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OKI MC362dn toner cartridges

OKI MC362dn toner cartridges

OKI MC362dn toner cartridges

OKI MC362dn toner cartridges

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  1. Compatible OKI 44469803 /44469704/ 44469705/ 44469706  Toners - 4 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Compatible OKI 44469803 /44469704/ 44469705/ 44469706 Toners - 4 Pack +FREE PAPER

    Premium OKI 44469803/44469704/5/6 toner cartridges:
    Oki 44469803 (3,500 Pages)
    Oki 44469704 (2000 Pages)
    Oki 44469705 (2000 Pages)
    Oki 44469706 (2000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €156.15 Exc. VAT: €126.95
  2. Compatible OKI 44469803 Toner

    Compatible OKI 44469803 Toner

    Premium OKI 44469803 toner cartridge:
    Oki 44469803 (3,500 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €39.36 Exc. VAT: €32.00
  3. Compatible OKI 44469706 Cyan Toner

    Compatible OKI 44469706 Cyan Toner

    Premium OKI 44469706 toner cartridge:
    Oki 44469706 (2000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €39.36 Exc. VAT: €32.00
  4. Compatible OKI 44469705 Magenta Toner

    Compatible OKI 44469705 Magenta Toner

    Premium OKI 44469705 toner cartridge:
    Oki 44469705 (2000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €39.36 Exc. VAT: €32.00
  5. Compatible OKI 44469704 Yellow Toner

    Compatible OKI 44469704 Yellow Toner

    Premium OKI 44469704 toner cartridge:
    Oki 44469704 (2000 Pages)
    Product Details
    Inc. VAT: €39.36 Exc. VAT: €32.00

5 Item(s)

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OKI MC362dn Printer Review & Troubleshoot:

OKI MC362dn Printer is a multifunctional colour printer. This printer was basically designed for A4 size coloured printing for your office presentations and home projects. The printer has a five-line mono LCD display gives you access to a massive array of features. Physical dimensions of this printer are 42.7 x 50.9 x 44.4 cm with 29 kg weight. A user can manage business printing with ease through its time-saving features, i.e. auto-duplexing with the capacity of 50 sheets. The printer falls under energy efficient printers which takes the warm-up time of 60 seconds only with 8.5 seconds for first-page printing. Besides this, the OKI printer offers both wired and wireless connections for a hassle-free printing solution.

The Black Oki MC362dn toner cartridge has a printing capacity of 3,500 pages while the Coloured cartridges of Oki MC362dn printer can print up to 2,000 pages. The printer offers a printing resolution of 2400 x 2400 px which is suitable for quality and crisp output. The print speed of this printer is 22ppm and 24ppm for Coloured and Monochrome prints respectively.


  • 4-in-1 printer
  • Allows auto duplexing
  • Good paper handling capacity
  • Flexible with the series of Mac and Windows operating system
  • Offers wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Flexile with multiple media options
  • Crisp output with good quality Oki MC362dn toner cartridges
  • High printing resolution


  • Low print quality for coloured output
  • Slow printing speed
  • Bulky printer

Cartridges Requirement

OKI MC362dn toner cartridges include:

  • OKI 44469803 black toner cartridge
  • OKI 44469706 cyan toner cartridge
  • OKI 44469705 magenta toner cartridge
  • OKI 44469704 yellow toner cartridge


With impressive print quality, the Oki MC362dn A4 colour multifunction printer is a versatile printer compatible with various media types. This flexible device offers print, copy, fax and scan functions. The printer comes with auto-duplexing, wireless connectivity options and high paper handling capacity features which makes it ideal for workplace and home printing.

My OKI MC362dn printer displays “Please check [COLOUR] toner cartridge”. How to resolve the error message?

The error message indicates that the OKI MC362dn toner cartridge is not installed or not properly installed. To resolve the message, follow the steps given below:

  • Raise the scanner gently.
  • Push the cover release and open the output tray completely.
  • In case, the OKI MC362dn toner cartridge is not installed, install the toner cartridge.
  • And if the toner cartridge is already installed, slide the lock to the right and unlock the toner cartridge temporarily. Then, slide the lock to the left to secure the toner cartridge.
  • Now close the output tray and press down carefully so that the cover latches closed.
  • Lower the scanner gently.
  • If the issue still persists, turn the printer off and then power on again or install new OKI MC362dn toner cartridge.

A paper jam has occurred in my OKI MC362dn printer. How to remove the paper jam?

To remove the paper jam:

  • Press the button and open the output tray fully.
  • Remove the four image drums and place them on a flat surface covered with newspaper.
    (Be careful not to touch the LED head)
  • Cover the removed image drums properly with paper to avoid direct light.
  • Hold the border of jammed paper and pull it out slowly.
  • If the paper is stuffed in the fuser unit, lightly pull out the jammed paper towards the front while pressing the jam release lever of the fuser unit.
  • Push the lock levers on both sides of the fuser unit towards the front.
  • Remove the fuser unit by its handle and then remove the belt unit by holding the lock levers.
  • Remove the jammed paper carefully. Install the belt unit and fuser unit back into the machine.
  • Return the four image drum to the device.
  • Now, close the output tray and press the center to verify that it is locked.

Most Common FAQs for OKI MC362dn:

Q. What is the page yield for OKI MC362dn toner cartridges?
The page yield for Black Oki cartridges is 3,500 Pages, and 2,000 pages for coloured ones.

Q. Does the OKI MC362dn printer supports Mac operating systems?
Yes, the OKI printer is flexible with a series of Mac and Windows operating system. A few of them are as follows:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, WIndows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • Android and
  • Mac

Q. If I order OKI MC362dn toner cartridges from your site and need help for the installation process even at a later date. Would you provide the necessary support? Thanks.
Yes, definitely. You can contact us anytime with any concerns related to your purchase. We’ll be glad to help you out. While contacting us, make sure you ready with the details and provide us with relevant details in order to serve you better. You can ask for help on 048 308332211 or email us on info@printerinkcartridges.ie.

Q. Before buying OKI MC362dn printer for my office presentations, I would like to know its features?
The OKI printer offers a massive array of features. Some of them are:

  • Auto-duplex printing with capacity of 50 sheets
  • Offers both wires and wireless connectivity options
  • Crisp outputs with quality cartridges
  • Flexible with multiple media options
  • Good paper handling capacity and high printing resolution

Q. Is there any difference in print quality if I use compatible OKI MC362dn toner cartridges for my OKI printer, instead of the original ones?
We provide high quality tested compatible toner cartridges which yield the same as the original ones. If in case your printing quality degrades due to compatible toner cartridges, then you can choose our return policy or call 01 9610106 for replacing your order.