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HP Laserjet Cp3525 Toner Cartridges

HP Laserjet Cp3525 Toner Cartridges

HP Laserjet Cp3525 Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible HP CE250X/ 51/ 52/ 53A (HP504) Toner - 4 Pack

    Compatible HP CE250X/ 51/ 52/ 53A (HP504) Toner - 4 Pack

    Premium Quality Compatible HP CE250X/ 51/ 52/ 53A (HP504) Toner Cartridge
    4 Pack:
    CE250X (HP504X) x1 (High Capacity Black - 10,500 pages)
    CE251A (HP504A) x1 (7,000 pages)
    CE252A (HP504A) x1 (7,000 pages)
    CE253A (HP504A) x1 (7,000 pages)

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    Exc. VAT: €219.99 Inc. VAT: €219.99
    Colour: 4 Colours
    Ink Volume: Black 10,500 pages, 7000 pages Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
  2. COMPATIBLE HP CE250X/ 51/ 52/ 53A (HP504X) Toner - 8 Pack

    COMPATIBLE HP CE250X/ 51/ 52/ 53A (HP504X) Toner - 8 Pack

    Premium Quality Compatible HP CE250X/ 51A/ 52A/ 53A Toner Cartridge
    8 Pack:
    CE250X (HP504X) x2 (High Capacity Black - 10,500 pages)
    CE251A (HP504A) x2 (7,000 pages)
    CE252A (HP504A) x2 (7,000 pages)
    CE253A (HP504A) x2 (7,000 pages)
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    Exc. VAT: €405.00 Inc. VAT: €405.00
    Colour: 4 Colours
    Ink Volume: 10,500 pages Black 7000 pages each colour
  3. Compatible HP CE250X Toner

    Compatible HP CE250X Toner

    HP Compatible Premium Toner Cartridge CE250X
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    Exc. VAT: €56.75 Inc. VAT: €56.75
    Colour: Black
    Ink Volume: 10,500 pages
  4. Compatible HP CE252A Toner

    Compatible HP CE252A Toner

    HP Compatible Premium Toner Ink Cartridge CE252A
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    Exc. VAT: €56.25 Inc. VAT: €56.25
    Colour: Yellow
    Ink Volume: 7000 pages
  5. Compatible HP CE253A Toner

    Compatible HP CE253A Toner

    HP Compatible Premium Toner Ink Cartridge CE253A
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    Exc. VAT: €56.75 Inc. VAT: €56.75
    Colour: Magenta
    Ink Volume: 7000 pages
  6. Compatible HP CE251A Toner

    Compatible HP CE251A Toner

    HP Compatible Premium Toner Ink Cartridge CE251A
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    Exc. VAT: €56.75 Inc. VAT: €56.75
    Colour: Cyan
    Ink Volume: 7000 pages

6 Item(s)

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HP Laserjet Cp3525 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The HP Laserjet Cp3525 aims at small offices, producing sharp and bright documents. The printer helps in increasing the productivity by offering expandable paper tray and producing outputs with high print speed. The printer is easy to maintain as it has long lasting HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridges.

The device runs on 515 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM which is further expandable up to 1 GB. It has a four line colour screen on the control panel with different control buttons. The device weighs 33 kg approx. and measures 20.2 x 19.3 x 14.1 inches respectively. The printer supports high speed USB 2.0 connectivity. It also has an EIO expansion slot for optional storage. It has a 250 sheet input tray and a 100 sheet multipurpose tray. The HP Laserjet Cp3525 has a top up output bin which can store up to 250 printed sheets.

The printing resolution of this printer is 1,200 x 600 dpi with print speed up to 30 ppm for both colour and monochrome documents. It also offers an optional 500 sheet input tray for high volume printing. The printer uses HP ImageRET 3600 technology and HP's ColorSphere toner to produce sharp images and clear text.

  • High print speed
  • Supports USB connectivity
  • Offers EIO expansion slot
  • Expandable paper tray capacity
  • Produces sharp and clear outputs
  • Uses HP ImageRET 3600 technology and HP's ColorSphere toner
  • Optional duplex printing
  • High priced colour printing
  • Heavy and bulky device

The HP Laserjet Cp3525 printer is an ideal solution for small offices and home users as it produces quality results with print speed up to 30 ppm. The printer uses HP ImageRET 3600 technology and HP's ColorSphere toner to deliver sharp texts and bright images. It also supports USB connectivity and EIO expansion slots for optional storage. The long lasting HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridges, eliminates the need of replacing the cartridges constantly.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement for HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridges are:

  • HP CE250A black
  • HP CE251A cyan
  • HP CE252A yellow
  • HP CE253A magenta
  • HP CE250X (50X) black
  • Is your HP Laserjet Cp3525 printer producing texts with a gray background?

    Printing issues are very common for any HP laserjet printer and as simple are their solutions. After a certain point of time, these printers start showing some print quality issues. Which are not always a huge hardware problem that you can't get rid of, sometimes it is just an issue of a faulty HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridge and other times may be the blocked printheads. These things can be resolved by following a series of simple steps:

    First of all before you proceed with the troubleshooting steps below, make sure you are using good quality HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridge.

    Step 1:

    First thing first. Make sure the printer’s media input tray is properly placed. If not, adjust it to the right location and make a test print. If the printout quality improves by this action, you can stop the troubleshooting right here.

    You can also check if the HP Laserjet Cp3525 Toner Cartridge is placed properly and is not damaged or leaking. If you find any fault with the cartridge, you need to replace this one first before you proceed.

    Step 2:

    If the whole printout comes out with a gray or dark background, it might be possible that the print density adjustment is too high. You can change this setting from printer’s properties (drivers)

    • Go to Printer’s properties and click the Configuration tab
    • Now decrease the Print Density setting. This decreases the amount of background shading
    • Save or Apply these settings and try to make another print to test the quality
    Step 3:

    Change the media to a lighter basis weight. To do so, you will find the instructions and specifications in the ‘Printer Media Specifications’ section of user manual you got with the printer.

    Step 4:

    Check the printer’s environment. Very dry (low humidity) conditions can increase the amount of background shading. So you need to change it to medium dry.

    Step 5:

    If none of the above steps work, you would need to install a new HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridge.

    Most Common FAQs for HP Laserjet Cp3525:

    Q. Can I empty the toner collection unit of my HP LaserJet CP3525 and reuse it?
    Sorry. The toner collection unit cannot be emptied or reused. It is meant for single use. Reuse of toner collection unit may cause spillage of toner in the interior of the product which in turn may degrade the print quality. Hence, it is best advised to replace the toner collection unit when the control panel prompts you to do so.

    Q. If I purchase HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M181fw printer I'll get a black toner cartridge along with the product. Is the case same with HP LaserJet CP3525 toner cartridges?
    Yes. One black colour HP LaserJet CP3525 toner cartridge is provided with the printer. In fact, on every purchase of HP printer, a toner cartridge is provided in the box.

    Q. The HP LaserJet CP3525 printer is feeding multiple sheets together. What should I do to prevent this?
    Please verify the following before you begin your printing task:

    • Ensure the input tray is not stacked with pages more than recommended (check for the maximum stack height mark provided)
    • Ensure the trays are in perfect alignment. Use paper that perfectly sits with the size of the input tray
    • Use papers that are supported by the HP product used
    • Avoid fanning with the paper as that may generate static electricity that causes the papers to stick to each other
    Following the mentioned points will certainly keep this issue at bay.

    Q. Can I use HP LaserJet CP3525 toner cartridges in any other HP LaserJet printer? If so, please list them.
    The HP LaserJet CP3525 toner cartridges are compatible with the following list of printers:

    • HP Colour LaserJet CM3530fs
    • HP Colour LaserJet CM3530
    • HP Colour LaserJet CP3520
    • HP Colour LaserJet CP3525X
    • HP Colour LaserJet CP3525dn
    • HP colour LaserJet CP3525n

    Q. Why should I choose HP Laserjet Cp3525 printer over the innumerous others available in the market?
    HP has carved a niche for itself in the computer industry and its printers also follow its league. They are way beyond the others available in the market and are very user-friendly. With HP service centres available everywhere, servicing the printers should never pose a problem. The perfect quality print outs are the best in the market.

    Q. What are the added advantages of HP Laserjet Cp3525 printer?
    This printer has USB connectivity and EIO expansion slots for added storage which makes it very practical for office and home use.

    Q. Are the Hp Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridges compatible with any other printer?
    The Compatible HP Laserjet CP3525 toner cartridges are specially designed to fit in multiple printer models. This adds to the convenience of the user and one does not get bounded to a particular printer only.

    Q. Is the printer user friendly and can I install it without any help?
    The installing instructions are written in an easy to understand way in the instruction manual and one can easily install the printer without any outside help. The instructions are also available online in HP’s website.

    Q. For how long do the HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridges last?
    The cartridges last quite long which eliminates the need to constantly replace the cartridges. The black and other three colour toner cartridges have different ink volume. Whereas the black colour toner cartridge would last up to 10,500 pages (with 5% coverage area), the other three colour cartridges would last up to 7000 pages each (with 5% coverage area) .
    Here is the detail of each HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridge print capacity:

    • HP CE250X High Capacity Black toner - 10,500 pages
    • HP CE251A Cyan toner - 7000 pages
    • HP CE252A Yellow toner - 7000 pages
    • HP CE253A Magenta toner - 7000 pages
    This ensures flawless printing experience in projects which involve heavy duty printing.

    Q. Do these cartridges leak or dry up if not frequently used?
    Any cartridge would dry up if stored for long when not in use. It is advisable to at least use the printer once every month to ensure the flawless working of the printer.

    Q. Can I print quality pictures with the HP Laserjet CP3525 toner cartridges?
    The cartridges have superior quality ink and can print bright images with clear and bold texts.

    Q. HP is branded as one of the best in laptops, does its printer range also lead the market?
    Once purchased, the printers run hassle-free without any problems. The small errors or problems which may crop up can be easily rectified using the online guidance provided by the HP website.

    Q. Will I get a refund guarantee in case I am not satisfied with the printer?
    The company gives a 100% money-back guarantee if the customers are not satisfied with the product. This proves the authenticity of the product.

    Q. Can I refill the HP Laserjet Cp3525 toner cartridges and for how many times before replacing it?
    Refilling toner cartridges can be hazardous if not done with proper guidance and it is recommended not to refill the cartridges. The compatible ones are easily available at low cost and it is suggested that one goes for the compatible ones rather than trying to refill.

    Q. Can I buy the cartridges in bulk and store them without the problem of them drying up?
    Buying these compatible toner cartridges in bulk would be great only when your printer is associate with heavy printing jobs. Bulk buying would reduce your overall printing expenses without compromising the quality.
    The compatible HP Laserjet toner cartridges offered by PrinterInkCartridges.ie (above on this page) will last up to 6 months before they start drying out. On the plus side we also offer replacement guarantee on all the cartridges on site. So, we suggest you to go for the multipack listed above to cut down a large chunk of your printing budget. Just remember to keep them sealed pack until you are ready to install them.

    Q. Can the HP Laserjet CP3525 fax as well as print?
    No, the printer does not have a fax option.

    Q. Can I install only the black cartridges in all the 4 slots instead of the cyan, blue and magenta?
    The printer chip is devised in such a way that all the cartridges need to be installed in their correct places else the printer would not be able to read the chips correctly.

    Q. Does the printer have any resale value?
    Leading the market in computers and printers, HP printers have a great resale value if sold in a working condition.