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Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges

Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges

Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Kodak 10B Ink - 2 Pack

    Compatible Kodak 10B Ink - 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible Kodak 10 Ink Cartridge:
    Kodak 10B x2 (1340 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €19.07 Exc. VAT: €15.50
  2. Compatible Kodak 10C Ink - 2 Pack

    Compatible Kodak 10C Ink - 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible Kodak 10 Ink Cartridge:
    Kodak 10C x2 (1800 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €19.07 Exc. VAT: €15.50
  3. Compatible Kodak 10B / 10C  - 2 Pack

    Compatible Kodak 10B / 10C - 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible Kodak 10 Ink Cartridges:
    Kodak 10B x1 (670 Pages)
    Kodak 10C x1 (900 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €25.83 Exc. VAT: €21.00
  4. Compatible Kodak 10B / 10C  - 6 Pack

    Compatible Kodak 10B / 10C - 6 Pack

    Premium Compatible Kodak 10 Ink Cartridges:
    Kodak 10B x3 (2010 Pages)
    Kodak 10C x3 (2700 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €73.79 Exc. VAT: €59.99

4 Item(s)

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Kodak Hero 6.1 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

This is a stylish small office printer all in one, which intends to serve the home and small office users. With features like duplex printing and scanning, a range of connectivity options and software meant to give the best prints, it has the means to serve the target users well.

Hero 6.1 in this enhanced mode can print up to 4800 dpi, with the scanning resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi. The print speed is a bit on the slower side especially in colour prints with black and white prints giving up to 16 ppm while colour prints come out at 5ppm. Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges are very economical and give a very low cost per print of up to 2.2 p. The quality of prints, especially photo prints, is very good, however, the copying leaves a lot to be desired. The scans are a bit blurred at the edges.

The printer does to have a separate photo paper tray, but the paper capacity of the primary tray is 200 pages, with an automatic document feeder that can hold up to 35 sheets of paper. This combined with its duplex printing capability makes it a good choice for small offices and shared workspaces. Kodak Hero 6.1 also has duplex scan options making long multiple pages scanning a breeze.

The best part of Kodak Hero 6.1 is the long range of connectivity options ranging from USB, ethernet, wireless to direct printing from cameras and various kinds of memory cards. The LCD preview makes printing easier, you can also check the preview in it, adjust and then print. The software pack that comes with Kodak Hero 6.1 are geared towards excellent photo prints, which further solidifies its function as a photo printer with all in one capability.

  • Large LCD is very functional
  • High yielding Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges result in very low cost of printing
  • Photo prints are of very good quality
  • Connectivity options including printing from google cloud
  • Copying quality is not so good
  • The printer is a bit top heavy

Kodak Hero 6.1 is a good printer which can serve small offices and homes well. The ease of use combined with a good print quality and multiple connectivity options make it a very practical choice. Its low cost of operations further increases its appeal and make it a worthwhile option.

Cartridge requirements

The compatible Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges are:

  • Kodak 10B Ink Cartridge
  • Kodak 10C Ink Cartridge
How to replace the printheads of Kodak Hero 6.1 printer?

When the printer issues in delivering good printing results or that one is facing print quality defects, the most likely cause for such problem is that the Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges have dried out. Also if missing colours appear on the printout, the printheads are probably clogged, sometime cleaning the printheads does not improve the quality and thus need replacement. Follow these simple troubleshooting steps to replace the printheads for getting better results:

IMPORTANT: Replacing the printhead is not a regular maintenance procedure. Replace the printhead only if you receive a new printhead from Kodak. To replace the printhead follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the printer is on
  • Lift the access door, and then wait for the carriage to move to the access position
  • Remove both the Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges and set them aside
  • Unlatch the existing printhead by lifting the button to replace them
  • Lift the printhead out of the carriage
  • Remove the new printhead from its bag
    CAUTION: Do not touch the gold contacts on the printhead, as doing so may damage it
  • Remove the plastic protective caps before installing them in the carriage
  • Install the new printhead in the carriage
  • Push firmly against the target label of the printhead until you hear a click sound. This will assure you that the printheads are fitted properly on its place
  • Insert the black Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridge into the printhead
  • Press down on the ink cartridge until you hear a click
  • Repeat the same process from step 10 - 11 for the colour ink cartridges
  • Close the access door. The printer detects the new printhead. Follow the instructions on the LCD to calibrate your printer

Most Common FAQs for Kodak Hero 6.1:

Q. Is Kodak Hero 6.1 printer compatible with Windows 7?
Yes, the printer is compatible with Windows 7.

Q. What if the printer produces too much paper curl after printing? How can I resolve the problem?
Try these steps to solve the problem:

  • While printing pictures or documents with large areas of image content, increase the top and bottom margins (in portrait mode) or the left and right margins (in landscape mode). The larger the margin, the less potential there is for curl.
  • Print on higher weight paper or print on KODAK ultimate paper.
  • Instead of printing in borderless mode, print in border mode.
  • If you are unable to stack the pages properly in the output tray, remove the pages as they exit.

Q. How can I resolve “Ink cartridge error” for my Kodak Hero 6.1 printer?
Carry out these steps:

  • Make sure that the Kodak Hero 6.1 ink cartridges are installed. Avoid using non-Kodak branded ink cartridges.
  • Remove and reinstall the ink cartridges. Make sure that the cartridges click into place.

Q. Why should I prefer compatible Kodak Hero 6.1 ink cartridges for my printer?
Compatible ink cartridges can help you save your money by providing good quality results at less cost. Also, the compatible ink cartridges can be easily used for printing without any worry to lose your printer’s warranty.

Q. Will it make any difference to the number of pages I print, if I use compatible Kodak Hero 6.1 ink cartridges instead of the original ones?
No, it won’t make any difference to the number of pages printed using compatible or original ink cartridges. The compatible and original ink cartridges differ in the cost. The number of pages that can be printed depends on the ink cartridge you use, as some cartridges state a higher yield.

Q. My colour Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges ran out of ink, but my black ink is still full. Can I set my printer to just print in black?
Sorry, but you cannot print the documents unless both the cartridges have ink. You must keep extra black & colour cartridges on hand so that you can replace them immediately when needed. However, to finish off with your black ink simultaneously with the coloured one, it is recommended to print more invoices than anything else so that you go through black ink.

Q. Why maintenance of the printer is required?
Your printer requires very little maintenance. However, it is must to clean the scanner glass and lid regularly to remove dust and fingerprints, which affect the quality and accuracy of scanning and copying from your printer. Except while cleaning the printer, keep the printer plugged into an AC power outlet. If you use a power strip, don't turn off the power strip. Keep the printhead and Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges in the printer at all times to help prevent damage to the printhead.

Q. How can I print using Google cloud print?
You can print on the go from your smartphone, computer, or tablet using Google Cloud Print enabled apps. Before you use the Google Cloud Print, make sure that your printer is set up for Cloud Printing. Refer the online user manual for setting up the Cloud Printing:
To print from a computer, follow the steps below: Install the Chrome extension (plugin) from the Chrome Web store, then:

  • From GMAIL:
    • Email body: Select the email, then click the Print using Google Cloud Print link at the top right of the email
    • Attachment: Select Print attachment using Google Cloud Print
  • From Google Docs:
    • Select the File and then print using Google Cloud Print
  • Web pages (URL must end with .pdf, .doc, or .txt):
    • Click Print using Google Cloud Print when it appears in the URL address bar
    • For the latest information on supported formats, go to the Chrome extension (plugin) Website.

Q. What kind of paper should I use for printing from the Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges?
All the compatible cartridges easily adapt to the kind of paper needed for printing a document such as A4 sheets, film paper, stickers and many such others.

Q. Hello! I connected both the colour cartridges to my Kodak Hero 6.1 printer, yet it is printing only black ink and not colour?
A. Please check if both the cartridges are installed properly. Remove the colour cartridge and install it again. There will be a click sound if the cartridge is placed correctly. Another reason could be, the colour cartridge would have dried out completely and needs to be refilled. You will receive a message on your LCD screen.

You can opt for compatible Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges for good quality prints and cost saving.

Q. Today while taking printouts from Kodak Hero 6.1 printer, I saw it taking two sheets together. This problem has been recurring multiple times while taking printout. I am unable to understand what is the reason?
A. When the cassette of the printer Kodak hero 6.1 is not properly cleaned leads to this problem. The pad of the cassette when filled with dirt or paper powder may cause this issue. Regular cleaning of the cassette is essential to rectify this problem and for its smooth functioning.

Listed below are the steps for cleaning the Kodak Hero printer.

  1. Take a cotton swab and moisten it slightly for cleaning purpose
  2. Open the cassette door and remove all the papers that are left out
  3. Now clean the pad sideways carefully using the cotton swab
  4. After the pad is dried fully, place it back in the printer
  5. Take a print out to check whether the problem is resolved
  6. Make sure the dirt is cleaned completely or else the problem will recur.

Q. How can I replace Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges?
A. The level of ink on your printer can be checked through the LCD. If the ink has dried up or the print is dull and blank you need to change the cartridge. In order to replace your Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink Cartridges follow these steps:

Step 1: First, make sure to keep the printer ON and slightly lift the access door of the printer, until the carriage moves to the access point.

Step 2: Pinch the tab on the cartridge which is located on the print head. Now lift the colour ink cartridge out of the printhead.

Step 3: When fitting a new cartridge make sure it is immediately installed into print head as soon as you remove it out of the cover or else the ink will get dried up.

Step 4: Remove the cap and insert the ink cartridge into the print head. Press it down until you hear a click sound, which means the cartridge is inserted perfectly. Once done close the access door.

Q. Lately, whenever I try to take a print on Kodak Hero 6.1 printer I see an “Ink system failure” message flashing on the screen. What does that mean?
A. It is an error message and if it keeps flashing continuously on the screen it means there is some problem with the ink in the cartridge or with the print head. Check whether the Kodak Hero 6.1 ink cartridge is placed properly in the Kodak Hero printer. Usually, once the fault is rectified the error message disappears. If it doesn’t then you need to reset the printer. Follow the instructions given in the user manual about resetting the Kodak Hero 6.1 Ink cartridges and restart the system.

Q. How do I resolve the error message “Printer not responding” when using my printer Kodak Hero 6.1?
A. Make sure that your printer is plugged in and turned on. If you are using a USB cable, make sure that it is a USB 2.0 high-speed cable. And it is connected to both your printer and your computer. You just restart the computer if the USB cable was disconnected from the printer then reconnected, or if power to the printer was interrupted. If you are using a wireless connection, then make sure that the Wi-Fi connectivity LED remains lit. And the printer is connected to your wireless network. To check:

  • On the printer and press Home
  • Press button to select Network Settings, then press OK
  • Press button to select View Network Configurations, then press OK
  • Make sure that the Active Connection Type is Wi-Fi and that the IP Address is not all Zeros

Check your router is transmitting data and the firewall is allowing the services needed for your Kodak Hero 6.1 printer