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Compatible Canon PG540XL Black Ink Cartridge (5222B005AA)

Compatible Canon PG540XL Black Ink Cartridge (5222B005AA)

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Premium Compatible Canon PG 540XL Ink Cartridge:
PG-540XL Black (180 Pages)


Additional Information

Colour Black
Ink Volume 21ml
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Product Description

The remanufactured Canon PG540XL is a high capacity premium black ink cartridge. It is compatible with more than 30 different Canon printers and produces great outputs. This compatible Canon PG540 ink cartridge is available online at 32% lower prices than the original Canon XL cartridges.

The ink volume of this compatible Canon ink cartridge is 21ml and it can print up to 600 pages of A4 size. This remanufactured black ink cartridge is as good as any original black cartridge. However, it offers much more prints at very low prices. Plus, if they are bought online they come with a replacement warranty with almost negligible home delivery cost.

Home users with daily printing needs can opt for this cartridge as it is capable of reducing your yearly printing expenses to almost 90%. The another good reason to opt for this black Canon PG540 ink cartridge is their environment friendliness.

Instead of dumping, we collect the original empty ink cartridges and send them to factories for recycling. Where they get cleaned, recycled and repackaged. These recycled Canon ink cartridges are refilled with high quality long lasting inks that match the ISO standards of the original brand ink cartridges. The difference between any original and compatible cartridge is that later ones are recycled, much lower in cost and last longer. The Canon PG540 ink cartridge is packaged and sealed in its own box so if you're not ready to use it straight away you can store it for up to 6 months without its quality being affected.

This Canon PG-540XL provides amazingly crisp black prints, ideal for both work documents and photo/image monochrome printing. You can replace your current black ink cartridge with this Canon PG540 ink cartridges in no time at all. Open the front cover and then the smaller cover which you will see on the right to expose the cartridges. Once the cartridges have stopped, you can remove the empty ones by pushing down on the grey clip and then lifting it out. You can slot the new cartridges in its place and push the grey clip back up to click it in.

If you are ready for replacement and looking for a great deal of compatible Canon PG540 ink cartridges pack, Printerinkcartridges.ie is the right place to buy. We are trusted and best value online shop in Ireland to buy compatible ink and toner cartridges of many leading brand. We have a ready stock of HP, Epson, Samsung, Brother, Advent, Canon, Kodak, Lexmark, OKI and much more. We offer the best prices and highest quality compatible and remanufactured inks with a growing customer base that includes home users, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals. Plus our value added services backed up with each product would be the addition you will get.

At Printerinkcartridges.ie, the black compatible Canon PG540 ink cartridge is available only at €14.75 inclusive VAT. Additionally, you will get 5% discount on selling price by following us on our social profiles - Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

We offer next day delivery on all our items in stock if the order is placed before 1 pm on Monday to Friday. If your printer ink or toner is urgent then please call us on 048 3083 3221 or contact us on Live Chat or by email info@printerinkcartridges.ie to see if we have the item in stock.

Technical Details

Print technologyInk cartridge
Ink colourBlack
Model namePG-540XL
Print cartridge volume delivered21ml
Yield600 pages
Box contains1 x Canon PG540 ink cartridge
Compatible withCanon Pixma MX535, MX525, MX515, MX475, MX455, MX435, MX395, MX394, MX375, MG4250, MG4150, MG3650, MG3550, MG3500, MG3350, MG3250, MG3155, MG3150, MG2250, MG2100, MG2140, MG2150, MG2240, MG2255, MG3100, MG3140, MG3150 Red Edition, MG3200, MG3240, MG3255, MG4240, MX374, MX430, MX434, MX514, MX534, MG4100, PG540 CL541, MG3600

Customer Reviews

mg4100 Review by RP
Canon inks are totally overpriced so refuse to pay over the odds for the genuine inks. (Posted on 27/02/2019)
pg540 Review by Derek
Can't fault anything on delivery or quality of prints. (Posted on 08/02/2018)
Canon Pixma MG3200 inks Review by P Clarke
So far so good. only time will tell in how reliable the cartridges are. Have some poor quality ones before so hope these last longer. (Posted on 07/07/2017)
Canon Pixma MG2250 ink cartridge Review by Gerard McKay
Ink arrived in about 2 days which was OK. Printer refused to recognise the ink first of all but persevered and held down the stop button for 20 seconds (rang for advice on this) and then all was OK. Printer still working fine. I reckon for the price of this XL cartridge I get a lot more pages than the cost of a standard canon cartridge. I would consider buying this ink again. (Posted on 12/01/2017)
Cheaper than the Canon inks Review by Claire Skillen
Bought these cos they were cheaper than the Canon originals and better value. can't really notice any difference in printing. (Posted on 27/10/2016)
Lasted longer hogan my previous ink Review by Marty Quinn
This is the second black ink I have bought from this supplier and this cartridge seems to have lasted longer than the previous one so wo be ordering again. (Posted on 16/10/2016)
Canon MG4150 ink cartridges Review by Ciaran McCall
Found these canon generic inks to be of good quality an ideal for what I need. (Posted on 10/10/2016)
Canon Pixma MX395 Review by Gloria
Not that cheap but still better value than the rip off HP one (Posted on 08/09/2016)
Excellent customer service, super fast delivery & great products! Review by Helen
Excellent customer service, would certainly recommend as supplier. (Posted on 23/08/2016)
Cheaper than the Canon version Review by Maureen Shields
Bought this because it was cheaper than the original canon ink and it works fine in my printer. No complaints so far - my local shop told me not to buy these as they would wreck my printer and to buy the original from him... (Posted on 10/08/2016)
Great site for your ink needs Review by drumroragh
Great prices, great service, would recommend. (Posted on 03/08/2016)

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Your Questions:

Recycling Process of Canon PG540 Ink Cartridges

These ink cartridges need 22ml black ink for refilling. The ink cartridges have very small holes to insert the regular syringe to fit. The refilling kit you are using must have the drill tool. Use a 2mm drill bit or a square awl to widen the hole.
  1. First remove the label from the cartridge.
  2. With the help of drill tool, widen the fill hole.
  3. Slowly inkjet the 22ml of black ink.
  4. Remove the excess ink and clean the cartridge.
  5. Now apply the label or tape.
  6. Install the cartridge back into the printer and perform 2-3 cleaning cycles.
  7. If you get the low ink warning. Consider it as normal.
  8. Start printing.
Once you are done with this procedure. You will find that your Canon machine retains the same ink level estimate as the previous one. For this reason, the Canon machine gives a low ink warning. Consider it as a normal warning and carry on your print job.

Disposal Information of Canon PG540 Ink Cartridges

Every year ten of thousands of ink and toner cartridges are dumped into the waste bin without giving the second thought that how this plastic waste would affect our environment. These cartridges are then sent to the vast landfill for decomposing. Which does not actually help the environment as the process of decomposition of this cartridge waste is estimated to take up to nearly 400 years to be completed.

Along with this, every year the landfill management cost growing quickly because landfills are filling up very fast with the waste of pre-used ink and toner cartridges.

If users think about the recycling of used Canon PG540 ink cartridges before throwing them into the waste bin, it will not only helps them financially but help to reduce the total ink cartridge plastic waste from the earth.

Every year about 350 million of used inkjet and laser cartridges are thrown away. What if you use the recycled ink cartridges? Do you need to compromise on the quality of the product? Do you save money to use the recycled ink and toner cartridges?

Well, the recycled ink and toner cartridges are good to provide the quality prints at affordable prices. The performance of the products is good to last longer and recycled cartridges help to save a big amount of your yearly printing budget.

The waste treatment methods of Canon PG540 ink cartridge are:
  1. Do not allow this ink cartridge material to drain into sewers/water supplies.
  2. Return your genuine empty Canon ink cartridge through Canon Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Programme.
  3. Look for the ink and toner cartridge recycling zone in your area. Visit them on monthly or quarterly basis to recycle the used cartridges.
  4. Contact the third party manufacturers of your town, which buy the empty toners, refill and resell them into the market. They do compensate you for giving them the empty cartridges for recycling.

How can you use Canon PG540 ink cartridge or any other ink cartridge for a longer period of time?

  1. Try to avoid using bold fonts. The bold fonts require extra ink to print as compared to the smaller fonts. Arial and new courier fonts are worth to try.
  2. Choose smaller font size. Do not use the big font size unless you do not need it. The 12 font and 14 font size have a big difference in size as well as in the uses of ink cartridges.
  3. Use Ecofont. Download it. It is a free font that consumes 20% less ink while printing.
  4. Extra read. Give your document/sheet an extra proofread before printing it.
  5. Change printer setting. It is for Window machine.

    Go to the Start Menu > Printers > Right Click on Printer > Select Printer Preference

    (a) Set the print quality to "draft"
    (b) Set the color to "print in grayscale"
    (c) Set the "document options" to print multiple pages per sheet

  6. Print preview. If you do not find your printouts as the useful documents for you. And require some edits. It is a waste of your money and time. It is recommended to use the print preview option to avoid such of the problems.
  7. Choose what you want to print. Use an online tool Printwhatyoulike.com to choose the specific area to print.

How to resolve the “Ink Has Run Out” error?

If you are using a Canon Pixma printer, you might face this issue at a certain point in its lifetime. It can be a genuine indication of replacing your Canon PG540 ink cartridges. You can replace the cartridges with compatible ones to get more print volume at the lowest cost.

To get rid of this message, replace the cartridges and start printing again.

However, if the error appears in the middle of a printing task, you can bypass this error message by holding down your printer's RESUME button for at least 5 seconds with the ink cartridges still installed. This would make the printer to print under the ink out condition. This action would also disable the function for detecting remaining ink in the cartridges.
Please note that this function would just help you finish your printing task thus the quality may be compromised by the printer. Don’t forget to replace the cartridges as soon as you complete the running task.

Getting the same error even after installing new remanufactured cartridges?

It is a very common issue with the compatible Canon PG540 ink cartridges that can be resolved very easily. The printer reads these remanufactured cartridges as empty and displays this message mostly because the ink monitoring chips on the genuine Canon inks are intended to be used one-time only.

So, don't worry!

Simply click ‘Ok’ on your PC or on the control panel screen of the printer and continue printing. However, it might be possible that some of the Canon inkjet printers would not let you proceed with this error message.

You can bypass this message with the help of printer’s RESUME, STOP/RESET, or COLOUR START button. Generally, this is a button with a red/pink coloured triangle in a circle. You may also find this button in white or gray colour in latest Canon models. Press this button for 5 to 15 seconds. It will shut off the ink monitor of the printer and stop the blinking light on the printer. The printer itself will start printing after this.