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Compatible OKI 43872305 Yellow Toner

Compatible OKI 43872305 Yellow Toner

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Premium Compatible Oki 4387230 Ink Cartridges:
43872305 Yellow (2,000 Pages)


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Colour Yellow
Ink Volume 2000 pages
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Your Questions:

The yellow OKI 43872305 toner cartridges are the premium compatible toners and the best replacements for genuine products. While production, these OKI cartridges are manufactured from the finest quality toner to provide you the high-impact text and graphic printing. The yellow OKI 43872305 laser toners have the capability to print approx 2000 pages with the low price as compared to the genuine toners.

The compatible OKI toners are manufactured from third party manufacturers using the recommended raw material. To ensure the best quality and performance of the products, the OKI 43872305 toner cartridges are strictly checked by the industry experts. Plus, the third party manufacturers need to abide the ISO standards during the production to make the OKI 43872305 laser toners more reliable to print and maintain the good performance from start to finish.

The high-performance OKI toners are developed with an advanced toner formula that helps them to compete with standard toners in terms of producing up to 2000 pages 5% average coverage. Besides the quality products, the OKI toners are eco-friendly in nature. They reduce the plastic waste due to their recycling feature. More importantly, these OKI toners are guaranteed to work with your OKI C5650, C5750 printers without any trouble.

In terms of getting the best toners performance, the OKI 43872305 toner cartridge is ideal to buy. The OKI yellow toner purchase carries some extra benefits you will love.You will get the significant price benefit, fast shipping, money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee and much more from Printerinkcartridges.ie

Grab this wonderful OKI 43872305 laser toner now at €28.99 (Inc. VAT) and get the printing performance with a great reliability and assurance.

Handling and replacing tips of OKI toner cartridge
  1. If you are not ready to install the toner, do not unpack it. If you do so, it will affect the overall performance of the OKI 43872305 toner cartridge.
  2. Make sure to handle the toner carefully.
  3. Place the toners on a clean and flat surface to protect them from any damage.
  4. Make sure to seal up the toners tightly to avoid the toners spill out from the toner cartridges.
  5. Do not touch the inside of the OKI 43872305 laser toner. It will affect the print quality.
  6. Switch off your printer before replacing the toner.
  7. If the printer is ON, do not touch the printer’s interior. It may cause an electric shock.
  8. Don’t expose the OKI 43872305 toner cartridge to an open flame. It will explode and result in burning.
  9. Verify the printer is switched off before touching the fuser. It can be hot and harm you.
  10. Don’t expose the OKI 43872305 laser toner to the light more than a few minutes. It will reduce the toner life.
  11. Store empty toners at a safe place and send them for recycling.
  12. If you use hot water to clean the spilled toner, it will make the toner stains permanently.
Tips to get the maximum benefits of the OKI 43872305 toner cartridge
  1. Do not unpack the toner cartridge, if there is no replacement required.
  2. Store the toner cartridge at the same temperature as your machine placed.
  3. Store the toner away from the water.
  4. Storing the toner in the lighted area will affect the print quality. Avoid this practice.
  5. Do not expose the toner to the high temperature.
  6. Do not keep the toner in your car or any other vehicle for a longer period of the time.
  7. Do not store it at the dusty places. The dust particles will accumulate into the toner and may affect the print quality.
  8. Avoid storing toners in the places having salty air or corrosive gases.
  9. Do not store OKI 43872305 laser toner vertically. Keep it at the flat surface.
  10. Do not store your toner at a place having a high-temperature fluctuations.