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Samsung SCX-4521F Toner Cartridges

Samsung SCX-4521F Toner Cartridges

Samsung SCX-4521F Toner Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Samsung SCX-4521D3 Toner - 2 Pack

    Compatible Samsung SCX-4521D3 Toner - 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible Samsung SCX-4521D3:
    SCX4521D3 X 2 (7000 Pages)

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    Inc. VAT: €72.00 Exc. VAT: €58.54
  2. Compatible Samsung SCX-4521D3 Black Toner

    Compatible Samsung SCX-4521D3 Black Toner

    Premium Compatible Samsung SCX-4521D3:
    SCX4521D3 (3500 Pages)
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    Inc. VAT: €36.90 Exc. VAT: €30.00

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Samsung SCX-4521F Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

Samsung SCX-4521F is a laser monochrome printer and is best for a home office or for personal use. This multifunction printer is able to print, copy, scan and fax documents. This printer supports a variety of media types and is compatible with a wide range of operating systems.

Samsung SCX-4521F is quite lightweight and weighs only 10.4 kg. It is 14.5 inches in height, 14.7 inches in depth and 17.2 inches in width. This printer has an automatic document feeder having a capacity of 30 sheets. The input tray has a capacity of 150 sheets whereas the output tray has a capacity of 50 sheets. Its copying and printing speed is 20 pages per minute and it has a maximum resolution of 600 dpi. The scanner has a feeder capacity of 180 sheets.

This printer has a sound emission of 55 dBA which makes it quite noisy. It has an installed RAM of 16 MB. The copier can produce a maximum of 99 copies at a time. The Samsung SCX-4521F Toner Cartridges have a monthly duty cycle of 4200 impressions.

  • Supports a variety of media types
  • Compatible with a wide range of operating systems
  • Good printing speed
  • Samsung SCX-4521F Toner Cartridges are highly affordable
  • Energy efficient and saves power
  • Easy replacement of toner cartridges
  • Quite noisy
  • Problem in recognizing incoming faxes by the fax machine
  • Limited paper handling capacity
  • Graphics quality is not up to mark
Cartridge Requirements:
The Replacement for Samsung SCX-4521F Toner Cartridges are:
  • Samsung SCX4521D3 Toner Cartridges

The Samsung SCX-4521F monochrome printer is overall a great printer and is an ideal choice for home users and office users. This printer is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and supports a variety of media types. The toner cartridges used by this printer are highly affordable and easy to replace. But the fax machine has a problem in recognizing incoming faxes. Also it has limited paper handling capacity and the graphics quality is not up to mark.

How to replace the toner cartridges of Samsung SCX-4521F printer?

When the display on the control panel shows the warning message, ‘Toner Empty’ this means that the toner cartridge has run out of ink, but continues with the printing process. For the SCX-4521F printer, the incoming faxes are saved in the memory. At this stage, the Samsung SCX-4521F toner cartridges need to be replaced. Follow the steps below for replacing the cartridges:

Note: You can set the machine to ignore the empty toner messages, and can still continue with the printing of incoming faxes. Refer the user manual for the process of ignoring the empty messages.
Remove the old Samsung SCX-4521F toner cartridges and install the new ones. See user manual for installing the toner cartridges.

Setting the Notify Toner Option

If you set the notify toner menu option to On, your machine will automatically send a fax to your service company or the dealer to notify them. The fax number is preset by your dealer when you bought the machine.

Notification cases are like:
  • When the Samsung SCX-4521F toner cartridges is low
  • When some critical error occurred at your machine. (Error cases be like CRU Fuse Error, Low Heat Error, LSU Error etc)
  • When notification day and notification pages that are preset by your dealer have passed

Step 1: Press menu on the control panel until the maintenance appears on the top line of the display.

Step 2: Press the scroll button or the left and right arrow key to display, notify toner on the bottom line and then press enter.

Step 3: Enter a four-digit password you want to use, using the number keypad and then press enter. If you select this menu, for the first time after purchasing or after clearing all memory, Re-enter the password to confirm it and press enter.

Step 4: Press the scroll button or left and right arrow key to change the setting. Select on to enable this feature and off to disable the feature.

Step 5: Press enter and save the selection.

Step 6: To return back to standby mode, press stop or clear.

Most Common FAQs for Samsung SCX-4521F:

Q. What is an Automatic Document Feeder?
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is a feature in Samsung SCX-4521F printers. The stack of paper that is put into the machine for printing is automatically fed through, allowing the user to print pages without having to manually place each page into the machine. This feature is very convenient and time saving for users, especially for larger print jobs.

Q. What types of paper is are Samsung SCX-4521F printers compatible with to print on?
You can use letter paper, legal paper, A4 size paper, folio, executive paper, A5 size paper, A6 card, and envelopes (10, DL, C5, C6, Monarch) with your SCX-4521F printer for printing.

Q. Is there some way to continue the print job with normal print quality even when the toner levels are low?
When the toner levels are low, you will start to notice white streaks or lighter printouts. You can reestablish the print quality to finish your current print job by redistributing your Samsung SCX-4521F toner cartridge. This will temporarily let you print in good quality, however, keep a replacement for the toner cartridge ready.

Q. I keep noticing horizontal stripes on my printouts. What could be the reason for this and how do I fix it?
Horizontal stripes may occur on your printouts due to various reasons:

  • Your Samsung SCX-4521F toner cartridges may not be installed properly or may be defective.
    • Remove the toner cartridge and then insert it into the printer again. If this does not solve the problem, replace the toner cartridge with a new one.
  • There may be a hardware error in the printer and the machine may require repair.
    • If the problem is not solved after replacing the toner cartridges, you will need to contact a service representative to get your printer checked.

Q. Are Samsung SCX-4521F toner cartridges refillable?
Yes, you can refill the Samsung SCX-4521F toner cartridge once it is empty. Make sure to handle the toner cartridge with care as refilling a toner cartridge is a complicated procedure. It is recommended to get your toner cartridge refilled by an expert so that no damage is caused to the cartridge.

Q. Do you sell the cartridges for Samsung SCX-4521F printer? How do I track my order?
Yes, we do sell original as well as compatible Samsung SCX-4521F toner cartridges. Once you have placed the order you will get the unique order ID with which you can track your order with the courier company.

Q. Does the sound produce by this printer is high! When compared to other Samsung printers?
Yes, the Samsung SCX-4521F has a sound emission of 55 dBA which makes it quite noisy.

Q. How many cartridges does the Samsung SCX-4521F use? What is the estimated quantity of ink in the cartridge?
The Samsung SCX-4521F is a monochrome printer that uses only 1 cartridge that is black. The quantity of ink depends upon whether the cartridges are the original ones or the compatible version. Our compatible SCX-4521F toner cartridges contain ink to print 3500 Pages.

Q. Can I expect good quality compatible SCX-4521F toner cartridges from this site?
You can expect to have the same and exact quality of prints and page yield from the compatible ones as you get from the OEM cartridges.

Q. How much money can I expect to save on Samsung SCX-4521F printer?
You can expect to save maximum on the cost of the toner cartridges when bought from this site, whether it is compatible range or the original.

Q. Do you supply printers on this site?
Unfortunately, we do not supply printers on this site, but there are many online sites available that provide the printers. You can look for the options on printers official site.

Q. Is Cash on Delivery available, if I order the SCX-4521F toner cartridges in bulk from this site?
As for now, we do not offer cash on delivery. You can make the payments by using PayPal and cards only. For any query regarding the payment methods feel free to contact our customer care on 048 3083 3221 or by email info@printerinkcartridges.ie.