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Samsung CLX-3305 Toner Cartridges

Samsung CLX-3305 Toner Cartridges

Laser toner cartridges for the Samsung CLX-3305 printer:

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  1. Compatible Samsung CLT-406S Toner - 4 Pack (CLT-K/C/M/Y406S)

    Compatible Samsung CLT-406S Toner - 4 Pack (CLT-K/C/M/Y406S)

    Premium Compatible Multipack of Samsung CLT-406S Toner:
    CLTK406S (1500 Pages)
    CLTC406S (1000 Pages)
    CLTM406S (1000 Pages)
    CLTY406S (1000 Pages)

    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €67.65 Exc. VAT: €55.00
  2. Compatible Samsung CLT-K406S Black Toner

    Compatible Samsung CLT-K406S Black Toner

    Premium Compatible Samsung CLT-K406S Toner:
    CLTK406S (1750 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €39.99 Exc. VAT: €32.51
  3. Compatible Samsung CLT-C406S Cyan Toner

    Compatible Samsung CLT-C406S Cyan Toner

    Premium Compatible Samsung CLT-C406S Toner:
    CLTC406S (1000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €39.99 Exc. VAT: €32.51
  4. Compatible Samsung CLT-M406S Magenta Toner

    Compatible Samsung CLT-M406S Magenta Toner

    Premium Compatible Samsung CLT-M406S Toner:
    CLTM406S (1000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €39.99 Exc. VAT: €32.51
  5. Compatible Samsung CLT-Y406S Yellow Toner

    Compatible Samsung CLT-Y406S Yellow Toner

    Premium Compatible Samsung CLT-Y406S Toner:
    CLTY406S (1000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €39.99 Exc. VAT: €32.51

5 Item(s)

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Samsung CLX-3305 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Samsung CLX-3305 is a multifunctional printer that is capable of delivering quality printouts at ease. The printer is efficient in delivering professional and crisp documents and has a handy eco mode to lower the running costs. Designed to print coloured documents at a print resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi, it comes with a monthly duty cycle of 20,000 pages. The printer is integrated with a 533 MHz processor and uses 128 MB of memory, but the Samsung CLX-3305 does not have standard networking connectivity. The printer offers hi-speed USB 2.0 connectivity and a USB host for thumb drives.

The Samsung CLX-3305 printer can print as fast as 18 ppm for monochrome printing and 4 ppm for the coloured one. The CLX-3305 colour laser printer measures 406 x 362 x 288.6 mm and is compact in size, yet it is capable of printing, scanning, and copying the documents at ease. The printer weighs 13.2 kg and can handle a total number of 150 sheets at a time. With the multipacks Samsung CLX-3305 toner cartridges available, one can reduce the expenditure on its supplies.

  • Deliver professional-quality prints
  • Allow printing through the smartphone
  • Multi-packs Samsung CLX-3305 toner cartridges reduce expenditure on supplies.
  • Does not offer an automatic duplexer
  • Lacks in networking connectivity
  • Print speed is reasonable
Cartridge Requirements
The Samsung CLX-3305 Toner cartridges include:
  • CLTK406S Black toner cartridge
  • CLTC406S Cyan toner cartridge
  • CLTM406S Magenta toner cartridge
  • CLTY406S Yellow toner cartridge

Suitable to be used for a small home or office users, the Samsung CLX-3305 is a compact printer that can easily fit in small spaces and minimize the workload by delivering professional quality prints at less price. The printer can continuously copy up to 99 pages and is a good choice to go with when you are looking for a reasonable printer with great durability.

How to fix the issue of chip not recognizing after refilling Samsung CLX-3305 toner cartridge?

Consider the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Open the cover and verify that the chips are installed properly in Samsung CLX-3305 printer.
  • Close the cover and wait for 30 seconds to check whether the printer recognises the chip. If not, repeat the process again.
  • Reset the Samsung CLX-3305 toner cartridge chips.
    • Put the cartridge in an upward position on a flat and smooth surface. The release points of the cartridge should be pointing in the upward direction.
    • Hold the resetter and make sure the LED lights are pointing upward.
    • Depending on the printer model, there may be a button or pins. Push down all of them on the resetter. Keep pushing them until the LED lamp turns green, or it indicates with a beeping sound that the cartridge has been reset.
    • Open the printer tray and put the toner cartridge back into your printer. The toner cartridge is now ready for use. You can now resume a normal printing job.

If your printer is still unable to recognise the chip, consult the Samsung printer manufacturer.

While printing from Samsung CLX-3305 printer, colour from the printouts are missing. What should I do now?

There might be several reasons for colours missing from the printout. To fix this issue, try the solutions below:

  • Make sure that the Samsung CLX-3305 toner cartridge is of good-quality and not empty. If the cartridges need any replacement, install another one.
  • If the Samsung cartridges are full of ink, it might be a clogged nozzle issue which is causing the problem.
  • Another reason could be that the toner cartridges are dried-up due to inactivity. In such a case, change the toner cartridge.
  • Once you perform the above steps, you can continue the printing task.