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Toner and Ink Catridges for Laser Printers

Brother toner cartridges - High quality at lowest price There are a wide range of laser toner and ink cartridges available to suit the many laser printers available from Canon, Lexmark, OKI, Brother, Samsung, Epson, Lexmark and HP inkjet cartridges to name a few. There are certain advantages to choosing a laser printer over an Inkjet. There are certain advantages to choosing a laser printer over an Inkjet, for example, laser toners are usually quick and provide high quality prints. Another plus point of these toner cartridges is their longer life than ink cartridges.

Why choose a Laser Toner Cartridge Printer?

High quality HP toner cartridges for laser printers These printers are generally faster, sharper and more reliable than inkjet cartridge printers. Also, the laser toner cartridges last longer than the inkjet cartridges printers which will prove more economical. More and more laser printers print colour as opposed to the original black toner ink earlier versions. There are now several popular models manufactured by Brother, Canon, HP, OKI, Lexmark, Panasonic, Samsung and Epson.

These cartridges also now come in 2 sizes, low capacity and high capacity toner cartridges. There is generally speaking better value in the high capacity toner cartridges as you get more prints per toner than the standard cartridge. The low capacity laser toner are also referred to as standard cartridges. Another term used to describe the ‘size’ of a laser toner cartridge would be the page yield, this will be referred to as a high yield or low yield laser toner. This can make quite a difference to the savings on the printer inks.

Laser printer manufacturers that include HP, Samsung, Lexmark, Brother and Canon toner cartridges have all produced popular laser toner printers and therefore sell the original inks to use with them. Of course the profits on the laser toner cartridges for Canon, Lexmark, OKI, Brother, Samsung, Epson, Lexmark and HP are immense and the manufacturers would prefer if you did not purchase compatible inkjet or laser. So many compatible laser toner cartridges are now 100% guaranteed and will work perfectly with your printer.

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