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Compatible Multipack Epson 26XL Ink Cartridges - 5 Pack

Compatible Multipack Epson 26XL Ink Cartridges - 5 Pack

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Quick Overview

Premium Compatible Multipack of EPSON 26XL. 5 Ink cartridges:
T2621 Black x 1 (1000 Pages)
T2631 Black x 1 (700 Pages)
T2632 Cyan x 1 (700 Pages)
T2633 Magenta x 1 (700 Pages)
T2634 Yellow x 1 (700 Pages)


Additional Information

Colour Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
Ink Volume 24.1ml black, 13.8 colours
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Product Description

The pack of 5 premium compatible EPSON 26XL ink cartridges provide the high quality printing job with the lowest cost. The Epson 26XL multipack includes a compatible Black x2 and 3 colours ink cartridges - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow to rich documents and fine photo prints. (Please NOTE - The photo Black Epson 26XL ink cartridge is not available in this pack and you must be ordered it separately). The printing capacity is 900 pages for black cartridge and for other ink cartridges, it is 995 pages each. The Epson ink cartridges are available at €16.99 (Inclusive VAT) at Printerinkcartridges.ie and would be great for your home and office printings. Buying this high capacity pack is wonderful budget-saving option for you.

Along with their low cost and long lasting features, these Epson 26XL ink cartridges also kinder to environment. As they are recycled from the original Epson ink cartridges, which actually help the environment to minimize the plastic waste generated from used cartridges. The used cartridges have been collected and sent to manufacturers for refilling with ISO standard ink. Which ultimately results quality prints for your printing jobs. The recycled cartridges are as similar as the standard one in terms of printing.

Ordering these recycled Epson ink cartridges from us will be your great move towards saving the environment. Plus, if you buy these cartridges before noon, we will make sure they delivered to you within 1 or 2 business days. If you are wondering which Epson printer these cartridge will work best with. Then check out the list below, where we have included all the Epson printers that accept these cartridges. We recommend you to check the printer list here and make sure your machine would accept Epson 26XL ink cartridges, before your purchase.

The Epson 26XL multipack Contains 5 Ink Cartridges

2 x Epson T2621 (Black)
1 x Epson T2631 (Cyan)
1 x Epson T2633 (Magenta)
1 x Epson T2634 (Yellow)

Ink Capacity

Epson T2621 (Black) - 24.1ml x2
Epson T2631 (Cyan) - 13.8ml
Epson T2633 (Magenta) - 13.8ml
Epson T2634 (Yellow) - 13.8ml

Wondering how Epson 26XL multipack is available at lower-rates?

The lower rates make this Epson pack more budget-saving option for home and office users. Epson 26XL ink cartridges are recycled, there is no cost is incurred for manufacturing body material. Buying them in bulk from our third party suppliers, make them affordable for everyone.

Customer Reviews

Would recommend Review by R O'Neill
Found these cartridges to be good value compared to the Epson inks and quality is good too. Would recommend them to others. (Posted on 08/08/2019)
Epson XP510 ink Review by Denise Mohan
Great service. Thank you. (Posted on 05/01/2017)
Epson XP605 ink cartridges Review by Derek
First cartridge I installed was faulty so not a good start but tried another and all OK. Supplier replacing the faulty cartridge fro me. Good customer service. (Posted on 14/11/2016)
Epson XP-625 ink Review by Enda
Unbelievably fast delivery. Great product at a very competitive price. (Posted on 31/10/2016)
Good Value Review by Jenny
Was using hp printer but ink is costly. Paul advised me to try this Epson printer as the ink was far cheaper. Have not look back since as the savings are big. (Posted on 10/08/2016)
Thumbs Up Review by G OGorman
Have no problem giving these guys a good testimonial. Started using them because the price was cheapest. They have always been assisted with any issues so we were never stuck. Thumbs up. (Posted on 10/08/2016)

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Your Questions:

Some of the safety instructions you need to follow while replacing Epson 26XL multipack
  1. For getting maximum ink efficiency, we recommend you that please open the Epson 26XL multipack when you are ready to install it in your printer.
  2. Do not leave the cartridges unpack for a long period of time. It will affect the printing quality.
  3. Gentle four to five time shake would be recommended before opening the package.
  4. If you shake cartridges forcefully, there are chances of ink leakage.
  5. Be careful, while handling the cartridges. Do not drop them, it may some time cause the ink leakage.
  6. Putting the cap back on the cartridge's ink supply port (when not in use), will help preventing from drying out the Epson 26XL ink cartridges.
  7. Do not let the dust inside the ink cartridge holder. It may affect the printing results. Be careful about it.
  8. Store Epson 26XL multipack in cool place.
  9. Do not install the cartridges (after bringing that ink cartridges from a cold storage site) immediately to your printer. Allowing them to warm up at room temperature for three hours. It would give good printing results.
  10. While handling the Epson ink cartridge, if ink gets on your skin, wash that area quickly.

Technical Details

Print technologyInkjet
Cartridge colourBlack/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow
Page yield2 x Black (600 Pages), 1 x Cyan (600 Pages), 1 x Magenta (600 Pages), 1 x Yellow (600 Pages)
Ink CapacityT2621 (Black) 12.2ml, T2632 (Cyan) 9.7 ml, T2633 (Magenta) 9.7 ml, T2634 (Yellow) 9.7 ml
Inside the box1 x T2621 (Black), 1 x T2632 (Cyan),
1 x T2633 (Magenta), 1 x T2634 (Yellow)
Consumable TypeInk
Item weight18 g
Product Dimensions21 x 19.2 x 3.8 cm
CompatibilityEpson 26 (Polar Bear), Epson Expression Premium XP-510, Epson Expression Premium XP-520, Epson Expression Premium XP-600, Epson Expression Premium XP-605, Epson Expression Premium XP-610, Epson Expression Premium XP-615, Epson Expression Premium XP-620, Epson Expression Premium XP-625, Epson Expression Premium XP-700, Epson Expression Premium XP-710, Epson Expression Premium XP-720, Epson Expression Premium XP-800, Epson Expression Premium XP-810, Epson Expression Premium XP-820
Product TypeCompatible Ink Cartridge

Epson 26XL multipack ink cartridges ensure that your depleted ink wells easily provided to you and are quickly filled with high standard inks. These cartridges help you in achieving high quality and high clarity prints from your inkjet printer. These Epson cartridges are available for various compatible printers; made for superbly complement the ink delivery system of the printers. These cartridges offer an extremely high quality of ink, in terms of performance and simplicity of use in comparison with any other alternative. The Epson 26XL multipack ink cartridges reduce the time your ink supplies are consumed, the cartridges provide an effective office and home printing system.

Inkjet printing is most common type of printing which advocate benefits from simplistic functionality, low costs and high levels of reliability which provide a high quality in Epson 26XL multipack ink cartridges. The most magnetic feature of these cartridges for most of the users is the lower cost of replacements and consumables. This technology also helps to create prints of the highest standard alongside the increased efficiency of printers. Your printer can produce highly accurate images which capture the shadows and depths of tones. These cartridges help to produce top quality prints from first to last for both professional and home use.


Instructions for recycling the Epson 26XL multipack ink cartridges:
Following are the refill instructions for Epson 26XL multipack ink cartridges. Their design is different from the thick, black cartridges.
Please be alert of that the original chip of a refilled cartridge has to be replaced with a new, alternative chip to make the refilled cartridge work again.
  • With the purchase of the Epson 26XL multipack ink cartridges you get a tool which is very helpful for refilling these cartridges. Please have the clips with you that close the ink outlets. When extracting an empty cartridge out of the printer place it into one of these clips. The clips seal the outlet for the ink properly. So no ink will leak out of the cartridge while and after refilling.
  • On one side the ink tanked does have a pouch of foil. This pouch is spread open by a spring inside.
  • By that spreading the foil is pressed tightly against the cover as well as the thin walls of the cartridge body. Due to this there is the danger to puncture the foil while drilling a filling hole in the thin sides on top or at the bottom of the cartridge. On the rear wall You can see the round structure that holds the spring in its position.
  • Also from the outside You can see the structure that indicates the position of the spring inside the Epson 26XL multipack ink cartridges.
  • Drill a little hole in the upper section inside the spring´s position. Make sure that the drill does not puncture the foil on the other side by entering the ink tank too deep.
  • To close the filling hole we use sealing plugs suitable to Epson cartridges. The inner diameter of the filling hole should be between 2.5 mm - 3.0 mm to make these plugs fit in properly.
  • Fill the right amount of ink into the Epson 26 color cartridge. Insert the cannula very carefully and avoid to puncture the foil inside the ink tank. A blunt needle is the best that can be used for this. The right quantities for filling Epson 26XL multipack ink cartridges you can find in the table below.
  • Close the filling hole with a suitable sealing plug and make sure that the plug fits in tightly. The little head of the plug has to fit flat on the outside wall of the cartridge. This is necessary as the positions of cartridges inside the printer are very tight.