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Brother HL 2040 Toner Cartridges

Brother HL 2040 Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Brother TN2025

    Compatible Brother TN2025

    Brother Premium Compatible & Refilled Toner Ink Cartridge TN2025 (2025)
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    Exc. VAT: €27.75 Inc. VAT: €34.13

    Out of stock

  2. Compatible Brother TN2000 Toner - 4 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Compatible Brother TN2000 Toner - 4 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Premium Compatible Brother TN 2000 4 Pack Toner Cartridges:
    TN2000 (7,500 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €66.41 Exc. VAT: €53.99
  3. Compatible Brother TN2000 Toner - 2 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Compatible Brother TN2000 Toner - 2 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Premium Compatible Brother TN 2000 2 Pack Toner Cartridges:
    TN2000 X2 (5,000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €34.43 Exc. VAT: €27.99
  4. Compatible Brother TN2000 Toner

    Compatible Brother TN2000 Toner

    Premium Compatible Brother TN 2000 Toner Cartridges:
    TN2000 (2,500 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €18.44 Exc. VAT: €14.99
  5. Compatible Brother DR2000 Drum Unit

    Compatible Brother DR2000 Drum Unit

    Brother Premium Compatible & Refilled Drum Unit DR2000
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    Exc. VAT: €30.99 Inc. VAT: €38.12

  6. Compatible Brother 2 Pack - DR2000 Drum Unit X 2

    Compatible Brother 2 Pack - DR2000 Drum Unit X 2

    Brother Premium Compatible & Refilled Drum Unit DR2000
    Drum Unit DR2000 x2
    Product Details

    Exc. VAT: €56.98 Inc. VAT: €70.09

6 Item(s)

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Brother HL2040 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Designed for home use, the Brother HL-2040 is an affordable, personal laser printer. The HL-2040 features a compact design that will fit in just about any workplace. The printer gives out quality documents that are crisp and clear.

The Brother HL-2040 printer is compact in design and saves lot of space. This portable device weighs approx. 6.4 kg and measures 37.08 x 36.06 x 16.51 cm respectively. It has a printing resolution of 2,400 x 600 dpi with the print speed up to 20 ppm. This personal laser printer has a Fujitsu SPARClite 96 MHz processor with the standard 8 MB RAM. Brother HL-2040 printer works efficiently capable of handling different print jobs in a row.

Brother HL-2040 printer comes with two paper storage trays, the input tray can store up to 250 sheets of paper and the output tray can handle up to 100 sheets of printed works. The setup for Brother HL-2040 printer is quick and easy to install. The device is versatile as it has the ability to print on various media types such as bond paper, envelopes, transparencies, labels and plain paper. The greatest advantage of this printer is the monthly duty cycle, as it can print up to 10,000 impressions without any issues. Brother HL-2040 toner cartridge is also known for its low running cost.

  • Low cost Brother HL-2040 toner cartridge that offers low running cost
  • High quality output
  • Dual trays
  • High printing speed
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy connectivity as it offers USB and parallel interfaces
  • Lacks functions such as scan, copy and fax
  • Does not support print server option
  • Graphics and photo quality are relatively low
  • Lacks ADF support
  • Single colour Brother HL-2040 toner cartridge

The Brother HL-2040 is a good value laser printer with fast performance and quality text results. However, as you might expect from a laser printer, it also comes with some drawbacks such as poor graphics and photo output and also lacks scan, copy and fax functions. The printer offers you low running cost with its durable Brother HL-2040 toner cartridge.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement for Brother HL-2040 toner cartridge is:

  • Brother TN2000 toner; black

What to do when your printer prints garbage or unexpected prints?

With time, your Brother HL 2040 printer may start causing certain issues like slow printing, garbage printouts, error messages etc.The user receives these unexpected issues due to damaged cables, improper installation of drivers, by selecting wrong drivers for their printers, or may be empty Brother HL 2040 toner cartridge. These are frequent issues that come across and could be resolved easily by following these simple steps:

Step 1:
  • Make sure that the printer cable is not too long. It is recommended that the length of the parallel or the USB cable should not be longer than 2 meters (6.5 feet). Also, the cable should not be damaged at any point
  • Make sure the Brother HL 2040 toner cartridge is not older than 6 months
  • Make sure there is no interface switching device connected to your device. The printer should be directly connected to your PC. If there is any such connection remove it and make a direct connection. Restart your printer after that
  • If all of the above points were checked and fixed accordingly but the printer still continues to make garbage prints, then it must an issue of improper printer drivers
Step 2:

Make sure you have chosen the right printer drivers for your printer.

For Windows:

Go to Printer Preferences setting and check if your printer’s name appears at the top in the printer driver name section then it is good to go.

However, if the printer driver name is different from your printer model then, you would need to reinstall all the correct printer drivers for your printer with the help of Quick Setup Guide.

For Mac OS X 10.5.x or later users:

Go to the left section and select your printer. If the printer does not appear in next to the Default Printer then choose your printer name and If the Default Printer name matches to the name appearing as Location. Then, the right printer driver is chosen and it can be a problem of your Brother HL 2040 toner cartridge.

However, if both of the printer names in above sections does not match with the Default Printer then you would have to reinstall the printer drivers (you can get them on Brother’s website).

Most Common FAQs for Brother HL2040:

Q. Do your compatible Brother HL2040 toner cartridges also come with a warranty?
Yes, all our products are warranted to be free from any defects. If you encounter any problem while using our products, please contact us on 048 30833221 or email us on info@printerinkcartridges.ie within 30 days from receiving your product. We will try to resolve the problem over the phone. In case the problem cannot be fixed, we will arrange for a replacement or a refund for you.

Q. How many pages can your compatible drum units handle?
Our compatible drum units can handle up to 12,000 pages without having to be changed. You will be notified by your printer when the drum unit is at the end of its life so that you can keep a replacement ready and when it requires to be replaced.

Q. Are coloured Brother HL2040 toner cartridges also available on your website?
Brother HL2040 printer is a monochrome printer that is only capable of printing pages in black and white. Thus, you will not find coloured toner cartridges for this printer anywhere as it does not support colour printing.

Q. How long would it take for me to print 50 copies of a document using a Brother HL2040 printer?
Brother HL2040 printers are moderately fast and can print up to speeds of 20 pages per minute. It would not take you more than 3 minutes to print 50 copies of any document with this printer.

Q. How do I replace an expended Brother HL2040 toner cartridge with a new one?
Follow the steps below to replace an empty toner cartridge with a new one:

  • Open the front cover and remove the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly by pulling it out.
  • Take the toner cartridge out of the assembly by pushing down the blue lever lock.
  • Unpack the new toner cartridge and gently shake it back and forth to redistribute the toner inside the cartridge.
  • Remove the protective cover on the cartridge and place it into the drum unit till it locks into place.
  • Insert the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly back into the printer and close the front cover.

Q. Do Brother HL2040 toner cartridges (TN2000) really print 2,500 pages each? Is the output good enough in quality?
Yes, a TN2000 toner cartridge in fact prints 2,500 pages. These toner cartridges are of premium quality so you can be sure that your printouts are also of best quality.

Q. Are compatible Brother HL2040 toner cartridges (TN2000) durable? For how long can I store them before installing them?
These toner cartridges can be stored for up to two years.

Q. Can I know whether compatible Brother HL2040 toner cartridges are high-resolution cartridges? Will they print good quality text and images if installed in Brother HL2040 printer?
Yes, these are high-resolution toner cartridges. You can very much use them in the Brother HL2040 printer to print vivid and clear documents and images.

Q. In case something goes wrong with compatible Brother HL2040 toner cartridges that I purchase from an online vendor, will I be entitled to proper support or returns?
Yes, most sellers offer 12-month guarantee and free returns also in case you face quality issues with these toner cartridges. They also offer free delivery service, money back guarantee and attractive terms upon purchase.

Q. Are non-genuine Brother HL2040 toner cartridges eco-friendly?
Yes, compatible toner cartridges are in essence eco-friendly as they are not made from brand new components entirely. They are manufactured using recycled materials, which means wastage is reduced noticeably.

Q. How many pages does Brother HL2040 print in a minute? Is it easy to print with it, and does it print the same number of pages of good quality if I use compatible Brother HL2040 toner cartridges with it?
Brother HL2040 can print up to 20 pages (in monochrome) per minute. Yes, this printer features user-friendly design and interface, so you’ll be able to print easily with it. Also, you are guaranteed of the best quality printouts at much lesser cost with compatible toner cartridges.