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Samsung SCX-3205 Toner Cartridges

Samsung SCX-3205 Toner Cartridges

Samsung SCX-3205 Toner Cartridges

Laser toner cartridges for the Samsung SCX-3205 printer:

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  1. Compatible Samsung MLTD1042S/ELS Toner 2 Pack

    Compatible Samsung MLTD1042S/ELS Toner 2 Pack

    Premium Compatible Samsung MLT-D1042S Toner Cartridges:
    MLT-D1042S X2 (3,000 Pages)

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    Inc. VAT: €57.15 Exc. VAT: €46.46
  2. Compatible Samsung MLTD1042S/ELS Toner

    Compatible Samsung MLTD1042S/ELS Toner

    Premium Compatible Samsung MLT-D1042S Toner Cartridges:
    MLT-D1042S (1,500 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €33.98 Exc. VAT: €27.63

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Samsung SCX-3205 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Samsung SCX-3205 printer is a multifunctional printer. With this monochrome printer you can print, scan and copy documents. On purchase of the printer, you get a Samsung SCX-3205 toner cartridge. This printer is apt for people who work from home and small workplaces. The footprint of the printer is 388.62 mm width, 299.72 mm depth and 233.68 mm height. It’s weight about 7.3 kgs.

The printer looks stylish. A function panel is present along the width on the top. Its structure makes it easy to place it anywhere on the office desk without creating a considerable space for it. The black colour helps blend this printer perfectly with any office setup. This printer has a print resolution of 1200 dpi and gives a print speed of 16 ppm. The first printout comes out at 10 secs. The Samsung SCX-3205 toner cartridge gives upto 700 printouts. It has an interesting feature known as Eco Print. This function, when turned on, the printer will automatically use the duplex feature and print on both sides of the paper. Toner saver mode is also turned on. It also has a Screen print function that takes the screenshot of the desktop and prints it. The ID card print feature lets you scan a business card on both sides before giving a print. This printer is compatible with iOS, LInux and Windows. The scanner gives an interpolated resolution of 4800 dpi and works on the CIS technology. It can be connected to your system using a USB cable.

  • Good print quality
  • Eco-Print
  • Screen print
  • ID card print
  • Multifunctionality
  • Average print speed
  • No Bluetooth
Cartridge Requirements

The replacements for Samsung SCX-3205 toner cartridge is:

  • Compatible Samsung MLT-D1042S Black Toner Cartridge

The Samsung SCX-3205 printer has some really useful features such as screen print and ID card print all of which together may not be seen in other printers. It is designed for home-users and small offices. Though it lacks wireless connectivity, the print quality is up to the mark.

How to resolve the “Install black cartridge” error message that is displayed on Samsung SCX-3205 printer?

The flaw message indicates that the black Samsung SCX-3205 toner cartridge is not installed, not compatible, or some blockage is preventing the cartridge from being recognized. To prevent this message from displaying, use the below steps:

Step 1: Samsung suggests using good-quality/high-quality toner supplies. Low-quality or refilled cartridge does not guarantee any print quality or reliability.

Step 2: Check the toner cartridge and printer whether any packing materials are causing the problem.

  • Turn off the Samsung printer and disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  • Now open the toner cartridge door and look for the packing materials such as tape, cardboard, paper debris, etc. If you find any of these, remove them as soon as possible.
  • Take out the old Samsung SCX-3205 toner cartridge.
  • If you find any dust inside the toner cartridge area, remove them.
  • Remove the orange tab and the protective sealing tape from the toner cartridge.
  • Rock the Samsung SCX-3205 toner cartridge from front to back and make sure that the toner is distributed evenly.
  • Install the new toner cartridge and close the cartridge door.
  • Lastly, reconnect the power cord and turn on the printer.

Step 3: Check for any jammed paper inside your Samsung printer.

Step 4: Clean the electric contacts of the cartridge.

Step 5: Reset the printer.

Step 6: If the error message still continues to display, contact the Samsung Support service center.

What to do if the Network connected Samsung SCX-3205 printer displays offline?

To resolve the issue, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the printer power is ON.
  • If a server assigned an IP address, change it to a static IP address.
  • Configure the TCP/IP port and make sure that the printer and the TCP/IP port have the same IP address.
  • Deactivate the SNMP feature.
  • Print a page to the printer to check whether the printer is "Online" or “Offline”.

After performing the steps, if the printer displays "Offline", reinstall the print driver and go through the network installation.