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Compatible Brother TN3170 Black Toner

Compatible Brother TN3170 Black Toner

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Premium Compatible Brother TN-3170 Toner:
TN 3170 Black (7000 Pages)


Additional Information

Colour Black
Ink Volume 7000 Pages
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Your Questions:

Brother TN3170 toner cartridge is a high capacity black toner cartridge yields up to 7,000 pages. The cost-per-page ratio and high quality of monochrome text and image printing are the best features of this compatible toner. It is an ideal toner for office users who require the frequent black and white printing for daily uses.

Without compromising on the print quality, this compatible Brother toner increases your productivity and helps you to maintain your yearly printing budget. It’s last longer and winning performance help users to gain more advantages over the standard products.

This Brother pack contains

1 x Brother TN3170 toner cartridge

Ink Volume

7,000 Pages

Compatible with: A range of 15 Brother printers of DCP, HL, and MFC series (Complete list added below on this page).

Installing and handling this Brother toner does not require the expertise knowledge. A user just needs to go through an easy step-by-step procedure (refer user manual) for installation. The speed, reliability and performance of this premium Brother toner are equivalent to the genuine toners. That’s why users do not need to buy the replacement soon.

If you are looking for the best online shop to buy this toner, Printerinkcartridges.ie is the best value online shop of Ireland, has a wide variety of compatible ink and toner cartridges. Online buying can give some extra benefits to you over buying it from retailers, viz. 100% money back guarantee, easy replacement, fast delivery, customer care department etc. Buy Brother TN3170 toner cartridge from us and replace your empty toner soon.

7 Common printing problems and their solutions for you

1. Light or faded print

  • If you are getting light or faded print, then the possible reason for this is your toner supply may be low. If you are in hurry and you need to finish your printing with a few more copies, you can temporarily fix this problem. Pull out the toner cartridge from the printer and shake it 5 to 6 times to redistribute toner evenly in your toner cartridge. Install it again and start your printing.
2. Toner specks

  • You need to check your paper. Do not print on other paper that does not meet the printer’s specifications.
  • Clean the inside of your machine to wipe the dust particles.
  • The Brother TN3170 toner cartridge might not installed correctly.
  • The paper path may need proper cleaning. Call a service representative to help you.
3. If faded areas, generally rounded, occur randomly on the page

  • You can restart your printing just replacing the existing paper sheet with the new one.
  • Try a different paper brand. The existing brand might have some problem that does not meet your printer media specifications.
  • The paper lot is bad. The manufacturing process can cause some areas to reject Brother TN3170 toner cartridge. Try a different paper brand.
4. If paper is getting white spots

  • The paper may be too rough to use or there is a lot of dust particles inside the machine. Clean the interior of your machine and start printing.
  • The paper path may need cleaning.
5. If misformed characters appear on the page

  • If characters are improperly formed and producing hollow images, the paper stock may be too slick. Try different paper.
6. Page skew

  • Make sure all paper is loaded correctly to input tray.
  • Make sure the paper guides are not too tight or too loose against the paper stack.
7. If you are getting black pages

  • The Brother TN3170 toner cartridge may not be installed properly. Remove the cartridge and reinsert it.
  • The toner cartridge may be defective. Remove the toner cartridge and install a new one.
  • The machine may require repair. Contacting a service representative would help.

Technical Details

Print TechnologyLaser
Cartridge colourBlack, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta
Page yield7,000 pages
Item Weight1.31 Kg
Package Dimensions36cm (W) x19cm (D) x15cm (H)
Compatibility withBrother MFC Series, Brother DCP series, Brother HL Series, Brother DCP 8060, Brother DCP 8065DN, Brother HL5240, Brother HL5240L, Brother HL5240N, Brother HL5250D, Brother HL5250N, Brother HL5270D, Brother HL5270N, Brother HL5250DN, Brother HL5270DN, Brother HL5280DW, Brother MFC 8460N, Brother MFC 8870DW, Brother MFC 8860DN
Product TypeToner

Brother TN3170 toner cartridge increases the productivity without reducing the cost-per-page ratio and the quality of monochrome documents and images. This toner cartridge is compatible with wide variety of paper types which gives guaranteed professional results. This cartridge can lasts longer than standard yield product, as a result, users can save time and money from buying a replacement. It is easy to install and remains in place that prevent user from intervention and interruptions while it is in use.

Brother TN3170 toner cartridge has a high yield of 7000 pages, that offers consistent high level of print performance from the first print until the last. This yield ensures that you can continue uninterrupted printing for longer. This cartridge produces vibrant and professional print jobs by utilising cutting-edge laser printer technology.

Along with the compatible Brother toner cartridges, the Printer Ink Cartridges also deals in compatible ink and toner cartridges of other leading brands viz. Epson, Samsung, HP, Advent, Canon, Kodak, Lexmark, OKI and much more. Browse our best value online shop and get the great deals on compatible ink and toner cartridges.


Instructions for refilling Brother TN3170 toner cartridge

The following instructions below will clearly show you how to refill your Brother TN3170 toner cartridge:

Step 1: To fill the cartridge, you must first dispose of the old toner powder in the cartridge. For this, First remove the cap carefully, you will need this later to safely close the cartridge again.
Now pour the residual toner powder situated in the cartridge into a bag. This is most important it is not good to mix toner together it will lead to copy quality problems.

Step 2: Once you have removed the old waste toner powder from the cartridge, you can now start with the actual topping up. Pour this the toner powder in the cartridge. In return, a so-called filling / up funnel is suitable, which can be screwed directly onto the toner bottle. After you have filled the cartridge, seal it again with the previously removed cap.

Step 3: Next, you must reset the security wheel. First remove 2 screws, then remove the end cap from the cartridge. Then pull off the reset wheel taking care not to disturb the other gears.
It might be a good idea to take a photo of the rear of the toner cartridge as a reference.

Step 4: Make sure that you have the small spring which is located behind the reset wheel does not slip off and get lost.

Step 5: If the spring has moved from its original place, please ensure that the spring is ready to return to the same position. Now you put the reset wheel in the starting position. Please pay attention to the exact position of wheel and spring.

Step 6: Now you put the cap back onto the brother toner cartridge and fasten the 2 screws.Make sure the reset wheel is in the same position as shown, the cartridge is ready for use and can be used in the printer again.

Why refill your Brother TN3170 toner cartridge with refill toner rather than replace them?

Refilling your toner cartridge with refill toner will dramatically reduce your laser printing costs. The number of Toner Cartridge refills depends on the individual toner cartridge, but internal toner cartridge components are not disturbed by several refills.


If you are intending to buy replacement toner cartridges, you should also think about what you are going to do with the empty toner cartridges. There are millions of toner cartridges used each year and statistics suggest that 95% of them go to landfill.

Here are some ways that help us to dispose of the Brother TN3170 toner cartridge correctly.

Prevent these material to drain into sewers/water supplies. Instead of throwing empty Brother TN3170 toner cartridge into the bin for landfill you can collect them and when you have enough gathered you can make the trip to the local Council amenity/recycling centre. There are containers in all refuse sites that will accept used toner cartridges.

The common way is to find the companies in your nearby area that take in your empty toner cartridges. There are many third party manufacturers which buy the empty toners, refill them and resell them into the market. The amazing part of this process, the third party manufacturers compensate you for providing them the empty toners for recycling. The recycled toners are fully factory tested, eco-friendly and consistently offer the best performance.

The another way is that you can directly contact the toner cartridge manufacturers. Many companies have their own recycling plants, where they take back the used empty toner cartridges.

First Aid Measures

1. Description of first aid measures
  • Inhalation: Lung irritation, difficulty breathing, sneezing and/or coughing will be caused.If inhaled, re-move the sufferer to fresh air and seek medical assistance immediately.
  • Ingestion: Stomach irritation will be caused. If ingested, seek medical assistance immediately.
  • Skin contact: FNo symptoms will appear. If contacted, remove contaminated clothes and wash skin with soap and water.
  • If Brother TN3170 toner cartridge contacts your eyes: Eye irritation will be caused. If contacted, flush eyes with running water for 15 minutes with eyelids open. Consult an eye-doctor.
2. Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed
  • Acute Symptoms from Exposure: Exposure to excessive amounts of dust may cause physical irritation to respiratory tract.
  • Delayed Symptoms from Exposure: Prolonged inhalation of excessive amounts of dust may damage lung.

Firefighting Measures

1. Extinguishing media:

Suitable extinguishing media.Extinguish preferably with dry chemical, Water spray.
Unsuitable extinguishing media.Do not use water jet.

2. Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture:

Special Hazard associated with Brother TN325 Toner CartridgeNone
Hazardous combustion products.Carbon dioxide (CO2), Carbon monoxide (CO).

3. Advice for firefighters:

Do not use high-pressure water in order to prevent creation of a dust cloud and spreading of the fire dust. Use an appropriate respirator for carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. It is highly recommended to wear positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus during attack phase of firefighting operations and during cleanup immediately after a fire, especially in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas. Personnels who do not have suitable respiratory protection should leave the area so as to prevent significant exposure to toxic combustion gases.

4.Unusual fire and explosion hazards:

Thermal decomposition of organic components may result in occurrence of oxides of carbon. Special precautions must be taken if (like most organic materials in powder form) it can form explosive mixtures when dispersed in air. Toxic gasses may be formed upon combustion and represents a hazard to firefighters.

Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency proceduresAvoid generation of dust. Do not breathe dust. A suitable dust mask or dust respirator with filter type A/P may be appropriate.
Environmental precautions of Brother TN325 toner cartridge in Brother TN325 Toner Pack.Prevent substance entering sewers. Washings must be prevented from entering surface water
Methods and material for containment and cleaning up.Sweep the spilt toner or remove it with a vacuum cleaner and transfer into a sealed container carefully. Sweep slowly to minimize generation of dust during cleanup. If a vacuum cleaner is used, the motor must be rated as dust explosion proof. Potential for very fine particles to be taken into the vacuum only to be passed back into the environment due to pore size in the bag or filter.

Handling and Storage

HandlingKeep out of the reach of children. In case of accidental spill, try not to disperse the particles. Avoid prolonged inhalation of excessive dust and contact eyes. Use with adequate ventilation. Use the mask, which recommended preventing dust and coarse particulate.
StorageKeep out of the reach of children. Keep container tightly closed. Keep away from contact with oxidizing materials. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct light to maintain quality.