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Compatible Brother TN2120 Toner

Compatible Brother TN2120 Toner

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Premium Compatible Brother TN-2120 Toner:
TN2120 Black (2600 Pages)


Additional Information

Colour Black
Ink Volume 2600 Pages
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Customer Reviews

2120 Review by Grace Murphy
Always pretty happy with the service thus far (Posted on 10/12/2019)
tn2120 Review by Alex
Plenty of packaging around toner took me quite some time to open.... but at least it was going to be damaged lol (Posted on 22/11/2019)
brother Review by Joanne
Thanks Anthony for getting the toner to me so quick... i was under pressure. (Posted on 22/11/2019)
TN2120 Review by Angela
This generic brand are very good - printing is precise unlike the last brand we tried (Posted on 13/11/2019)
HL2140 Toner Review by Denise Keane
Wasnt sure how to install the cartridge but the lads help me out when i rang. Thanks again (Posted on 12/11/2019)

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Your Questions:

If you are SOHO users and looking for good alternate to the standard Brother TN2120 toner cartridge, this compatible version of Brother TN2120 laser toner is capable of fulfilling your printing needs. This high capacity black Brother toner provides best value for your money and keep your printer to run the longer period of time.

The compatible Brother TN2120 toner cartridge yields approx 2600 pages, which is the same as the original branded toners can offer to you, but at a very reasonable price, €22.31 (Inc. VAT). It is compatible with a range of 12 Brother’s printer - DCP, HL, MFC series (a complete printer list provided below).

The pack contains
1 x Brother TN2120 toner cartridge

Ink Volume
Brother TN2120 laser toner - 2600 Pages

Compatible with: 12 Brother’s DCP, HL, MFC printers and that are - Brother DCP 7030, Brother DCP 7040, Brother DCP 7045N, Brother HL2140, Brother HL2150, Brother HL2170, Brother HL2150N, Brother HL2170W, Brother MFC 7320, Brother MFC 7840, Brother MFC 7440N, Brother MFC 7840W

This Brother TN2120 laser toner is not a branded product, it is a remanufactured toner and available as the best alternative to the original brand. The compatible toners are kinder to the environment and suitable to your budget. Also, as they have been recycled from empty toners, they help in reducing overall plastic waste created by empty toners.

At printerinkcartridges.ie, this toner is cost you just €22.31 (Inc. VAT) with some extra value added services. Grab this deal and get the unbeatable quality of Brother TN2120 laser toner.

We are sharing some of the printing difficulties and their solutions
  1. If there is no printout on the paper
    • Make sure the machine is turned on
    • Check the Brother TN2120 toner cartridge and drum units are properly installed
    • Make sure both the machines (PC and printer) are connected properly
    • Choose the correct printer driver
    • Check if there is any error message on printer LCD, and do the needful accordingly
    • Make sure your printer is online
  2. If printer prints unexpectedly
    • Remove the input tray from your printer and wait for some time until the printer stops printing. Now turn off the power of the machine and wait for several minutes.
  3. If the printer prints some of the paper without any issue and then you find some of the pages have missing text
    • Look at the setting in application to make sure it is set up properly to work with your printer
  4. If header and footer do not show on paper, but they are visible on your screen
    • You need to adjust the top and bottom margins
  5. If your machine having paper load problem, and LCD shows ‘No Paper’ message
    • Check the input tray, if there is no paper loaded into the tray, load it
    • Do not load curled paper into the tray
    • Do not overload papers into the tray
  6. If you are getting the grey background on the paper
    • Do not use the media that does not meet the printer specifications
    • The Brother TN2120 laser toner may be damaged. Use new HP toner.
    • Check the drum unit. If it is damaged, change it.
  7. If there are Brother TN2120 toner cartridge specks on paper
    • Make sure you are using the correct media, that meets the printer’s specifications
    • Clean the corona wire as well as the drum unit
    • Check the drum unit, if it is damaged, replace it
  8. If there are black marks of Brother TN2120 toner cartridge on the paper
    • Do not use the other media that does not meet the printer’s specifications
    • Make sure you do not use the paper having the staples and clips
    • The Brother TN2120 laser toner may be damaged. Replace it.
    • It may be possible that the drum unit damaged. You need to replace it.

Technical Details

Print TechnologyLaser
Cartridge colourBelack
Page yield2600 Pages
Consumable TypeInk
Item Weight798 g
Dimensions36cm (W) x19cm (D) x12.5cm (H)
CompatibilityBrother MFC Series, Brother DCP series, Brother HL Series, Brother DCP 7030, Brother DCP 7040, Brother DCP 7045N, Brother HL2140, Brother HL2150, Brother HL2170, Brother HL2150N, Brother HL2170W, Brother MFC 7320, Brother MFC 7840, Brother MFC 7440N, Brother MFC 7840W
Product Type Compatible Ink Cartridge

Brother TN2120 laser Toner is formulated to exacting standards to ensure that you receive higher standard and quality print resolution and reliability. The colour pigmentation shape and size of the toner particle make direct impact on the sharpness of the output image.

This toner cartridge from Brother completes a wide range of printing task by providing you highest quality of prints whether you are printing at office or at home. This toner is capable of achieving deepest and business like Black tones, which is ideal for those users who are looking for higher standard professionals prints and copies.This cartridge has a yield of 2600 pages, that ensure you to continue uninterrupted printing for longer.

Amongst the major benefits of employing Brother laser printer technology rather than any other inkjet machines, is the increased efficiency afforded by these brother toner cartridges. Increasing the number of pages printed from a single cartridge, toner and laser printer technology can help control overheads and reduce replacement responsibilities. Brother TN2120 laser Toner is capable of producing incredibly high quality prints capturing the subtle difference of tone accurately and effectively.

Along with the compatible Brother toner cartridges, the Printer Ink Cartridges also deals in compatible ink and toner cartridges of other leading brands viz. Epson, Samsung, HP, Advent, Canon, Kodak, Lexmark, OKI and much more. Browse our best value online shop and get the great deals on compatible ink and toner cartridges.


Instructions for recycling the Brother TN2120 Toner Cartridge

The following instructions below will clearly show you how to refill your Brother TN2120 laser Toner:

Step 1: Carefully remove the label covering the plug.

Step 2: Pull the plug using either a small spatula as lever or small pliers. In some cases, you will not be able to avoid destroying the plug. We recommend ordering a new plug together with refill supplies.

Step 3: Put the plug aside - you will need it again after refilling.

Step 4: Before filling in new toner, you have to remove remaining toner from the cartridge. Place the cartridge into a leak-proof plastic bag and shake it to remove the toner.

Step 5: Next, screw the funnel onto the refill toner bottle. This funnel allows you to measure out the toner powder, making it easier to refill the cartridge. After refilling, reinsert the plug.

Step 6: After refilling the cartridge, either you need to install or reset the lever. The reset lever is a mechanical device used to check the filling level of the cartridge.

Installing and resetting the reset lever:
  • Loosen the two screws of the lateral cover and remove the cover.
  • Now you need the lever and a small torsion spring. Place the spring onto the axis. Make sure that both ends of the spring are hooked into the respective plastic lugs.
  • There is a small nub on the gearwheel to the left of the spring. This nub has to be turned down and to the right (corresponding to four o'clock on a clock face). You can simply turn the gear wheel by hand.
  • If the reset lever is not fixed in place on the axis, then you can move it slightly to the left and right.
  • If the reset lever was already installed, replace it. Replace the lateral cover and tighten the screws. Make sure that every part can easily be put in place without using force.
Safety instructions for the handling of Brother TN2120 laser Toner:
Refill toner and toner powder may cause serious health problems when not using it properly. We recommend to always use breathing protection or suction chambers while filling toner cartridges. Furthermore, toner powder and refill toner can be highly flammable with an appropriate oxygen mixture. Please note as well, that you should not touch the photoconductor drum in no case or expose it to direct sunlight. This could lead to faulty print-outs.


If you are intending to buy replacement ink and toner cartridges, you should also think about what you are going to do with the empty Brother TN2120 Toner Cartridge. There are millions of ink and toner cartridges used each year and statistics suggest that 95% of them go to landfill.

Here are some ways that help us to dispose of the empty ink and toner correctly.
  • Prevent this material to drain into sewers/water supplies.
  • Instead of throwing empty Brother TN2120 laser Toner into the bin for landfill you can collect them. You can make the trip to the local Council amenity or recycling centre when you have gathered enough empty toner cartridges. There are containers in all refuse sites that will accept used ink and toner cartridges.
  • You can also find the companies in your nearby area that take in your empty toner cartridges. There are many third party manufacturers which buy the empty toners, refill them and resell them into the market. The exciting part of this process, the third party manufacturers compensate you for providing them the empty toners for recycling. The recycled toners are fully factory tested, eco-friendly and consistently offer the best performance.
  • There is a another way in which you can directly contact the toner cartridge manufacturers. Many companies have their own recycling plants, where they take back the used empty toner cartridges.
If we all start this practice today, we can surely make a difference to our own carbon footprint in upcoming future.

First Aid Measures

1. Description of first aid measures
InhalationMove to fresh air and get medical attention as soon as possible.
IngestionRinse mouth. Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water and if you are concerned get medical attention.
Skin contactUse plenty of water and wash your skin immediately with soap. Get medical attention as soon as possible.
If Brother TN2120 Toner Cartridge contacts your eyesGet medical attention and flush eyes with plenty of water.

2. Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed
InhalationNone under normal use. Symptoms overexposure are dizziness, headache, tiredness, nausea, unconsciousness, cessation of breathing.
IngestionNone under normal use. Ingestion may cause gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
Skin contactNone under normal use.
Eye contactNone under normal use. May cause slight irritation.
Chronic effectsNone under normal use.

3. Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed:None

Firefighting Measures

1. Extinguishing media
Suitable extinguishing mediaUse CO2, water, dry chemical, or foam.
Unsuitable extinguishing mediaNone

2. Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture
Special Hazard associated with Brother TN2120 laser TonerNone
Hazardous combustion productsCarbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon monoxide (CO)

3. Advice for firefighters
Special protective equipment for firefightersNone

Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency proceduresAvoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing.
Environmental precautions of Brother TN2120 Toner CartridgeKeep out of waterways.
Methods and material for containment and cleaning upWipe up with absorbent material (e.g cloth, fleece).
Reference other sectionsNone

Handling and Storage

Precautions for safe handling of Brother TN2120 laser Toner Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Clean contaminated surface thoroughly. Use with adequate ventilation.
Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilitiesKeep in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight, from heat and sources ignition.
Specific end useInk for Ink Jet Printer. Obtain special instructions before use.

Physical and chemical properties

AppearanceFine powder
Physical stateSolid
Melting point or freezing point110 °C ( Melting point )
Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits40 g/m3 (lower)
Relative Density1.15 (H2O=1)
Bulk Density800 kg/m3
SolubilityInsoluble (water)
Explosive PropertyExplosive limits of toner particles suspended in air approximately equal to that of coal dust.

Stability and reactivity

ReactivityNo Information available
Chemical StabilityStable
Conditions to avoidKeep at a temperature not exceeding 200 °C. Avoid friction, sparks, or other means of ignition.
Hazardous PolymerisationWill not polymerise.
Incompatible materialsStrong oxidizing agents
Hazardous decompositions productsFire creates: Toxic gases/vapours/fumes of: Carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon monoxide (CO). PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)