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Factors to Select Inkjet or Laser Printer

Choose the right printer from Inkjet or Laser for using at home or your officeChoosing the right printer that suits your needs is fundamental and giving consideration to the running costs will help you get the best value from your printer. Doing your homework first and researching the cost of replacement ink cartridges for your printer will ultimately pay dividends in the long run. In the first instance decide if it is a laser or inkjet that would best suit your requirements. When it comes to choosing the type of printer that you need for use at home or in a professional capacity, the two main choices are inkjet or laser printers.

Both Inkjet and laser have certain advantages that make them more preferable to use. Both are differ in the way they produce an image on a sheet of paper. Inkjet printers place ink from an inkjet cartridge directly onto paper whereas laser printers use a beam of light to produce an image of the item that is stored in its memory and is then printed using a laser toner. These printers are better for certain types of printing. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting between an inkjet and laser printer. When deciding which is the best option for you, consider the type and quantity of the documents to be printed.

For everyday home or small office use an inkjet printer may prove sufficient. The volume of pages you print and the content of those pages will determine this. For example, if you print a lot of black and white reports then a mono laser printer would be ideal for you. This will only print black and white and give you fast print speeds that and inkjet printer cannot match. Most small offices will have at let one mono laser printer that will churn out report after report using a black laser toner cartridge that will print up to 3000 A4 pages.

The replacement toner cartridges should be available as compatibles and therefore will be a fraction of the cost of the original brand cartridge. For those who need a bit of colour in their printing, either for leaflets or photos, an inkjet printer is ideal for a small number of copies. The general reproduction of images by an inkjet printer is satisfactory for most purposes (although you may require high resolution paper to reproduce high quality photographs). The inkjet printer is not suitable for high volume runs, if this is what is needed then a colour laser printer would be more suitable. The purchase of a colour laser will be a substantial cost and the volume of printing intended to be carried out should be thoroughly thought before such a purchase is made. Again, the availability of compatible ink or toner should be carefully considered before making such a purchase. Research is the key to obtaining good value for your ink cartridges.