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Compatible Canon CL546XL Colour Ink

Compatible Canon CL546XL Colour Ink

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Premium Compatible Canon CL-546XL Ink Cartridges:
CL 546XL Colour (300 Pages)


Additional Information

Colour Colour High Capacity
Ink Volume 300 Pages
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Product Description

The remanufactured Canon CL546 ink cartridges are great quality long lasting colour inks. They are compatible with about 12 Canon printers of Pixma series, including, Canon Pixma iP2840, Canon Pixma iP2850, Canon Pixma MG2450 and more.

The high volume compatible cartridge contains 13ml of ink and can print up to 300 pages at 5% coverage. These cartridges work best for the student, home users, and school users. As they provide a quality print with almost 90% less printing cost if compared to any original ink cartridge available in the market.

These compatible Canon ink cartridges are manufactured by a third party rather than the original brand manufacturer. However, they are considered as good as the original ones. In fact, they offer almost same quality at a lower price with less printing cost. Also, if bought online as multipack sometimes these cartridges can cost as low as 1 cent with negligible delivery cost.

Wondering how is it possible?

These Canon CL546 ink cartridges are actually used original ink cartridges, which the third party manufacturers collect and send to their factories. All these empty cartridges, then, are getting cleaned, repaired if required, refilled with high-quality ISO standard inks, and repackaged.

At printerinkcartridges.ie, we buy these remanufactured ink cartridges in bulk and sell in volume so we are able to keep our costs low. For cartridges as well as for delivery. By choosing these cartridges you can save up to 70% and lower down your yearly printing expense up to 100%. All these colour Canon cartridges are backed with a money-back guarantee and full customer support.

If you are ready for replacement, this compatible Canon CL546 ink cartridge pack is great for you. In Ireland, Printerinkcartridges.ie is the trusted and right shop to buy this pack. We are the best value online shop deals in compatible ink and toner cartridges of many leading brands like HP, Epson, Samsung, Brother, Advent, Canon, Kodak, Lexmark, OKI and more.

Printer Ink Cartridges offers the best prices and highest quality compatible and remanufactured inks with a growing customer base that includes home users, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals.

At Printerinkcartridges.ie, the compatible Canon CL546XL is available only at €20.50 inclusive VAT. Plus, you will get 5% more discount on selling price if you follow us on our social profiles - Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

We have amazing value added services. Our next day delivery is one of them. You will get this service if your order is placed before 1 pm on Monday to Friday. You can also contact us calling at 048 3083 3221, Live Chat or by email info@printerinkcartridges.ie to see if we have the item in stock to deliver you with the next day delivery option.

Customer Reviews

Canon Pixma MX495 INK Review by Des Magowan
Initially found the printer would not recognise the cartridge which was a pain but rang and they told me to hold down the stop button for 10 - 15 seconds and printer rest itself and all ok now. Good customer service and a lot of patience on Printer Ink's part as I am not that au fait with printers! (Posted on 19/09/2016)
CL546XL Review by Owen
Glad i tried these compatibles as they work fine. I was using originals before but all good so fay. Thanks Guys (Posted on 04/08/2016)

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Your Questions:

Installation steps of Canon CL546 ink cartridges

These compatible Canon ink cartridges are very easy to install and to work with. It is normal to receive an error message such as “non-original cartridge detected” on installing them for a first time on your Canon Pixma printer. You can simply take out the cartridges and reinstall those. Check if the message continues. If yes then the another solution is to press the stop button for 5 seconds. The stop button has a triangle inside a circle. On pressing that you turn the printer’s cartridge recognition facility off, which lead you to easily use these unrecognised cartridges.

Refilling guidelines of Canon CL546XL ink cartridge

  1. Use a protective pair of gloves for safety purpose.
  2. Do not refill the old cartridge which is placed idly for a longer period.
  3. You will get the best printing performance if you refill the cartridge before the ink gets completely over.
  4. Use plastic cover/newspaper/soak paper sheet/paper towels to cover the surface.
  5. Properly check the ink chamber before refilling each.
  6. If you are not sure what ink to be refilled in the particular chamber, check it with the help of inserting a toothpicks into the each chamber.
  7. Do not overfill the ink cartridge. Try to fill it to a maximum 80% of recommended capacity.
  8. Draw 1ml to 2ml ink back from the cartridge if it gets overfilled from the declared capacity.
  9. Glue the label back on refilled Canon CL546 ink cartridge properly.
  10. Keep the refilled cartridges safe and away from the children.
  11. After installation, if your machine indicates the low ink cartridge message, press the RESUME/STOP/RESET button on your printer for 5 to 15 seconds. It will prompt the printer to automatically start printing.
    (Reason for getting a “Low ink cartridge message” - Your Canon machine has an internal memory. This memory remembers Canon CL-546 cartridge serial numbers and for this reason, your recently refilled cartridge is stated to be empty. The memory usually remembers the last 4 cartridges. If you are inserting 4 different Canon ink cartridge and after that, the recently refilled one the printer should recognise and accept it.)
  12. Run 1 or 2 cleaning cycles after installing the ink cartridge.

How to refill the Canon CL546XL cartridge?

Cartridge refilling is a very simple task. You just need to have the right supplies with you and know the right procedure. If you have run out of your Canon cartridge, here is how you can refill it.

Required tools and supplies:
  • Coloured inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow (5ml each for CL546XL size of the cartridge and 3ml for CL546)
  • Small drill
  • Syringe with a needle
  • Cutter or putty knife
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Scotch tape
  • Table or desk
When you are ready with all your tools and supplies, follow these steps to refill this Canon CL546 ink cartridges:
  1. Clean the platform you are going to work on and put a plastic cover/newspaper/soak paper sheet to prevent any ink stain.
  2. Fold the paper towel half twice and work over it to catch the leakage ink.
  3. Take the empty ink cartridge and place ink cartridge on it.
  4. Remove the label on the top of the empty cartridge with the help of cutter knife.
  5. Locate the filling holes. There are 3 holes beneath the label. They are located in a triangular position. The one single filler opening on top is for Magenta colour. The right opening below is for Yellow colour and the last one in the bottom left side is for Cyan colour ink.
  6. Now use the small drill/sharp pencil/screwdriver to pierce the refilling hole. Take the help of instruction manual to locate the correct refilling hole.
  7. Take the syringe and draw the ink as per the requirement.
  8. Insert the syringe long needle into the correct ink chamber and filled it. It is important not to push the air into the Canon CL546 ink cartridge foam while refilling it. This will keep the printhead dries and causing printhead not to print.
  9. Make sure you do not overfill the empty ink cartridge. Fill the empty cartridge up to the 80% of the ink capacity. If you have overfilled it, then draw back 1ml to 2ml of the ink into the syringe.
  10. Repeat steps 7 – 9 for each ink colour.
  11. Now clean the spilled ink with paper towels and cover the holes with the clear scotch tape. Make sure that no ink is leaking out from the filled cartridge.
  12. After refilling all the three ink colours, blot the ink cartridge's printhead on the folded piece of paper towel. Do it for several times till it stops bleeding and you see an even strip of three colours showing up on the paper towel.
  13. Replace the Canon CL546 ink cartridge into your printer and start printing.

Technical Details

Print technologyInkjet
CapacityHigh capacity
Page yield300 pages
Cartridge coloursTri-colour
Print cartridge volume delivered13ml ink
Box contents1 X Canon CL546 ink cartridge
Environmental impactEco-friendly ink cartridge
Compatible withCanon Pixma iP2840, Canon Pixma iP2850, Canon Pixma MG2450, Canon Pixma MG2455, Canon Pixma MG2550, Canon Pixma MG2950, Canon Pixma MX49, Canon Pixma MG2550S, Canon Pixma MG2555, Canon Pixma MG2555S, Canon Pixma MG3051, Canon Pixma MG3053