your personal information to any third party under any circumstances.

Q. What kind of paper should I use while printing with HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges?
We have several paper types available, depending on what you are your printing needs. It is always recommended to use high-quality paper in order to get the best quality printouts.

Q. Is there any extra charge for ordering the HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges from this site?
Yes, there is delivery charge for all the orders made. Your delivery for any item is done by Fastway Couriers and it starts from €1.99 inc. VAT. If you’re ordering paper for eg. the delivery charge will be higher according to weight.

Q. Will the ink dry up if I purchase them in bulk?
The HP Laserjet 3055 toner cartridges will last for up to 6 months if the seal is left intact. One can buy the cartridges in bulk and use them as and when required.