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Samsung ML-1665 Toner Cartridges

Samsung ML-1665 Toner Cartridges

Samsung ML-1665 Toner Cartridges

Laser toner cartridges for the Samsung ML-1665 printer:

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  1. Compatible Samsung MLTD1042S/ELS Toner 2 Pack

    Compatible Samsung MLTD1042S/ELS Toner 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible Samsung MLT-D1042S Toner Cartridges:
    MLT-D1042S X2 (3,000 Pages)

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    Inc. VAT: €57.15 Exc. VAT: €46.46
  2. Compatible Samsung MLTD1042S/ELS Toner

    Compatible Samsung MLTD1042S/ELS Toner

    Premium Compatible Samsung MLT-D1042S Toner Cartridges:
    MLT-D1042S (1,500 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €33.98 Exc. VAT: €27.63

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Samsung ML-1665 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Samsung ML-1665 is a compact and affordable printer that can be used as a personal or home office laser printer. It is one of the smallest size printers ready to occupy on any small work desk. The device offers simple functions for simple requirements including a 150-sheet input tray and USB connectivity.

The single-function device weighs 5 kgs with dimensions corresponding to 184x341x224 mm in width, depth and height respectively. With a printing speed of up to 16 ppm, it is effective, especially for personal use. The default print resolution is 1200 x 600 dpi that delivers excellent quality text and graphics. Photo printing is also good but a little bit of graininess is visible. Furthermore, it accommodates high-capacity Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridge that comes with a life-cycle of 1500 pages. The main input tray handles 150 sheets so it is not suitable for heavy print jobs in offices. WiFi networking is lacking but it supports high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity. Fortunately, it is compatible with many operating systems including Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

  • Small size
  • Fair printing speed
  • Outstanding quality for text and graphics
  • Support for installation of XL size Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridges
  • Features high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Cheap priced
  • Capable of monochrome printing only
  • The automatic duplexing function is absent
  • Low-yield input tray
  • Not suitable for heavy use
Cartridge Requirement

The compatible toner cartridges are:

  • Samsung MLTD1042S Black toner cartridge
  • Samsung MLTD1042S 2-pack Black toner cartridge

If your daily printing requirements are light then Samsung ML-1665 is an ideal choice. It offers excellent quality prints at a decent speed which is great for personal use. Though its upfront cost is low it may become expensive in the long run. Hence, using premium quality compatible Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridge can cut costs by 50%. So, with that, you get an efficient as well as an affordable printer.

How to sort out if the toner keeps running out faster than it should?

Following are the ways to resolve this issue toner keeps running out:

  • Remove the Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridge and gently shake it. If there is any toner stuck to the walls of the cartridge, shaking it gently will help remove that toner. This can help to distribute the toner more evenly throughout the cartridge.
  • It is avoidable to use colour toner unnecessary unless required. Generally, black cartridges have a higher page yield than the colour cartridges, and economically they cost less than colour cartridges. This will save more toner, as only the black cartridge will be replaced instead of having to replace the entire set.

How to assume when is the Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridge nearing empty?

There are a few possible ways to know when is the toner cartridge about to get empty:

  • Low toner coverage – If it is observed that the printer is not printing evenly and is missing out areas or the prints are not as crisp and sharp as they used to be, then there’s a high chance of the Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridge or the ink cartridge is empty or running close to empty. At this point, it is recommended that the toner cartridge be replaced.
  • Toner Clumps and spots – Upon nearing empty, sometimes the small amount of remaining toner cartridge can form clumps that may cause streaks to run across the page while printing on the printer. Removing the toner cartridge from the printer and giving it a good gentle shake can help settle the toner more evenly throughout and it enables you to continue printing for a few days.
  • Printer Warnings – There is a display panel that will blink with messages informing that the laser toner cartridge is low. In case of low coverage and spots across the paper, the toner cartridge has been depleted and it is suitable to get a new one.

How to replace the Imaging Unit for Samsung ML-1665 printer if the printer’s toner level is adequate?

Before performing the replacement task for any printer, make sure to unplug the printer from the power socket.

  • Open the front cover and remove the Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridge.
  • Pull the imaging unit straight out of the machine, along the printer groove.
  • Install the new imaging unit into the printer. Align the new unit with the printer groove.
  • Install the toner cartridge back into the printer, and then close the front cover.
  • Make sure all covers are closed properly and securely.
  • Resume your print job.

How to resolve the error message if my Samsung ML-1665 printer shows an “Invalid Toner” message?

There are several reasons why a printer will display such an error message. Sometimes, if the Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridge is not installed correctly or is empty, you might face this issue. Try the following solutions given below:

  • When you purchase a new toner cartridge, check the toner model code on the toner cartridge label. Make sure that you have installed the correct Samsung toner cartridge in the printer.
  • Check if the The Consumer Replaceable Unit Monitor (CRUM) chip contacts on the toner, or printer are damaged or dirty. Ensure that the gold coloured contacts on both printer and toner cartridges are clean. If necessary, use a dry lint-free cloth for cleaning the dirty areas.
  • If the installed Samsung ML-1665 toner cartridge is recycled or refilled, it might not work with the printer. Most of the toner cartridges use a CRUM chip to track how much toner is still there in the cartridge. If the cartridge is empty or about to get empty, make sure you have another one ready in stock.
  • If the printer still shows an error, contact Samsung Support center for further assistance.