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Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma MX495 premium remanufactured ink cartridges

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  1. Compatible Canon PG545XL /  CL546XL Black & Colour Ink - Multipack

    Compatible Canon PG545XL / CL546XL Black & Colour Ink - Multipack

    Compatible 2 Pack of Canon PG-545XL / CL-546XL Ink Cartridges:
    PG 545XL (400 Pages) x1
    CL 546XL (300 Pages) x1
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €54.99 Exc. VAT: €44.71
  2. Compatible Canon PG545XL Black Ink

    Compatible Canon PG545XL Black Ink

    Premium Compatible Canon PG-545XL Ink Cartridge:
    PG 545XL (400 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €29.99 Exc. VAT: €24.38
  3. Compatible Canon CL546XL Colour Ink

    Compatible Canon CL546XL Colour Ink

    Premium Compatible Canon CL-546XL Ink Cartridges:
    CL 546XL (300 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €29.99 Exc. VAT: €24.38

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Canon Pixma MX495 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Canon Pixma MX495 is an entry level home office printer, providing wireless printing, copying and scanning capabilities. This is a versatile device with small footprints and easy installation. Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges are available in standard and high-yield versions with reasonable price.

This is a compact device weighing under 6 kg and measuring 435 x 295 x 189 mm respectively with a flat top that has a 20 sheet ADF. It has a control panel which is made up of membrane buttons, along with a two-line by 16-character mono LCD screen and it is simple to operate. The input tray of this device can store up to 150 sheets of paper, while the output tray can handle up to 50 sheets of paper. It also supports USB connection and wireless networking.

The printing resolution of this printer is up to 4,600 dpi with print speeds up to 8.8 ppm for monochrome documents and 4.4 ppm for colour files. It allows users to print and scan seamlessly to smartphones and tablets which also includes support for Apple AirPrint. The device also allows users to print virtually from anywhere with Google Cloud Print support.

  • Affordable printer
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Supports USB connectivity
  • Supports Apple’s AirPrint and Google Cloud Print
  • Supports USB and wireless connectivity
  • Large, clean button pad
  • ADF support
  • No ethernet port
  • Lacks memory card support
  • No auto duplexing

Canon Pixma MX495 is a cost effective printer, providing everyday functionalities such as print, scan, copy and fax capabilities. It also features a stylish, ultra-small, space-saving footprint that fits easily into any environment. The printer also has advanced features which include mobile printing, USB connectivity, ADF support and wireless networking. The device has high capacity Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges, resulting in low running cost of the printer.

Cartridge Requirements:

The Replacement for Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges are:

  • Canon PG545 black
  • Canon CL546 cyan
  • Canon CL546 magenta
  • Canon CL546 yellow

How to resolve paper jams issue?

The Canon Pixma MX495 is an inkjet printer that uses Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges as consumables. The printer is ideal for home and small office users. This printer is known for good print quality.

At times would experience paper jams while printing. These jammed paper pieces need to be removed manually. To avoid such jams in future you should use a good quality paper. Printing paper and Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges can be purchased online.

To clear the jammed paper is inside the machine, follow the instructions below:

  1. If there is a paper jam within the machine then, first of all, turn it off. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Lift the operational panel unit till it stops moving further.
  3. Give attention not to touch the white belt or clear film. This will damage the machine and affect its performance. Check if the jammed paper is under the cartridge holder. If you see it there, gently move the cartridge holder towards left or right, whichever way it moves easily. Hold this cartridge had at the top of it and move it slowly to one side.
  4. Hold the jammed paper firmly with your hands. Pull it out carefully without tearing it. If the paper is rolled up in place then hold it up and pull out. Pull it out straight up then give it a diagonal pull at a slant. The angle of the paper has to be 45 degrees. Now pull it out slowly.
  5. Remove all the paper that is jammed. If any pieces of paper are torn then it will remain in the machine. Make sure all the paper has been removed. Check the printer for any left out paper pieces. If you see any, remove it.
  6. Now you may close the operation panel. Load the papers again. You can print again. Remember to use genuine Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges for a long-lasting good print quality.

Most Common FAQs for Canon Pixma MX495:

Q. When it becomes necessary to power off the machine?
When the printer gets heated up and the print results are not satisfactory. Be sure to follow the procedure below.

  • Press the ON button to turn off the machine
  • Ensure that all the lamps on the Operation Panel are not lit
Operating noise may continue for up to 40 seconds until the machine turns off. When removing the power plug, ensure that all the lamps on the Operation Panel are not lit before removing the plug. Removing the power plug while the lamps are on may result in drying and clogging of the Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges thus, resulting in poor printing.

Q. How can I Print more for less with the optional XL cartridges?
You can relax and save maximum using the optimal XL Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges, which guarantee to deliver significantly more pages and it last longer between ink substitutions. It is an ideal time saver if you print frequently and can convey up to 30% cost savings per page compared to their standard equivalents.

Q. How to Print Items with the Easy-PhotoPrint+ for the web applications?
You can easily create and print customized items such as calendars and collages, anytime, by simply accessing Easy-PhotoPrint+ on the web from a computer or tablet. By utilizing Easy-PhotoPrint+, you can make things in the most recent condition without experiencing the trouble of installation. In addition, you can use various photos for your item through integration with social networks such as Facebook, or with online storage, web albums, and so forth. You can further refer to "Easy-PhotoPrint+ Guide" for more details.

Q. Do I need to install the Canon Pixma MX495 Ink Cartridges immediately after removing the old ones?
Yes, it is important to do so. It would be ideal if you make an effort not to leave the machine without the ink cartridges for long time.

Q. After performing a printing for long, now suddenly the error code or message is displayed on my PIXMA printer that talks about the replacement of Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges. What should I do?
With time there may be a variety of error codes or messages start appearing on your PIXMA printer. If you are experiencing such type of errors, please select the 'Error Code' tab and view the troubleshooting advice that will help you to resolve the problem. It is always advisable to replace the Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges with the new one’s if they have been in place for longer than 6 months.

Q. The printer is displaying a security alert message when someone is trying to access the printer Information. How can I resolve this?
When one is trying to access the printer information (Remote UI), a security alert warning that the site may be unsafe is displayed in the internet browser. Please refer to the user manual about the printer information (Remote UI) for this. The printer information is a secure site and cannot be accessed through the Internet. Do refer to the troubleshooting of each browser for accessing the printer information (Remote UI).

Q. What to do when ink is not ejected correctly from the printer?
The problem generally occurs when the cartridges ran out of ink or the ink tanks are not installed correctly. The steps below will help you in this case

Step 1. Check whether the FINE cartridge runs out of ink, replace it with a new one.

Step 2. Check if the Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges are installed properly?

  • If the FINE cartridge is not installed securely, the ink may not be ejected correctly.
  • Open the paper output cover, and remove the FINE cartridges.
  • Then install the cartridges again. Push up the FINE cartridge until it clicks into its place.
  • You will hear an electric sound once the FINE cartridge is installed properly.
  • After confirming that the Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges are installed properly, close the paper output cover.

Step 3. Check if the print head nozzles are clogged?
Perform the print nozzle check pattern to determine whether the ink ejects properly from the print head nozzles. Refer when printing becomes faint or colours are incorrect for the nozzle check pattern printing, print head cleaning, and print head deep cleaning.

  • If the nozzle check pattern is not printed correctly even after performing the print head cleaning, clean them again and examine the pattern if gets improved.
  • If the is the problem still not resolved after performing the print head cleaning twice:
    • Go for the print head deep cleaning.
    • If the problem not resolved after performing the print head deep cleaning, turn off the machine and perform another print head deep cleaning after 24 hours. When you turn the machine off, do not unplug it from the power supply.
  • If the problem is not resolved after performing the print head deep cleaning twice, the ink may have run out. Replace the Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges as soon as possible.

Q. How should I open the cartridge front to replace the cartridges?
Make sure that the printer is turned on, remove the unwanted paper left in the paper drawer. Look for the Canon name above the paper tray. Just above it, there is an indentation pull situated. Pull that towards you and the cover will open. The cartridges then move into position for removal. The display informs you what is happening. Replace Canon Pixma MX495 ink cartridges as required and make sure they click into place, then close the cover. Hope this helps you.