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HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges

HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges

HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges

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  1. Compatible HP 304XL Black & Colour Multipack

    Compatible HP 304XL Black & Colour Multipack

    Premium compatible HP304XL Black & Colour ink cartridges
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    Inc. VAT: €39.35 Exc. VAT: €31.99
  2. Compatible HP 304XL Colour

    Compatible HP 304XL Colour

    Premium compatible HP304XL Colour
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    Inc. VAT: €22.13 Exc. VAT: €17.99
  3. Compatible HP 304XL Black

    Compatible HP 304XL Black

    Premium compatible HP304XL Black
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    Inc. VAT: €19.67 Exc. VAT: €15.99

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HP DeskJet 2633 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

HP Deskjet 2633 is a wireless multifunction printer that catches the attention of home users with its user-friendly features and affordable printing options. The device focuses on targeting home buyers with its easy-to-use printing method that eliminates complications.

Along with a simple control panel, the device is lightweight and compact. It weighs just 3.42 kgs and measures 425 x 304 x 149 mm (W x D x H). Setting up the printer for the first is also a quick and easy task. The printing speed of the device 7.5 ppm (ISO) for mono and 5.5 ppm (ISO) for colour which is reasonable but not up to par with other printers of the same range. The print resolution for black and white is 1200 x 1200 dpi whereas for colour photos it is 4800 x 1200 dpi. Moreover, the HP Deskjet 2633 Ink Cartridges high-yielding and enhance the quality of the images. In addition, the printer supports wireless connectivity to print straightaway from mobile devices through HP print apps. The output tray of the device is designed to reduce jams and curb the space occupied by the machine. It connects with many Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy-to-setup device
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent quality printing
  • High-yielding HP Deskjet 2633 Ink Cartridges
  • Wireless printing with WiFi
  • Fax capability is wanting
  • Automatic duplexing is not supported
  • Automatic Document Feeder is lacking
  • Borderless printing is not supported
  • PictBridge is not supported
Cartridge Requirements
Compatible HP Deskjet 2633 Ink Cartridges are:
  • HP 304XL Black ink cartridge
  • HP 304XL Colour ink cartridge
  • HP 304XL Multipack

Although HP Deskjet 2633 lacks some advanced features it has advantages to appeal the home buyers that need printing for basic requirements. All the more, it is an all-in-one that prints and scans wirelessly without any hassle. So, it makes a good choice for home users.

How to resolve ink cartridge related problems of HP DeskJet 2633?

If an error occurs once the cartridge is installed, or if a message indicates a cartridge problem, try removing the cartridges. Verify that the protective piece of plastic tape has been removed from the HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridge, before inserting them in a cartridge slot. If the problem is still not resolved, try the following methods to replace the cartridges. For information about replacing the cartridges, check the following:

To clean cartridge contacts

CAUTION: Check that the cleaning should take only a few minutes and make sure that the cartridges are installed while carrying out the cleaning process. It is not allowed to leave the cartridges outside the printer for longer than 30 minutes. If cartridges are left unprotected outside, their nozzles might dry out and clog up.

Step 1. Check that the power of the printer is turned on.

Step 2. Open the cartridge access door and wait for the print carriage to move to the center of the position.

Step 3. Remove the HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges as indicated in the error message.

Step 4. Clean the cartridge and the printer contacts.

  • Hold the cartridge with the bottom pointing up and locate the electrical contacts on the cartridge. The electrical contacts are the small golden colored dots.
  • Wipe the contacts with a dry lint-free cloth. Make sure to wipe only the contacts, and do not smear any ink or other debris elsewhere on the cartridge.
  • Inside the printer, locate the contacts for the cartridge. The printer contacts are the set of gold-colored bumps that are positioned accordingly to meet the contacts on the cartridge.

Step 5. Reinstall the HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges.

Step 6. Close the cartridge access door and check if the error appearing on the screen has gone away. If you still receive the error message, turn the printer off, and then on again after some time.
NOTE: If one of your cartridges is causing a problem, remove it and use the single cartridge mode to operate the printer with only one cartridge.

Most Common FAQs for HP DeskJet 2633:

Q. What is the printing speed supported by the HP DeskJet 2633 printer?
This printer can print up to 20 monochrome pages and 16 colour pages per minute.

Q. I ordered HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges from your website but I missed the delivery. Are there any additional charges for rescheduling of delivery?
All our orders are delivered by Fastway Couriers. They will be responsible for trying to make a maximum of two deliveries. Incase nobody is there to receive the order, the items will be returned to their central depot or to our warehouse. Any delivery attempt after that will incur an additional charge of €4.95 inc VAT.

Q. How many ink cartridges does the HP DeskJet 2633 printer use for its operation?
This printer uses just two ink cartridges for its operation. They are HP 304XL Colour and HP 304XL Black.

Q. How is the quality of your compatible HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges?
The quality of our compatible ink cartridges abide by the ISO norms and standards which make them an ideal choice for your printer. The compatible cartridges provided by us are guaranteed to produce the same quality of output as original cartridges.

Q. When my delivery arrived yesterday, I realized that I ordered the wrong cartridges for my printer. Can I please return this item for a refund?
You can return the item in its original and undamaged packaging with all of its components. If your item is returned undamaged to us in its original and undamaged packaging and is fit for resale, we will offer you a refund in accordance with our refund policy.

Q. How big is the scan glass in the HP DeskJet 2633?
The maximum scan size from glass in this printer is 21.6 x 29.7 cm (8.5 x 11.7 inches).

Q. I am planning to buy the HP DeskJet 2633 printer. Will I receive a set of HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges in its box?
Yes, you will receive a set of HP DeskJet 2633 Ink Cartridges in the box of this printer. When your started ink cartridges run out, you should try our compatible ink cartridges for this printer. They are cheaper than original but are guaranteed to produce the same quality of output.