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OKI MC562dnw Toner Cartridges

OKI MC562dnw Toner Cartridges

OKI MC562dnw Toner Cartridges

OKI printer using high quality non-original MC562dnw toner cartridges

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  1. Compatible OKI 44973508/ 44469724/ 44469723/ 44469722 Toner - 4 Pack

    Compatible OKI 44973508/ 44469724/ 44469723/ 44469722 Toner - 4 Pack

    Premium Compatible Oki 44973508 4 Pack Toner Cartridges:
    44973508 (7000 Pages)
    44469724 (5000 Pages)
    44469723 (5000 Pages)
    44469722 (5000 Pages)

    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €96.15 Exc. VAT: €78.17
  2. Compatible Oki  44973508 Black Ink Toner

    Compatible Oki 44973508 Black Ink Toner

    Premium Compatible Oki 44973508 Toner Cartridges:
    44973508 (7000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €35.66 Exc. VAT: €28.99

    Out of stock

  3. Compatible oki 44469722 Yellow Toner

    Compatible oki 44469722 Yellow Toner

    Premium Compatible Oki 44469722 Toner Cartridges:
    44469722 (5000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €22.99 Exc. VAT: €18.69
  4. Compatible Oki  44469723 Magenta Toner

    Compatible Oki 44469723 Magenta Toner

    Premium Compatible Oki 44469723 Toner Cartridges:
    44469723 (5000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €22.99 Exc. VAT: €18.69
  5. Compatible OKI 44469724 Cyan Toner

    Compatible OKI 44469724 Cyan Toner

    Premium Compatible Oki 44469724 Toner Cartridges:
    44469724 (5000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €22.99 Exc. VAT: €18.69

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OKI MC562dnw Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The OKI MC562dnw wireless colour printer suits the needs and budgets of small business to large workgroups. This multifunction colour printer supports print, copy, scan and fax functions and provides high quality outputs. The combination of all these features helps streamline productivity, thus making the device versatile for a growing workgroup.

The device has an 3.5” graphical LCD display. It has a control panel with function buttons, all lying up in a clean and neat sequence, providing smooth operation to the users. The device also has an alphanumeric keypad and a QWERTY keypad having a simple menu system giving you access to an array of features. The print speed of OKI MC562dnw for colour and monochrome documents is 26 ppm and 30 ppm respectively. The device comes with a RADF as standard for simple, efficient and cost effective handling of double sided documents. It also supports direct printing and scanning from a USB stick without the need of a PC, providing added flexibility and improving user efficiency.

The OKI MC562dnw can store up to 880 sheets of plane paper.It also offers an optional paper tray which can handle up to 530 sheets. It supports super G3 capability on the fax machine and a flexible duplexer. This multifunction printer weighs 29 kg measuring about 509 x 427 x 44 mm having a standard 256MB of RAM which is expandable up to 768MB, along with the two standard interfaces, USB 2.0 ports and a 10/100 TX Ethernet hub.

  • Supports print,copy,scan and fax functions
  • Supports direct printing and scanning
  • Cost saving, high capacity OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • QWERTY keypad for instant typing to manage workflow
  • High capacity paper storage tray with (880 sheet input tray + 530 sheet optional tray)
  • Flexible media handling
  • Supports USB ports and ethernet hub
  • 256MB RAM is upgradable up to 768MB RAM
  • Automatic double sided printing
  • User efficient
  • High print speed and quality results
  • Four colour OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges
  • Additional RAM and paper tray might be expensive to purchase
  • Outdated processor
  • 54 dbA noise level can be problematics for quite offices
  • Bulky looks

OKI MC562dnw, as we stated above is a good, balanced printer, offering high capacity paper storage tray, QWERTY keypad, additional RAM up to 768 MB, high print speed and good quality results. Although the high priced additional RAM and optional output tray results in an expensive printer.

High capacity OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges with four colour options results in much lower printing cost.

OKI MC562dnw toner:

The Replacement cartridges for OKI MC562dnw toner are:

  • OKI 44973508 black
  • OKI 44469724 cyan
  • OKI 44469723 magenta
  • OKI 44469722 yellow

How to replace your OKI MC562dnw ink cartridges?
To install the new ink cartridges, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1:
If you receive faded printouts check the ink level of the cartridges. If it is too low then first press the cover release and open the top cover of printer and tap the cartridge a few times. It will evenly distribute the toner powder and enable you to get the best yield from OKI MC562dnw toner ink cartridges.

To avoid toner wastage and possible toner sensor errors, do not change the toner cartridge(s) until it displays “TONER EMPTY”.

Step 2:
Check the colours allocated each toner slot and install the cartridges accordingly. It is important that they go back in the same order otherwise the printer won’t recognize the cartridges.

  • Slide the colored release collar on the cartridge to move fully towards the right hand side of the printer
  • Lift the right-hand end of the cartridge and move the cartridge to the right to release the left-hand end, and then withdraw the toner cartridge out of the printer

Step 3:
Place the old cartridges on a waste paper or cloth, while you install the new one. This will restrict your toner from marking your furniture.

Step 4:
Clean the top of the ID unit with a clean, lint free cloth. If there is any spill of the toner powder then remove it with the help of a brush. If this does not go with the brush use a cool, damp cloth to remove such residue. Do not use hot water, or solvents as they will make stains permanent.

Step 5:
Take out the new OKI MC562dnw toner ink cartridges from its box but leave its packaging material on it for a while. Gently shake the new cartridge to loosen it and evenly distribute the ink in the toner cartridge. After that remove the packaging material and yellow seal tape of the cartridge. Keep these material safe aside with your old cartridges for recycling purposes.

Step 6:
Holding the cartridge by its top centre, lower it into the printer over the drum unit from which the old OKI MC562dnw toner ink cartridges were removed. Insert the left end of the cartridge into the top of the drum unit, pushing it against the spring, then lower the right end of the cartridge down onto the drum unit.

Step 7:
Pressing gently down on the cartridge to ensure that it is firmly seated, slide the colored collar fully towards the left hand side of the printer. This will lock the cartridges into place and then release toner into the drum unit.

Step 8:
Close the top cover and press down firmly at both the sides so that the cover latches closed. Wit for the printer to warm up the cartridges and then try making a test print.

Most Common FAQs for OKI MC562dnw:

Q. Is OKI MC562dnw printer multifunction and support wireless printing?
Yes, This is a multifunction colour printer supports print, copy, scan and fax functions and provides high quality outputs.

Q. Can I take printouts on different types of papers with OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges?
Yes, you can take printouts on a wide array of paper with these toner cartridges in your printer.

Q. Are compatible toner cartridges also put through high level tests or are they conducted only for genuine cartridges?
Compatible toner cartridges are also put through the most stringent quality tests just like original cartridges are. Quality checks for compatibles are carried out by experts who okay only those items that pass them successfully. That helps us provide 100% guarantee and good services.

Q. Can printouts taken with compatible toner cartridges like OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges also last long?
Certainly. This toner cartridge has a unit that distributes a fine formulation of toner which stays intact for years on several types of paper.

Q. I tried replacing OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges but came across a seal on its surface. I didn’t know how to remove it so asked a colleague to do it. Can you tell me how I should remove the seal the next time I replace the cartridges?
You need to pull out the seal horizontally only; taking it out in any other way can result in the tape breaking.

Q. Sometimes when I replace toner cartridges from my printer (OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges), some toner powder spills around. How should I be it in case it falls on clothes?
If toner powder comes in contact with clothes, always wash it with cold water. Avoid use of hot water as it drives toner particles deep into the fabric which will ruin it.

Q. Are the multipack OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges available on your website cheaper than the single packs?
A. Yes. The multipack of OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges is available on our website, which will help you save a lot more than a single pack not just in terms of the price but also in terms of the page yield. Its Multipack contains Black, Magenta, Cyan and Yellow cartridges which can print around 5000 pages each.

Q. Will there be any ink cartridge failures if I buy them from this site?
A. We aim to provide good quality products to our customers, but you might receive the failures in the OKI MC562dnw toner Cartridges occasionally whether you go for new or compatible ones. Therefore, we offer a guarantee for our products.

Q. Do you offer any money back guarantee for the products purchased from the site?
A. The compatible cartridges supplied on this site comes with a money back guarantee. For any defective products the refund will be placed in your account in accordance with our refund policy. To get to know more visit us on https://printerinkcartridges.ie/terms-and-conditions

Q. How long would it take for OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges to be delivered to me?
If the order is placed on our website before 12 noon, the product will be delivered to you in 1 to 2 days. We deliver the cartridges or any other product only between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you place the order on a weekend the product will deliver by Monday morning. If your product is urgent, you can simply contact us on 048 308332211 and we will try our best to deliver the product to you as fast as possible.

Q. I am installing the OKI MC562dnw printer for the first time. Can I install it without any outside help?
A. Yes, it is very easy to install. The printer comes with very easy setup options and can be installed correctly without any outside help. You just need to follow the instructions given in your user manual and the general safety measures to be kept in mind while installing it.

Q. Focussing on environmental cleanliness, I thought to use recycled paper for printing. Can you suggest me how can I select suitable Recycled Paper for printing?
Usage of the recycled paper has a positive impact on the environment but the type of recycled paper you use provides a great impact on the quality and paper handling of your day to day printing. Selecting a good recycled paper for your printing needs can result in improved print quality, improved paper handling, less wear on the printer and leaves a positive impact on the environment. Keep the following points in mind while opting for the recycled paper:

  • Make more informed decision about choosing a good recycled paper for your OKI printer
  • Discover the key factors that should be considered and are important while selecting a recycled paper for your printer
  • Understand some of the common terminologies that are often used while referring to recycled paper

Q. Can you let me know the page capacity of the compatible OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges?
We sell the best quality compatible range of cartridges. The page yield capacity of these cartridges is listed on each of the cartridge pages. We at printerinkcartridges.Ie supply the four pack of cartridges containing Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow For your information, the black OKI MC562dnw toner cartridge can produce 7000 pages and rest other 3 colour cartridges can produce 5000 pages each. The page yield capacity is estimated on the basis of printing 5% coverage on an A4 page which is about 4-5 lines on an A4 page. We supply fully tested cartridges with no quibble guarantee.

Q. What is the MAC address for the wireless connection with MC562dnw and MC362dnw?
The MAC address for MC562dnw and MC362dnw can be confirmed from the following items in the menu map. These printers can be connected either by wired or by wireless connection (one at a time). For that reason, this MAC address is the address used for both wired and wireless connection.
In the menu map go to [Network] - [Network Information] - [MAC Address] for getting the MAC address.

Q. Do you refill the compatible OKI MC562dnw toner cartridges?
Yes, the compatible range of OKI MC562dnw cartridges are refilled and remanufactured by the professionals. They are well tested for high quality performance as of the original ones. They are low in cost.