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Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridges

Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridges

Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Brother TN6600

    Compatible Brother TN6600

    Brother Genuine Compatible Premium Toner Ink Cartridge TN6600
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  2. Compatible Brother 2 Pack - TN6600 (6600)   X 2

    Compatible Brother 2 Pack - TN6600 (6600) X 2

    Brother Genuine Compatible Premium Toner Ink Cartridges TN6600 (6600)
    TN6600 (6600) x2
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Brother HL1270N Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Brother HL1270N is a heavy-duty monochrome laser printer, that intends to cater to the requirements of a mid-size office or a small office with heavy printing requirements.

Brother HL1270N comes with a maximum printing resolution of 1200 dpi x 600 dpi. The maximum printing speed is 12 ppm. The accompanying Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridges have an estimated duty cycle of 6000 pages, which is quite good and makes printing very economical. While the print resolution is good for a laser printer, the slow speeds do not justify its intention of catering to the heavy requirements of the offices. The prints outs come good with sharpness in texts and proper grey scale also printing well.

Connectivity options for this printer include USB and LAN. While a wireless functionality would have suited the customer needs better, most offices have an internal LAN and thus connectivity should not pose much of a problem. The heavy duty intention is made clear with a large 250-page input sheet that comes standard with this printer. The duty cycle of the Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridges is also long. The software and language support that comes standard is good for a lot of jobs especially with postscript support included.

This is a top heavy printer with moderate weight and dimensions. The height is more but is justified in view of the fact that there is a 250 sheet input tray that is inside. It is slightly heavy but given that this would be sitting on a desk and not moved around regularly, then it does not pose any inconvenience.

  • Good print quality in both text and greyscale
  • Large input tray
  • Heavy duty cycle of toner
  • Slow speeds for its usage
  • WiFi connectivity can be a plus
  • Large dimensions and weight

Brother HL1270N is a workgroup printer which through its design and features wants to capture the small to mid office requirements. It does have a lot of features which are good for heavy usage, like a large toner and large input tray. There are some things like connectivity options especially wireless that if included would have enhanced its capability a lot. Another glaring issue is the slow speeds, for a printer wanting to serve heavy requirements, a better speed would definitely help. If these shortcomings can be ignored, then the Brother HL1270N is a very good option for offices with heavy and sharp monochrome requirements.

Cartridge requirements:

The compatible Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridges are:

  • Brother TN6600 Toner Cartridges
How to improve the print quality of the printer?

There may be many reasons as for not obtaining the desired quality of output. The following could be checked in such cases:

  • Conditions such as high humidity, high temperatures may cause this print defect to occur
  • The toner save mode may be on
  • Try installing a new Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridge
  • Try installing a new drum unit
  • Make sure that the paper that meets the Brother recommended specifications is used
  • Clean the primary corona wire of the drum unit
  • Select the ‘Thick paper mode’ in the printer driver, or use a thinner paper
What are the different Operator calls and how to clear them?

If a recoverable error occurs, the printer indicates an ‘operator call’ by the LED indications. Some of the recoverable problems with their solutions are listed below:

1.When there is a paper jam

Clear the paper jam with the help of the following steps:

  • Remove the paper cassette from the printer completely
  • Pull any jammed paper up and out of the printer
  • Now open the front cover
  • Remove the drum unit assembly. Pull any jammed paper up and out of the printer
2. Low toner

This indicates that the the toner cartridge is nearly empty. Purchase a new Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridge and have it ready for when toner empty status is indicated.

3. When there is no paper

In this case, load the paper in the tray by following the steps:

  • Pull the paper cassette completely out of the printer
  • Slide the width and length paper guides to fit the size of paper you want to load
  • Now load paper into the paper cassette
  • Slide the paper cassette into the printer until it locks into place
4. Toner Empty

When this happens, it means that the toner cartridge is empty. Replace the Brother HL1270N Toner Cartridge to continue printing.

5. In case of misfeed

In this case, you must Reinstall the paper and press the panel button.

Most Common FAQs for Brother HL1270N:

Q. What are the connectivity options for Brother HL1270N printer?
A. The connectivity options for this printer are USB and LAN. But the printer lacks WiFi connectivity.

Q. Are the compatible Brother HL1270N toner Cartridges cheaper than the original ones?
A. Yes, the compatible toner cartridges are third-party manufactured products and do not have the affiliation with the original manufacturers of the printer, thus are low in cost as compared to the original ones. Even after its low cost, the compatible cartridges aim at providing good printing results equivalent to the originals.

Q. Do you provide multipacks of Brother HL1270N toner cartridges at Printerinkcartridges.ie? If yes, how can I find them?
A. Yes, we do offer multipacks of these toner cartridges. Click here to visit details of these toner cartridges: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/2-pack-brother-tn6600-toner-cartridge.

Q. Which printers are compatible with Brother HL1270N toner cartridges?
A. These cartridges are compatible with Brother Fax, Brother MFC series, Brother HL series, Brother Fax 8360p, Brother HL1230, Brother HL1270N, Brother HLP2500, Brother MFC 9650, Brother MFC9660N and many more. You can see the list of compatible printers here: https://printerinkcartridges.ie/2-pack-brother-tn6600-toner-cartridge.

Q. What is the installed RAM and maximum supported size of Brother HL1270N printer?
A. For this printer, the installed RAM is 4 MB and maximum supported size is 36 MB.

Q. Why it is necessary to clean the Brother HL1270N printer?
A. During the printing process, paper, toner, and dust particles might get accumulate inside your Brother HL1270N printer. This can cause print quality problems, such as toner specks or smearing, and paper jams. To avoid such type of problems, you must clean the cartridge area and the printer media path regularly.

Q. Where to get support in case of any query?
A. You can either call on 048 3083 3221 or send your query on info@printerinkcartridges.ie.

Q. I usually print approximately 50 sheets on regular basis in my office. Do you think Brother HL1270N can satisfy my heavy printing requirements?
A. Brother HL1270N has been designed to cater the heavy printing requirements in small to midsize offices. The printer provides sharp and crisp quality texts that stands as one of the advantages. However, the printing speed is relatively low. If speed is not a major concern then you can definitely rely on Brother HL1270N for your printing requirements.

Q. Can you please tell me how much page yield can I expect from the consumables for Brother HL1270N? Thanks!
A. Sure. The page yield of Brother HL1270N toner cartridges is 3000 pages at 5% coverage. And the page yield for the drum unit is approximately 20,000 pages.

Q. I would like to know which USB cable should I use if in case the one I have doesn’t work with Brother HL1270N printer?
A. Yes, some USB cables fail to work with a particular printer. In general, USB cable with following specification is recommended to be used:

  • It should have full speed capability (12 MB)
  • Should be a twisted pair cable
  • Should be shielded
  • It should be not longer than 6 feet (2 metres)

Q. Will Brother HL1270N toner cartridges work with my Brother MFC 9650 printer?
A. Yes. The Brother HL1270N toner cartridges are compatible with Brother MFC 9650 machine. Please visit this link - https://printerinkcartridges.ie/2-pack-brother-tn6600-toner-cartridge if you would like to know the list of printers that are compatible with these compatible toner cartridges.

Q. Can I use A6 paper size for printing with my Brother HL1270N machine?
A. Yes. You can use A4, A5 and A6 paper sizes for printing with Brother HL1270N. But please make sure to print these papers using only Tray 1.

Q. My Brother printer HL1270N indicates Toner empty status in the LCD monitor. How do I order and replace the cartridges?
A. You simply need to search the compatible cartridges for your printer by typing your printer model in the search box of the website. You will get a list of the compatible Brother HL1270N toner cartridges. You can select the cartridges according to your requirement place the order and the cartridges will reach you in the standard delivery time.

Once the replacement for cartridges is ready then only remove the old cartridges.

Follow the steps below to replace your cartridges:
  1. Pull out the drum assembly unit by opening the front cover.
  2. Your drum unit assembly must be placed on a flat horizontal surface and push the lock lever of the cartridge with your right hand pulling the toner cartridge out of the drum unit.
  3. Remove the packings of the cartridge and gently rock it 5-6 times holding it horizontally.
  4. Remove the protective cover and install the new toner cartridge into drum unit until it clicks. The lock lever is automatically lifted when the cartridge is installed correctly.
  5. Gently slide the blue tab to the right end and the left end several times to Clean the primary corona wire inside the drum unit.Install the drum unit assembly once the tab is returned to the home position.

Q. Hello! I have replaced my damaged old drum unit of my Brother printer HL1270N with a new one but the drum LED is still lit. Are the cartridges inside the drum unit damaged or there is some other issue?
A. It is not necessary that your Brother HL1270N toner cartridges are damaged. You just need to reset the drum counter by following the below steps:

  • Open the front cover.
  • On the left side locate the Control Panel button under the LED lights.
  • Press control panel button until all light are lit and then release it.

If the problem persists and you find that the cartridges are damaged then you can order new cartridges for your Brother printer HL1270N from our website.

Q. The printouts from my Brother printer HL1270N are very light and faded. What should I do?
A. The faded or light output must be because your Brother HL1270N toner cartridges are running out of ink.If you are sure that the ink supply is sufficient then you need to check the toner saver mode. If it's on then you need to disable that in the Printer properties Tab of the Driver.

Q. The compatible toner cartridges for Brother printer HL1270N are every cheap. What reduces the cost of the compatible cartridges? How can you assure the quality printouts?
A. The compatible Brother HL1270N toner cartridges are less costly in comparison with the original cartridges as the compatible cartridges are recycled ones which save lots of costs. We have thousands of satisfied customer apart from ISO certification 9001 & 14001 that assures the quality and we are one of the leading suppliers of compatible cartridges for all the top brands of the printer.

Q. I want to order toner cartridges for Brother printer HL1270N. Do you offer cash on delivery?
A. We regret for the inconvenience but we do not offer cash on delivery. Once you have ordered your Brother HL1270N toner cartridges you can do the payment either with Paypal or with your credit/debit cards.

Q. How can I refill my Brother printer HL1270N cartridges? Do you offer any refill kits?
A. As for now, we do not offer any refill kits for the cartridges.It is always better to replace your old cartridges with the new ones rather than refilling them.You can always buy new Brother HL1270N toner cartridges at competitive prices from our website.