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Samsung SCX-4720FN Toner Cartridges

Samsung SCX-4720FN Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Samsung SCX4520D5/SCX4520D5/

    Compatible Samsung SCX4520D5/SCX4520D5/

    SCX 4520D5 Black Remanufactured Toner Cartridge
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Samsung SCX-4720FN Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Samsung SCX-4720FN is a multifunctional monochrome laser printer, digital copier, colour scanner and fax. It attempts to make up for absence of the wireless technology feature by maximising flexibility via direct USB memory connectivity, which enables the printer to scan or print directly to or from a USB memory device even if it’s not connected to a computer. When paired with Samsung SCX-4720FN toner cartridges, the printer delivers the best in terms of output quality, function and overall experience.

The exposure modes of Samsung SCX-4720FN include photo, text and photo. The standard memory of the printer is 32 MB and the highest supported memory is 160 MB. The printer copies at a speed of up to 22 ppm and 12 seconds is its first copy out time. The highest copying resolution of this printer is 600 dpi. Exceptional text quality and faster printing speed can be achieved with this printer.

Further, the Samsung SCX-4720FN printer allows for scanned data to turn mobile instantaneously with digital colour scans supported by jpg, bmp, pdf, tiff files. It also allows users to upload their favourite settings or phonebook data to a portable USB drive. And make sure you integrate the high yield Samsung SCX-4720FN toner cartridge with the Samsung SCX-4720FN printer for best results.

  • Network-friendly printer
  • Able to scan over a network or directly to a USB flash drive
  • Versatile copier and fax machine
  • 50-sheet automatic document feeder
  • Excellent text quality
  • Prints only in monochrome
  • Limited flexibility due to wired connectivity
  • Limited direct-to-USB functions
  • Lack of memory
  • Not incompatible with Mac operating systems
  • Bulky and heavy
Cartridge Requirements:
The compatible cartridges for Samsung SCX-4720FN ink is:
  • Samsung SCX4520D5 Toner Cartridge

Individuals who don’t mind wired devices would find this printer very useful as it is very network-friendly. It may not be a wireless printer, but the number of functions appears to make up for it. The quality of text is excellent too.

Most Common FAQs for Samsung SCX-4720FN:

Q. Will using compatible Samsung SCX-4720FN toner cartridges of your site, keep the latter’s warranty intact?
Yes, definitely. Using compatible toner cartridges keep the latter’s warranty as it is.

Q. I’m using Samsung SCX-4720FN printer for my home use. The error shown on my screen says ‘No paper’. I got such type of error for the first time and don’t know how to resolve it. Please help me resolve this error.
Please carry out the following steps:

  • Your printer will not be able to print, without paper. So, make sure you have loaded the paper into the printer paper cartridge or tray.
  • Next, you need to verify that no printer paper is jammed or partially fed into the printer. If you suspect paper is stuck somewhere it shouldn't be, refer to your online user guide to solve paper jam issues.
  • Clearing this would probably solve all your problems.

Q. Though this printer does not support wireless connectivity, how will I perform printing and scanning tasks?
The printer attempts to make up for the absence of the wireless technology feature by maximising flexibility via direct USB memory connectivity, which enables the printer to scan or print directly to or from a USB memory device even if it’s not connected to a computer.

Q. I’m looking for black Samsung SCX-4720FN toner cartridges for my Canon printer. But when I visited your site, they were out of stock. What should I do now?
Sorry for the inconvenience caused. It might be possible that some cartridges get out of stock at our site. You can contact us on +44(0)28 308 33221 or email us on info@printerinkcartridges.ie , if your order for Samsung SCX-4720FN toner cartridges is urgent.

Q. With this printer, is it possible to scan directly to a USB flash drive?
Yes, definitely. The printer is able to scan over a network or directly to a USB flash drive.

Q. I own a Samsung SCX-4720FN printer, which does not have the wireless technology feature. Will Samsung SCX-4720FN toner cartridges print efficiently and give good quality output despite that?
Yes, undoubtedly. Your SCX-4720FN toner cartridges will give the same output and quality even with your printer that does not have wireless technology.

Q. Is the print quality of the high yield Samsung SCX-4720FN toner cartridges able to maintain sharpness and clarity till the end even after printing over a thousand pages?
Yes, these high capacity toner cartridges provide consistent quality results even when they near their limit, which is close to 5,000 pages. You’ll also appreciate the fact that since these toner cartridges print more, cartridge changes are reduced, which further lowers the overheads of replacement costs and the hassle of replacing them frequently. They are also more cost-effective and eco-friendly, which should act as additional incentives for you to choose them.

Q. Are compatible Samsung SCX-4720FN toner cartridges that you provide on your site fully quality assured supplies?
Yes, we ensure that we offer only those supplies including toner cartridges which are fully tested and professionally certified which enables us to provide 100% guarantee on them.

Q. Is the toner powder in toner cartridges really very injurious if it comes in contact with the skin or inhaled accidentally?
Yes, toner powder is composed of harmful chemicals and are associated with toxic combustion gases and elements that are injurious. You need to ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with the skin or is inhaled. In case it falls on your skin, you need to wash it off with cold water (not hot water) and show to a physician immediately. You should also protect your surroundings and take care that the toner powder doesn’t fall on the desk or table where your printer stands to prevent future contact with it.