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Compatible HP CE278A (78A) Toner - 2 Pack +FREE PAPER

Compatible HP CE278A (78A) Toner - 2 Pack +FREE PAPER

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Premium Compatible HP 78A Toner Cartridges:
CE278A Black X2 (4,200 Pages)


Additional Information

Colour Black
Ink Volume 4200 Pages
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Customer Reviews

ce278 toner Review by Mark Nolan
These toner cartridges work well in the printer. They produced very good results, were easy to install and seem to last OK. I purchased the 2 pack of these compatible HP CE278A toner cartridges and am happy with the value for money. (Posted on 19/06/2018)
HP CE278A toner cartridge Review by Derek R
Toner installed and working fine for HP Laserjet Pro P1566. (Posted on 19/04/2017)
HP Laserjet P1606 toner Review by Neil Bennett
Been buying these toners for over a year now and am very pleased with the service I receive. Would recommend this supplier to other businesses. (Posted on 18/10/2016)
Always excellent service Review by Madeline
Always excellent service and delivered next day. Just what I need being in business. Many thanks. (Posted on 23/08/2016)
Great wee pack Review by Brian McNamara
Second time I have bought theses and very happy with the page yield, can't see any difference to the overpriced Hp one. (Posted on 20/08/2016)
Good quality toners Review by S. McNamara
Fast delivery and good quality/price (Posted on 04/08/2016)
Excellent service Review by Mary Anne O'Leary
Excellent service as ever with Printer ink cartridges. I had no issues when installing this compatible ink in my printer and the printing quality is good quality. The twin pack is a really good deal and I hope to continue to buy as long as my printer lasts! (Posted on 06/07/2016)
Five Stars Review by Joel
Delivered next day, great product and good value for money! (Posted on 04/07/2016)

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Your Questions:

The black HP CE278A toner cartridge pack includes two cartridges, and gives an extra on hand without affecting your productivity, when you need a quick cartridge replacement. The HP twin pack is ideal for busy home and office users who need high-volume printing on day to day basis. The HP CE278A toner cartridge is also known as HP 78A laser toner and would be your cost-efficient choice. Purchasing a single HP toner would lead you incur more instead of buying this twin pack. For businesses that are concerned with keeping expenses down, the twin pack is budget-friendly option.

The HP CE278A toner cartridge produces high yield up to 2,100 pages per cartridge. And you can get 4,200 pages from this HP pack before you need the next replacement. The compatible HP 78A laser toners are recycled from HP toner cartridges but that does not mean you will not get a quality print. Even being re-manufactured toners, they are capable of printing high quality text documents consistently. These HP toners are easy to install produce long-lasting sharp and clear prints. And each HP CE278A toner cartridge is refilled with ISO standard ink so that you can rest assured that you are choosing the right toners for your HP printer. When you compare the cartridges to original ones, there is the added benefits of this HP 78A laser toner twin pack that offers you a cost per page savings.

In order to avoid disappointment, a list of compatible HP printers is provided below, so that you can be sure your machine would accept these HP 78A laser toners prior to purchase them. The toners are compatible with popular HP printer, that are LaserJet P, LaserJet Pro, Laserjet Pro P1606DN, Laserjet P1606, Laserjet P1606N, Laserjet Pro P1566 and more.

The Compatible HP 78A (CE278A) 2 Pack has :
  • Colour: black
  • Ink volume: 2,100 Pages per cartridge
  • 2 Pack Of Compatible HP 78A (CE278A) Premium Quality Laser Toners

Product Specifications:

Color(s) of printing suppliesBlack
Print technologyLaser
Pack Size count2
Page yield (black and white)2,100 pages each
Environmental ImpactRemanufactured which is Kinder to the environment
Compatible withHP LaserJet P, HP LaserJet Pro, HP Laserjet Pro P1606DN,HP Laserjet P1606, HP Laserjet P1606N,HP Laserjet Pro M1536DNF MFP,HP Laserjet Pro M1537DNF MFP,HP Laserjet Pro M1538DNF MFP,HP Laserjet Pro M1539DNF MFP,HP Laserjet Pro P1566, HP Laserjet Pro P1567,HP Laserjet Pro P1568, HP Laserjet Pro P1569,HP Laserjet Pro P1601, HP Laserjet Pro P1602,HP Laserjet Pro P1603,HP Laserjet Pro P1604,HP Laserjet Pro P1605,HP Laserjet Pro P1606N,HP Laserjet Pro P1607DN, HP Laserjet Pro P1608DN,HP Laserjet Pro P1609DN

HP CE278A Toner cartridges ensures quality printing for everyday business printing. HP 78A Laser toner cartridges help you to print professional quality reports, letters and invoices with ease.The HP CE278A Toner cartridge is the black toner cartridge with page yield of 2100 pages which is compatible with LaserJet P, LaserJet Pro, LaserJet Pro P1606DN, LaserJet P1606, LaserJet P1606N, LaserJet Pro P1566 and more. Effective printing can be achieved using these printers but using eco-friendly toners in them such as a remanufactured HP CE278A toner results to a more environment-caring printing. They are designed for efficient printing with energy-conserving features.They are quality manufactured products made to meet OEM cartridge standards and can bring high savings in laser toner cartridge cost.

Why to choose the HP CE278A toner cartridges:

  • Money Back guarantee
  • Ready to use
  • High quality printing Performance
  • Capable to produce long-lasting sharp and clear prints
  • Cost efficient
  • Remanufactured product which is kinder to environment


How to install these compatible HP CE278A Toner cartridge?
If you have recently bought a remanufactured HP CE278A toner cartridges and wondering how to replace it with the original one, follow these steps:
  1. Open the flatbed scanner assembly of the printer
  2. Open the top cover
  3. Now unpack the compatible toner cartridge
  4. Remove the old/emptied toner cartridge from printer and place it in the new cartridge’s cover for recycling
  5. Now locate the orange tab on the toner and remove the sealing tape
  6. Gently shake the cartridge for an even distribution of the toner
  7. Place these tab and tape into the cartridge bag for returning them for recycling
  8. Now align the toner cartridge with the tracks/image provided on the slot and place the toner in it
  9. Push the toner inside until it is firmly seated
  10. Close the top cover and the scanner back and start the printer
After this if the printer does not start working fine or if any message appears on your PC or the display screen of the device, stating that the cartridge is not recognised try the following solutions:
  • Check if you have the right compatible HP 78A laser toner. It may fit in the printer properly but might not be the correct cartridge for your printer
  • Check our list below to find all the printer models that work with compatible HP 78A laser toner
  • If it is the right cartridge, take it out and wipe its ‘chip’ with a clean dry soft cloth. The chip is a copper area on the cartridge which stores its information. A buildup of static on the chip may prevent the printer from reading the information
  • Reinstall the toner cartridge and make sure it makes a ‘click’ sound while insertion. It would insure that the cartridge has been placed properly
If you want a cost effective printing for your office work, the HP CE278A toner cartridge is surely a very suitable option to be chosen. It is beneficial environmentally as well as economically as these toners costs very less than the original one and are a remanufactured product from HP.


Refilling the cartridges will dramatically reduce your laser printing costs. By using high quality HP refill toners you can cut your toner costs by a great amount.Filling your cartridge is beneficial both environmentally and economically.The process at its optimum, conserves both money and material resources and helps to preserve our planet for future generations.

How to refill the HP CE278A Toner cartridges?

HP CE278A Toner cartridges are essential to the operation of many HP laser printers, but they can be expensive, and some become increasingly harder to find as time goes on. These instructions simplify the process of refilling the toner cartridges to increase their longevity and reduce material waste.

HP CE278A Toner cartridge Anatomy
The HP CE278A Toner cartridges incorporate compartments that holds powdered toner along with controlling and monitoring circuitry. They also feature large drums and one or more smaller rollers. Some printer cartridges may incorporate additional features, but most are comprised of top and bottom body sections.

HP 78A Laser toner Refill Kits
Most of the toner cartridges are not designed to be refilled by casual users, but it's not an impossible task to do.Different toner refill kits have different features as some provide toner as well as the tools that are required to open and clean the cartridge, but others can just include toner powder and a hole-making tool which is designed for direct insertion.
To select a required toner refill kit, it will be helpful to search by the type of device being refilled. For instance, looking for a cartridge refill designed for the HP 78A Laser toner usually makes it easier to avoid using the incorrect toner formulation. Also be sure to obtain screwdrivers, cleaning supplies, and rubber gloves.

Full-Service Method
  • While wearing disposable rubber gloves, begin the process by disassembling the cartridge.
  • Each side of the body should contain its own screws. Remove these screws and after that store them somewhere at safe place.
  • Now, pull the plates on either or one side of the cartridge straight off. Then, wiggle the two halves of the cartridge gently back and forth to pull them apart.
Getting to the HP 78A Laser toner
  • Remove the large colored drum from the now open body.
  • Then pull out the smaller roller which is behind the drum. This should reveal a thin strip of metal. Now, unscrew its screws before lifting it out with needle-nose pliers or strong tweezers. Take care not to bend it in the process.
  • Old toner should now be visible in the compartment under the strip. Be sure to dump it out and clean this area thoroughly using canned air or an alcohol-soaked cloth.
  • After cleaning each component, replace the metal strip and the rollers in the correct order.Clean the drum properly as it will contribute to improve performance.
  • Next, remove the thin roller which is on the other half of the cartridge. This should make it easy to dump the powder from the body and clean the compartment out with the air can to reveal a thin outlet next to a familiar-looking metal strip.This gap leads to the toner reservoir.
  • Insert toner powder into the gap using the plastic funnel. If the kit didn't come with its own plastic funnel, simply make one from a piece of paper and direct the toner into the opening.
  • Fill the reservoir evenly by moving the nozzle from side to side until the powder begins to overflow slightly. Clean the roller and snap it back into place. Now, wipe down the whole area thoroughly to remove excess powder from it.
  • Finally, reassemble the body halves and end plates. Be sure that all parts should snap together smoothly. Clean any stray toner discovered in any corner, and re-insert all the screws. After cartridge is reassembled, ensure that the drum rotates smoothly.
Why to use these cartridges?
  • Get a great value for everyday business printing. HP 78A Laser toner cartridges help you print professional quality reports, letters and invoices with ease.It is reliable and can save you time, minimize downtime and deliver results you can count on.
  • Produce long-lasting sharp and clear prints.To achieve consistent and professional results, use the HP LaserJet printers that are compatible with these cartridges.
  • With reliable and easy-to-use printing it simplifies your printing experience.
  • Save time as using these toner cartridges helps to optimize print quality and reliability.
  • Get consistent and high print quality from a toner cartridge as it is designed and tested with the printer.
  • Easy to use, easy to recycle.Receive an alert when toner is low, and easily shop for replacement cartridges, using HP SureSupply.

Why Buying Remanufactured Cartridges is Good for the Environment?

These remanufactured CE278A Toner cartridges are used genuine or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges that are reprocessed and then refilled with new ink or toner for re-sale hence the terms “recycled cartridges”, “eco-friendly cartridges” and “environmental-friendly cartridges” are given to it.

So what are the benefits?
First, using remanufactured cartridges reduces pollution and waste. Most of the genuine cartridges ends up thrown in landfills that increase pollution. And every single part of these cartridges are comprised of plastic, metal, and smaller percentages of rubber, foam, paper and toner. On average, it can take at least 725 years to 1000 years for a single discarded toner cartridge to decompose. On a positive note, most of their components can be reused and recycled. Thus, it makes the whole remanufacturing process possible.
Second, supporting remanufactured cartridges also conserves natural resources by eliminating the need for raw materials used in the production of new cartridges.


If you are intending to buy replacement ink and toner cartridges, you should think about what you are going to do with the empty cartridges. There are millions of ink and toner cartridges used each year and most of them go to landfill.Throwing empty ink cartridges into the waste bin is not an ideal solution as it is not good for the environment and also it is a waste of the plastic material.There are the number of ways that can reduce the plastic waste created from the empty ink and toner cartridges such as reusing or recycling them.

Disposal instructions
  • Do not shred toner cartridge, unless dust-explosion prevention measures are taken.
  • Finely dispersed particles may form explosive mixtures in air. Dispose of in compliance with federal, state,and local regulations.
  • Instead of throwing empty HP CE278A Toner cartridge into the bin for landfill you can collect them and when you have enough gathered you can make the trip to the local Council amenity/recycling centre. There are containers in all refuse sites that will accept used ink and toner cartridges.
  • The popular way is to find the companies in your nearby area that can take your empty toner cartridges. There are many third party manufacturers which buy the empty toners, refill them and resell them into the market. The amazing part of this process, the third party manufacturers compensate you for providing them the empty toners for recycling.The recycled toners are fully factory tested, eco-friendly and consistently offer the best performance.
  • The another way is that you can directly contact the toner cartridge manufacturers. Many companies have their own recycling plants, where they take back the used empty toner cartridges.