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Pick N Mix

 Pick 'N' Mix

How does it work?

Choose and Pick 'N' Mix your own combination of ink cartridges for your multipacksThe Pick 'N' Mix option gives you, our customer the freedom to choose your own combination of ink cartridges in your chosen multipack. For example if you choose a multipack of 4 + 1 cartridge free, you have the option to change the order, from the original system of one of each cartridge and then one of your choosing or a black. This gives you the option if you wanted to have for example 2 cyan, 2 yellow and for the free cartridge a magenta or 5 cartridges all of them magenta.

How will this benefit me?

We believe that this will benefit our customers by giving them more control over what they are ordering, to give you the customer a more pleasant experience.

What does it apply to?

This offer applies to all of the ink cartridge multipacks with the Pick ‘N’ Mix logo attached to the image, this incudes Canon, Epson, Brother, but excluding HP inkjet multipacks.