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Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridges

Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridges

Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridges

Premium Compatible Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridges

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  1. Compatible Kodak 10B Ink - 2 Pack
    Inc. VAT: €19.07 Exc. VAT: €15.50

    Out of stock

  2. Compatible Kodak 10C Ink - 2 Pack
    Inc. VAT: €19.07 Exc. VAT: €15.50

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  3. Compatible Kodak 10B / 10C  - 2 Pack

    Compatible Kodak 10B / 10C - 2 Pack

    Compatible Kodak 10B & 10C
    1 x 10B Black 14 ml
    1 x 10CxColour 12ml

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    Inc. VAT: €25.83 Exc. VAT: €21.00

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  4. Compatible Kodak 10B / 10C  - 6 Pack

    Compatible Kodak 10B / 10C - 6 Pack

    Compatible Kodak 10B & 10C 6 Pack
    3 x 10Bxl Black 14 ml
    3 x 10Cxl Colour 12ml

    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €73.79 Exc. VAT: €59.99

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Kodak ESP 3250 Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

The Kodak ESP 3250 is an exceptionally efficient device used for printing lab-quality photos and documents easily. This all-in-one printer is a big saver on money as it lets you print, scan and copy using low-cost, high-quality pigment Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridges and delivers bright colours and sharp text that you expect to get for just a fraction of the price.

While talking about the design, Kodak ESP 3250 measures (422 × 300 × 175mm) and is an upgraded version of ESP 3 with the only difference of a larger LCD monitor on the top. The printer holds 100 sheets of standard A4 size paper in an input tray, and allows printing crisp and sharp documents at the speed of 30 pages per minute in black and 29 pages per minute in colour, making it the fastest budget printer in the market.

The ESP 3250 is environmental-friendly as it uses low-voltage socket for the black-block power supply mode and conserves energy by letting the user dictate the time it takes for the printer to go in the standby mode. It is good for home usage as it accepts memory sticks, SD cards or a MultiMedia Card but lacks in Wi-Fi connectivity. It uses a single USB port supported at the back, which is not ideal to use at the places where you have a number of devices to print from.

  • Convenient 2-cartridge, 6-ink system
  • Colour quality is very good
  • Cost-effective
  • Small footprint
  • Can print 10 by 15 cm borderless photos in less than 45 sec
  • Prints very quickly
  • Comes with free photo paper
  • Easy to install
  • No wi-fi connectivity
  • No warning before the ink runs out
  • Cannot print in black unless the installed colour Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridge has ink in it
  • Not compatible with Windows Vista or newer operating systems
Cartridge Requirements:
Replacement for the compatible Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridges are as follows:
  • Kodak 10B Black
  • Kodak 10C Colour
  • Kodak 10Bxl Black
  • Kodak 10Cxl Colour

The Kodak ESP is a multifunctional printer that is easy to install and used to print the documents very quickly. The area it needs to pay attention to is the quality of the scanner and copier used, but overall a good printer with easy handling and printing jobs.

How to overcome the Paper jam issue of the Kodak ESP 3250?

If your printer faces trouble while handling print media, check the following:

  1. Check for paper in the rear-access cleanout area.
  2. Open the printer access door and gently remove the paper from the inside of the printer.
  3. Make sure that the paper in the tray is not curled.
  4. Ensure that you do not overload the paper tray. For more information refer to the online user manual.

How can I replace the printhead of the Kodak ESP 3250 printer?

Replacing the printhead is not a regular process. It should be done only when the problem is not resolved after performing the printhead cleaning and printhead deep cleaning method twice. Replace the printhead only when you receive a new printhead. To replace the printhead follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your printer is turned on
  2. Lift the printer access door, and wait for the carriage to move it to the entry position
  3. Remove the paper that has been already loaded in the printer
  4. Remove both the Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridges and set them aside
  5. Unlatch the already used printhead by lifting the button in the center of the carriage
  6. Lift the used printhead out of the carriage and remove the new printhead from its bag
    CAUTION: Do not touch the copper contacts present on the printhead, as this may damage it
  7. Remove the plastic protective shields from the product before placing it
  8. Place a new printhead into the carriage and insert it at the particular angel
  9. Gently push it against the target label of the printhead until you hear a loud snap sound
  10. Insert the black Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridge into the printhead
  11. Then, press the ink cartridge down until it clicks into its place
  12. Repeat the same steps 11 -12 for the colour Kodak ESP 3250 Ink Cartridge
  13. Gently, close the printer access door.

The printer now detects the new printhead. Then, follow the instructions on the LCD to calibrate your printer.

Most Common FAQs for Kodak ESP 3250:

Q. Hi, can you please tell me how Kodak ESP 3250 ink cartridges that I bought a few months back should be stored for future use? I’ll be travelling overseas for six months so won’t be using the cartridges, which I haven’t opened yet.
To begin with, please arrange for cartridges to be stored safely in a cool, dry place, away from dust and sunlight. You need to ensure that the cartridges don’t suffer even a minor damage and the packaging does not get ruptured, which can result in ink drying up. Taking basic precautions like these can increase the longevity of the cartridges and ensure they give top quality output.

Q. Do compatible Kodak ESP 3250 ink cartridges come with a warranty?
Yes, we give warranty on all our cartridges, so you can be sure of their quality.

Q. If I have an urgent requirement of Kodak ESP 3250 ink cartridges for my printer, will you be able to deliver them within a couple of days? I ask as I believe a Kodak product is not a commonly used one. Thanks.
Yes, we are equipped to deliver these Kodak brand ink cartridges also in 1- 3 days just like those of the other companies. Please also note that the delivery of these Kodak ink cartridges is also subject to availability of the specific model and factors like transportation and others which are beyond control.

Q. Do you offer a money-back guarantee on the purchase of compatible Kodak ESP 3250 ink cartridges should a need arise?
Yes, you can avail of money-back guarantee on the purchase of these ink cartridges.

Q. Can I use Kodak ESP 3250 ink cartridges with Kodak ESP 5250 printer? Do these ink cartridges fit in the printer properly?
Yes, these ink cartridges are compatible with the Kodak ESP 5250 printer and therefore will fit in and print smoothly.

Q. How many pages do each of the compatible KODAK ESP 3250 ink cartridges print?
A. Our compatible KODAK ESP 3250 ink cartridges can print the following number of pages:

  • 10B (Black) - 425 pages each (Approx)
  • 10C (Colour) - 420 pages each (Approx)

Q. What operating systems does KODAK ESP 3250 support?
A. KODAK ESP 3250 supports the following operating systems:

  • In Windows, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and greater.
  • In Mac OS, MACINTOSH OS X 10.4.8 and greater.

Q. Can I print directly from a memory card without using a PC on my KODAK ESP 3250?
A. Yes, you can directly print from a memory card without using a PC.
Your printer accepts the following memory cards: SD Card, SDHC Card, MMC Card, Memory Stick.
The following variations of memory cards require an adapter: MEMORY STICK Duo, miniSD, and microSD.

Q. Does KODAK ESP 3250 support wifi connectivity?
A. Unfortunately, KODAK ESP 3250 does not support wifi connectivity.

Q. Can I scan multiple pictures at the same time using my KODAK ESP 3250?
A. Yes, using Home Center software, you can scan multiple pictures simultaneously and save them as separate files. When scanning multiple pictures, leave space between the pictures so that the printer can detect the separate pictures. Any pictures that overlap are interpreted as a single picture. Please note that for Home Center Software to interpret two or more pictures, the scan option must be set to Picture.

Q. How many pages can KODAK ESP 3250 print per minute?
A. It can print up to 30 black pages and 29 colour pages per minute on plain paper.

Q. I ordered KODAK ESP 3250 ink cartridges from your website. In unexpected circumstances, I had to leave the city and missed the delivery. Is there any additional charge for reschedule of delivery?
A. All our orders are delivered by Fastway Couriers. They will attempt to make two deliveries to your door and any unsuccessful deliveries will be returned to their central depot or to our warehouse. Any further delivery attempt will incur an additional charge of €4.95 inc VAT.

Q. My 10C KODAK ESP 3250 ink cartridge has run out of ink. Do you have any individual packs for colour ink?
A. Yes, we have both original and compatible individual packs for 10C (Colour) KODAK ESP 3250 ink cartridges available on our website.

Q. Does KODAK ESP 3250 support scanning?
A. Yes, it is an all-in-one machine that supports scanning, copying and printing.

Q. I ordered the wrong cartridges for my KODAK ESP 3250. I would like to cancel my order. What is your cancellation policy?
A. If you order from our website, you can return the item unopened up to 7 days following the receipt of the product purchased. If the order has not been dispatched we will just cancel order and refund payment in accordance with our refund policy below. If the order has already been dispatched, you can refuse to sign for on delivery (if the product needs to be signed for) and we will refund payment in accordance with our refund policy. Alternatively, if the order does not need to be signed for, you can follow the procedure under 'Non-faulty items' given in our terms and conditions. Check this link:- https://printerinkcartridges.ie/terms-and-conditions

Q. I’m currently using original KODAK ESP 3250 ink cartridges but I’m considering using your compatible cartridges instead. Is there any difference in quality between the two?
A. Our compatible ink cartridges are rigorously factory tested to the same ISO standard as the original brand ink. They produce the same quality of output as original and are much cheaper! All our ink cartridges come with a money-back guarantee. We recommend that you go for multipack cartridges as they are more economical than single packs.

Q. If I order a multipack of KODAK ESP 3250 ink cartridges today, how much time will you take to deliver it?
A. All our orders are delivered by Fastway Couriers. Approximately 90% of our orders received before 12 noon daily are despatched same day and delivered on a 1 - 2 delivery day basis. Fastway couriers will deliver between the hours of 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday) However, if your need is urgent, you can call us on 048 30833221. There are times when we are unable to keep our promise of 1-2 delivery due to a rural location or Fastway couriers’ network distribution.

Q. How much ink do each of the KODAK ESP 3250 ink cartridges compatible contain?
A. The ink volume of 10B cartridge (Black) is 14 ml and the ink volume of 10C cartridge (Colour) is 12 ml.