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Samsung ML-1910 Toner Cartridges

Samsung ML-1910 Toner Cartridges

Laser toner cartridges for the Samsung ML-1910 printer:

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  1. Compatible Samsung 1052L ( MLT-D1052L ) Toner Cartridge - 2 Pack

    Compatible Samsung 1052L ( MLT-D1052L ) Toner Cartridge - 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible Twin Pack of Samsung MLTD1052L Toner:
    MLT D1052L X 2 (5,000 Pages)

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    Inc. VAT: €61.14 Exc. VAT: €49.71
  2. Compatible Samsung 1052L ( MLT-D1052L ) Toner Cartridge

    Compatible Samsung 1052L ( MLT-D1052L ) Toner Cartridge

    Premium Compatible Samsung MLTD1052L Toner Cartridge:
    MLT D1052L (2,500 Pages)
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    Inc. VAT: €34.99 Exc. VAT: €28.45

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Samsung ML-1910 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Samsung ML-1910 printer is a monochrome laser printer. This a budget printer that is a useful machine for small workplaces or even home-users. The printer has a classic air to it. It is matt grey in colour and this stylish looking laser printer has a small footprint of 360 mm width, 197 mm height and 389 mm depth. It weighs about 7.25 kgs which makes it easy to handle. A Samsung ML-1910 toner cartridge is the consumable provided with this printer along with an installation CD and a connection cable.

The Samsung ML-1910 printer gives a great print quality and it is equipped for rigorous work as well. It gives a print resolution of 1200 X 600 dpi. It has a print speed of 18 ppm with the first print coming out at 10 secs. It gives a monthly run of 10000 impressions. It has an internal memory of 8 MB. The Samsung ML-1910 toner cartridge has a decent print quantity and its replacements can be easily purchased online. The Samsung ML-1910 printer has some interesting features that are useful. It has a Screen Print function which lets you take a screenshot of the desktop and print it out. It also has an AnyWeb Print feature. Using this feature, you can take several screenshots and store it in the AnyWeb applet. These screenshots can be printed as and when required. These can also be saved in TIF or PDF formats. This printer requires low maintenance and is easy on your pocket. The Samsung ML-1910 printer is designed to be compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux systems. To connect it to your system, a USB cable is required.

  • Smart and compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast and efficient
  • AnyWeb feature
  • ScreenPrint feature
  • No duplexer
  • Wireless connectivity absent
Cartridge Requirements

The cartridge replacement for Samsung ML-1910 toner cartridge is:

  • Samsung 1052L Black Toner Cartridge

The Samsung ML-1910 printer is an easy-on-pocket printer. It is ideal for small offices and home users. This laser printer does not offer wireless connectivity to the devices nor does it have an auto-duplexer. However, it exhibits fast print speed and print quality is also quite good. It has some useful features as well.

How to clear paper jams occurred in Samsung ML-1910 printer?

In order to clear paper jams, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the front cover of the printer and leave the machine for at least 10 minutes to cool down.
  • Now, slowly take out the drum unit and Samsung ML-1910 Toner Cartridges assembly. The jammed paper may be pulled out with the drum unit along with the toner cartridge assembly, or this can also release the paper, so it can be pulled out of the paper tray opening.
  • Close the front cover of the machine.
  • Pull the paper tray out of the machine completely.
  • Open the back cover of the printer.
  • Now pull down the tabs at the right and left-hand sides to open the fuser cover.
  • Pull the jammed paper slowly out of the fuser unit gently so as not to damage the drum. Make sure that the jammed paper does not remain inside the printer because of the static electricity.
  • Close the fuser cover and the back cover.
  • Push down the green lock lever and take the Samsung ML-1910 Toner Cartridges out of the drum unit.
  • Put the toner cartridge back into the drum unit until the toner cartridge get locked into place. If the cartridges are put back in properly, the green lock lever will lift up automatically.
  • Open the front cover of the printer. Put the drum unit and Samsung ML-1910 Toner Cartridges assembly back into the machine closing the front cover.
  • Just check that the Error LED is off and followed by the Ready LED lights. If the printer does not start printing automatically, then press the Go button.
  • If the Error LED is still flashing, make sure that the front cover, fuser cover, and back cover of the printer are closed.